Kefalogianni: “Tourism Can Lead Greece Out of the Crisis”

olga kefalogianniGreek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni stated: “leave behind the bankrupt past, say no to misery and give a vote of confidence to the road that leads out of the crisis.”

During her speech in Parliament, the minister referred to tourism as “the greatest tool and huge growth driver of Greek economy.” She underlined that political stability is a main factor to promote Greece in a positive way.

Kefalogianni stressed “in this extremely critical time, the tourism growth fueled the hope that things can get better and Greek tourism can become a huge driver of growth.” She added also that collective effort has brought many positive results over the last 16 months.

“From the first moment we followed a clear national plan by using tourism as a development model, as a tool to lead the country out of the crisis,” she said.

Kefalogianni presented the National Plan for Tourism, which involve implementing institutional interventions made by the new tourism law (N. 4179), tourism development through the special zoning plan for tourism, best use of the structural funds from the Contract/Partnership Agreement for the Programming Period 2014-2020 (new National Strategic Reference Framework) and restoring Greece’s image abroad.

The tourism ministry and the Greek National Tourism Organization have already launched promotional activities to international markets.