Another Girl from Bulgaria Found in Greek Roma Camp

tsiggan_540_355The police authorities in Thessaloniki are faced with a case similar to that of the little blond girl Maria, who was found in a Roma camp in Farsala; the girl’s biological parents were proven to be Bulgarian.

After an investigation from Public Prosecutor’s Office of District Court Judges of Thessaloniki on birth certificates during 2008-2013, it was found that a Roma couple had declared the second birth of a child only six months after the previous birth. The authorities directly detected the couple and a 4-year-old girl in a Roma camp outside Thessaloniki. After DNA testing, it was proven that the man and the woman weren’t the biological parents of the girl.

The couple was arrested and they will face criminal charges for child abduction. The girl is now hosted in the” Smile of the Child” organization.

The “parents” reported that a Roma family from Bulgaria gave them the girl because they couldn’t raise her.

The Roma couple from Thessaloniki is also accused for receiving illegal allowances.

At the same time, prosecutor’s investigation of 47 registrations in the city, and 3,000 records of the Welfare services, unveiled six other “suspicious” cases.


  1. wow, poor kids, I hope Maria and all lost children who are found have a better life, I fear for the ones who won’t be found, too sad:( Need to strengthen laws against child trafficking and provide services, especially education and healthcare, to vulnerable families. People need to be able to help themselves to stop cycle of poverty, ignorance, discrimination and desperation.

  2. Who the hell cares and why is the Press writing about this nonsense when PASOK and ND are robbing the country blind and still owe 250 million Euros to the Banks in bogus loans that the Press won’t even talk about– Get seriousm write REAL news!!
    Where did this 250 million Euros go and inrto whose Greedy pockets??

  3. So sad. These poor kids. Let’s hope the wonderful A Smile for a Child finds these deserving children good adopted homes. Does anyone know what happened to little blonde Maria?

  4. Maria will be placed with a foster family in Bulgaria, since she is officially Bulgarian, The Greek charity will take her to social workers in Bulgaria, who will then take her in, and look for a suitable home for her. If her biological mother shows signs of being rehabilitated to the point of being responsible enough to spend some time with Maria, she may be allowed to enter her life in ‘some’ capacity at some stage. But Maria will not be sent to live with her biological mother, or her ‘adopted’ Greek parents.

    Maria’s biological mother has also had other children taken from her by the welfare/child protection authorities. They are hoping to teach her (the mother) better parenting skills, and assist her with getting a job etc… But while she ‘may’ have these children returned to her, even that is unlikely. She will have visitations with them, but not with Maria, because of course, Maria does not know her,

    Anyway, this is what I have read and it is my understanding of how the process is going to work. I have to say that I am personally glad that Maria is not returning to either family. I don’t blame either family, however. People do all kinds of desperate things when facing poverty, and that is clearly what needs to be addressed here. How can anyone take care of children while simultaneously having no means, no education, no skills, and especially no money to do so?

  5. Thank you for the update on Little Maria Sophie. I, like you, I am glad Maria will not be returning to either family. Reports I have friend said that she is a happy, playful child. I hope Maria finds a loving home where she can flourish. If the Bulgarian government would allow her to go to America I would be happy to adopt her. I also wish the best for all the children involved in the situation.


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