Kefalogianni: “Tourism Can Lead Greece Out of the Crisis”

olga kefalogianniGreek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni stated: “leave behind the bankrupt past, say no to misery and give a vote of confidence to the road that leads out of the crisis.”

During her speech in Parliament, the minister referred to tourism as “the greatest tool and huge growth driver of Greek economy.” She underlined that political stability is a main factor to promote Greece in a positive way.

Kefalogianni stressed “in this extremely critical time, the tourism growth fueled the hope that things can get better and Greek tourism can become a huge driver of growth.” She added also that collective effort has brought many positive results over the last 16 months.

“From the first moment we followed a clear national plan by using tourism as a development model, as a tool to lead the country out of the crisis,” she said.

Kefalogianni presented the National Plan for Tourism, which involve implementing institutional interventions made by the new tourism law (N. 4179), tourism development through the special zoning plan for tourism, best use of the structural funds from the Contract/Partnership Agreement for the Programming Period 2014-2020 (new National Strategic Reference Framework) and restoring Greece’s image abroad.

The tourism ministry and the Greek National Tourism Organization have already launched promotional activities to international markets.


  1. The tax evasion on the Greeks islands is approaching 100% /50-60% mainland/.That means minimum to no tourism revenues enter the state coffers, although they are 18 billion this year only. Who is Olga Kefalogianni kidding?

  2. Olga Kefalogianni, 1st) Force your government to go after your corrupt colleagues, Tax evaders and “Lagarde List”…Yes Tourism can lead Greece out it’s crisis but not with the present corrupt system.

  3. Olga cannot say such a thing. She will never ask her government to go after her corrupt colleagues, tax evaders and especially the LaGarde list because on the low Q she knows she will be killed if she does such a thing.
    The Greek government needs to be overthrown but Merkel-the Germans WANT THEIR MONEY. Very difficult situation.

  4. Olga is simply “empire building” just like the others. She is patting herself on the back as most politicians do and take credit for this years’ results as an indicator for the future. The truth of the matter is tourism is driven by discretionary spending which means people are careful about prices and have a fixed budget of Euros to spend. Once the situation settles in Turkey where the beaches are just as white and the sea as blue and the Euro goes a long way, Greece will see a gradual decline of visitors. While there is time, there must be a hard push to diversify the economy or Greece’s hope will wither on the vine by a politician’s bravado.

  5. She is kidding. Anyone with half a brain should understand this puff piece which also explains why MPs aren’t walking around with their heads tilted to one side. Samaras’ experimental 13% tax on meals has flopped. Restaurants kept prices up instead of dropping them to reflect the temporary tax level. Islanders with few exceptions who’s sole source of revenue is tourism understand that while there are visitors/victims they will pocket the tax until the government aggressively prosecutes tax evaders. So far the Revenue Authorities have failed to do so in Central Athens, it will be years if ever before they focus on the meager revenue from the islands.

  6. Berlinette stick to your modeling career because you know nothing about Greek politics. 🙂

  7. yea but what about all the Kenyans Olga is bringing in?? They want to vacation in Greece not Turkey cause Olga says so.

  8. Yes Kenyans sunbathing does present a question. Because of EU treaties Greece has little say and they can visit as long as they leave within the allotted time. The Americans have a similar problem with one specific Kenyan that just won’t leave soon enough.

  9. Hey Olga, you know what could lead Greece out of the crisis? You getting the **** out of the government.

  10. E.U. treaties? As if such documents are valid, considering they are essentially treasonous to Greece and fundamentally illegal (as is the entire E.U. itself).

  11. You bring up a valid argument if Greece should remain in the EU/EZ and continue to sustain irreparable damage to it’s economy and populace. So far that concern has not been heard loud and long enough for any political party to appreciate.

  12. The only political party members of Greece I have really heard speak out seriously against the disgusting E.U. have been Golden Dawn members.

  13. Yes we do have a Kenyan in the White House. However he has wealthy friends that will make him a BILLIONAIRE. Buffet, GE president, Oprah, Barbara Streisand, Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour, His friends will make sure he has Billions to spend on his vacation but Greece my friend is still going to be horiati without a future. Drahma anyone??

  14. The Drachma may be the last and only option after all the hands have been played. This has been a six year game of liars poker with a good amount of cheating. Greeks cheating Greeks is acceptable but playing with Germans and the Troika has raised the stakes to unsupportable levels.

  15. My concern with every political party while campaigning is that they mean what the say and do it. Otherwise we are subject to endless lies with absolutely no intention of following through with their “promises”.


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