Golden Dawn, MP’s Assault Trial Delayed Again

Konstantinos Barbarousis
Konstantinos Barbarousis

With the party’s leadership already in jail pending trial on charges of operating a criminal gang, the case of another of its 18 lawmakers in Parliament, Costas Barbarousis, and another 10 defendants in connection with an attack on migrant stall owners was adjourned for a second time on Nov. 12.

Barbarousis and and his fellow Golden Dawn members are accused of destroying several migrants’ stalls at an open-air market in the Peloponnesian town of Mesolonghi in September last year.

All 11 suspects are facing charges of usurping authority, damaging property and violent behavior. The trial had already been postponed on Oct. 8 because three of the defendants didn’t have lawyers.

This time the trial was pushed back because three of the lawyers didn’t show up saying they had other commitments, a common ploy in Greece to keep delaying trials which can take years to be heard.

There was no information on whether the court would compel the attorneys to show up next time either. Sometimes, even the defendants don’t have to show up even in high-profile cases.