Religious Icons in Courtrooms Case Rejected by Judges

court_The Hellenic Council of State rejected the request of three people for removal of religious icons and symbols in courtrooms. Greece’s highest administrative court upheld a decision by Thessaloniki court administrators in 2010, that asked for icons to be placed in the northern city’s court rooms.

In particular, the Council of State has since made extensive reference to the relevant decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, the Constitution, and the Greek legislation, who then rejected this request and characterized it as unacceptable; the administration and management decision of administrative courts was taken into consideration in Thessaloniki, which should not be offended.

Council of State took on board an argument from Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus, who declared that icons had first been placed in Greek courtrooms in 1828.


  1. Our country and religion are under attack by those three groups. The wiesenthal institute demanded we change the Divine Liturgy because certain passages offended Jews. Muslims want the same rights they have in pakistan and arabia, but ignore the fact that a Christian would be beheaded in their lands for being Christian. The leftists hate God because they think they are God with their Luciferian ideology of laziness and jealousy. Then we have those skopji idiots praying for our death……we have no true allies.

  2. The idiots of the country of Skopji are the most pathetic of all. They are Bulgarians who have been brainwashed by communists to believe that they are really Macedonians, so instead of trying to reunite with Bulgaria they instead attack Greece and try to steal Macedonia. It’s quite sad really, I almost pity them.


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