University of Athens and National Technical University Closed


The University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens remain closed for the 10th consecutive week.

On Friday, the First Instance Court of Athens upheld the action of the Minister of Education, declaring the strike of the administrators as illegal.

However, the peak union body of administrators of the universities, and the Council of the Federation of Association Board of Higher Education Personnel, (O.D.P.T.E) declared a new 5 day long strike from today until Friday the 15th of November; after finding a Legal “window” in order to extend the strike lawfully.

The trade union of the university administrators, in its statement said, “defamation of the entire fair fight of the Administrative Personnel and methodical misinformation leads to nowhere” and emphasizes: “We all now know that the public university is led to inoperability and the educational process to collapse under the sole responsibility of the Government and the Ministry of Education, who insist on putting on an availability-redundancy system on 25% of workers in administrative and technical support services in eight major universities.”

The administrator clubs of the two universities voted in favor of the strike. At the same time several departments of the National Technical University remain closed, when it was planned that they would start classes tomorrow.

Meanwhile, administrators have suggested to appoint a group of police officers outside the gates of the campus, in order to guard it and keep it safe. Meanwhile the chancellors of both institutions have chosen to simply observe what is happening, without actually intervening in order to give a solution to the problem.

Given the fact that the strike continues for the 10th week, the semester is practically considered  lost for thousands of students of both the University of Athens and the NTUA, while hundreds of freshmen have not registered yet, and are not considered as students.


  1. Where are these students going to find work once they graduate?? and if they stay another 10 years in school by the time they decide to graduate they will be too old for entry level jobs.

  2. There isn’t going to be much available for them in Greece once they graduate. Many are losing valuable time to learn a trade or apply their education. Six years of austerity has done more damage to Greece’s future, its youth, than WW2 and the civil war combined.

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