Chaos at Kapodistrian and Technical Universities of Athens

Chaos at Universities of AthensIncredible chaos prevails at both the Kapodistrian and Technical Universities of Athens, as administrators continue their strike in response to availability. The exact point of when the semester is considered as lost, is still unknown.

The senate of the National Kapodistrian University appealed to the administrative staff of the institution in order to ensure the unhindered access of teachers and students in classrooms and facilities.

At today’s meeting the senate decided that courses will start from Tuesday November 19th, in this way showing their disapproval of the Ministry of Education’s decision once again.

The Senate of the University of Athens in today’s emergency meeting of November 12, 2013, considered the gravity of the situation that has developed because of arbitrary measures of the availability and the continuous inflexibility of the Ministry of Education. They contemplated the agony of thousands of students and their families who find themselves excluded from their courses, ultimately deciding that the courses must begin.

The request of  the Administrative Staff in its General Assembly on Monday November 18th, 2013, is to ensure the unhindered access of teachers and students in the classrooms.

As far as the National Technical University of Athens is concerned, administrators are on strike, and most departments have been squatted by the students, despite the initial intention for it to run its courses today.


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