Antigone Valakou Passes Away

ValakouOne of the most important figures of the Greek Theater and cinema, Antigone Valakou passed away yesterday at the age of 83, in Evangelismos Hospital where she has been hospitalized for a week.

The great actress served the theater with consequence and honesty. Antigone Valakou had a long and successful career behind her, with many great roles in different theatrical plays, various film productions and has been awarded with many honorary prizes.  She was modest and respectful with a great range of repertoire that covers 60 years of a spectacular career.

Among the highlights of her career were the performances she gave as Ophelia in Hamlet in 1955, and as Anna Frank in 1957 in the homonymous play. In fact her performance as Anna Frank helped her win the “Marika Kotopouli” award.

Antigone Valakou was born in Kavala in 1930. At the age of 16 she moved with her family in Athens. Her passion for acting was so strong that during the last two classes of the six-grade school she joined the “Theatrical Institute” of Vasilis Rotas, where she took acting lessons for the first time. She took part in many great plays and was recognized for her talent playing protagonist roles.