Golden Dawn, MP’s Assault Trial Delayed Again

Konstantinos Barbarousis
Konstantinos Barbarousis

With the party’s leadership already in jail pending trial on charges of operating a criminal gang, the case of another of its 18 lawmakers in Parliament, Costas Barbarousis, and another 10 defendants in connection with an attack on migrant stall owners was adjourned for a second time on Nov. 12.

Barbarousis and and his fellow Golden Dawn members are accused of destroying several migrants’ stalls at an open-air market in the Peloponnesian town of Mesolonghi in September last year.

All 11 suspects are facing charges of usurping authority, damaging property and violent behavior. The trial had already been postponed on Oct. 8 because three of the defendants didn’t have lawyers.

This time the trial was pushed back because three of the lawyers didn’t show up saying they had other commitments, a common ploy in Greece to keep delaying trials which can take years to be heard.

There was no information on whether the court would compel the attorneys to show up next time either. Sometimes, even the defendants don’t have to show up even in high-profile cases.


  1. Paramilitaries going around physically attacking illegals is “bogus reasons”? GD are about as rational as the communist nuts that endlessly riot.

    What the government can be faulted for is not cracking down harder on violence by far left extremists (egged on by irresponsible rhetoric of idiots like Tspiras). Unfortunately the reason for this is too many Greeks are far leftist imbeciles which makes it impossible to implement Even some of Greek Reporters alleged “moderate” leftists sympathize with unreasonable policies, demands and rhetoric of our communists (e.g their constant treasonous articles defending illegal immigrants, ranting against necessary cuts and framing violent riots as “protest”). Our lefist imbeciles have no clue that some of their foreign “allies” are actually trying to ethnically delete the Greek people (see FYROM where our former allies all play stupid as FYROM ultra nationalists turn into descendents of ancient macedonians to hide their embarrassment for recognizing them)

  2. GD are extreme. That said, its hard to take you serious when you say nothing to condemn hatred against Greeks. For instance you even votde up the false flag ultra nationalist Yugoslavian “George” (given away by his manipulatively throwing in the term “Macedonian” in an article completely unrelated to FYROM)

  3. Sure. Turkey is against oppression and are full of love for Greeks. This is why the current Turkish government helps ultra nationalist extremists in the former Yugoslavia oppress their own Bulgarian heritage and instead call them “Macedonians”.

  4. I love how you Skopians come to Greek Reporter pretending to be Greek. Even funnier is how according to some of the alleged “Greeks” here you don’t do this. Why all the lying Skopian? If you were interested in truth why not mention the language you call “Macedonian” today, used to be called BULGARIAN at the turn of the 20th century. (even today you don’t need translators when visiting your ethnic Bulgarian relatives in Bulgaria)

  5. So why do some support the hate of the former Yugoslavians by referencing them as “Macedonians”? Is supporting those that wish to delete the Greek people “human rights”?

  6. The golden dawn has the right aims but uses wrong propaganda. You cannot threaten to take over Istanbul, there are 20 million living there, more than in the whole of Macedonia, greece entity and Bulgaria + Serbia.

    You should look to conquer Athens…by legal means. No violence, you dont need to do the ´70s mistakes again.

    You thought it was bad under the Ottomans until the germans came. It is only getting worse, so something needs to happen, fast before the train of the “New World Order” leaves the station…

    Golden dawn should promise to make peace with Macedonia and reconnect with their neighbours peacefully. That would change the game, not to kill leftist or immigrants… thats what the USraelis/EU/Russia wants you to do.

    same scenario –> Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Lybia, Egypt, Iraq or Syria…

  7. There is nothing irrational about Golden Dawn (though there is something irrational about you). As far as I’m concerned if the Golden Dawn ever gets in full power then the communists and the rest of the left should be kicked out along with all the illegals, non-Whites, Muslims and Jews. They’re all dangerous to the country. Hopefully they’ll all go to Albania, Skopje or Turkey, I’m sure they’ll be welcome in those places.

  8. No the whole world laughs at the idiot so-called “Macedonians” who are really Bulgarians.

  9. I agree, so therefor Israel should hand over government back to the Palestinians. The Israelis and Jews in general are filled with nothing but hate and violence toward other races.

  10. We have Jewish loons surrounded by Mohammedan loons, not sure why I should really care about the situation.

  11. The only extreme people here are people like you who hate the G.D., hate Greeks and support racist Jews.

  12. I’ve never personally threatened Istanbul, that’s a very bad idea. I’m not for starting wars with Turkey. Though if Turkey declares war on Greece then I would be all for the defense of Greece.

    I’m for trying to “conquer” Athens through legal means.

    Pseudo-Macedonia (Skopje) was never part of Greece, so I could care less about them as long as they leave us alone. If they want to apologize to us for their own ignorance that would be great. They should peacefully rejoin with the rest of Bulgaria, where they belong.

    E.U. and U.N. can go to hell. I’m not sure if U.S. would be able to meddle in Greece as their own economy continues to implode (I expect them to have some type of Soviet or Yugoslav type break up sometime in the future as the economy completely goes to hell with the Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Southerners etc. all fighting everyone else and breaking off).

  13. Yea because the Golden Dawn are definitely against those Yugoslavians pretending to be the decedents of ancient Macedonians. Let me explain something to you, the Golden Dawn could care less about non-Greeks, only non-whites, so Slavs are fine and in their eyes, totally fit to be in Greece. The worst loons Greeks have to worry about are the Golden Dawn themselves because they are as anti-Greek as it gets. They are not Greek Nationalist just white supremacist.

  14. So Jews are racist and GD is what exactly and as for hating Greeks …..because we are against GD I don’t get the connection. You are in the minority buddy only 5% and dropping of the population support GD that leaves 95% of Greeks who think the midget and his 40 thieves should goosestep there way to whatever hole they came from
    Because every vote for GD is a vote for Civil unrest
    As for the handle Abu Bin Seer I realise its difficult for you to understand as you are not using the family brain cell this week . But its a play on words I am probably one of the few Greeks on this site so ma la ka ag mis ou
    I think I will buy my Jamaican friend a ticket you never know Anon…… you might enjoy it I am sure you have already had lots of experience

  15. Here we have one who supports the racist state of Israel, yet nonsensically condemns a pro-Greek party. Maybe if this hater of Greeks and Whites reduced his hatred a bit, his arguments would make more sense.

    Golden Dawn doesn’t support Bulgarian usurpers of Greek claims, even if the Bulgarians are White. If the Bulgarians respected us and didn’t try to steal claim to our lands then we would have no problems with them and would be happy to be friends with them, even let them move to Greece to become of Greek culture.

  16. Golden Dawn is the only party which seriously opposes Jews, so therefor an attack on Golden Dawn is support for Jews. Maybe you should ask yourself if you’re the retarded one “Jeff” instead of people who obviously are not?

  17. Golden Dawn is pro-Greek and pro-White. G.D. could even be called racist (but racist in a good sense, not out of some irrational prejudice). It’s really the norm for people to be racist, non-Whites are racist most of the time.

    Logic says that being against the only good party for Greece makes one anti-Greek.

    Much of your comment is untrue idiocy.

    If you’re a Greek then you should be better than you have been before now.

    It’s typical of the degenerate leftist to accuse others of his own perversions.

  18. So we have seen Jeff reveal his true colours – a White-hating racist, anti-Greek, retarded uncivil idiot who can’t back up his irrational beliefs and therefor lies about the people he disagrees with and wants them dead. What a piece of scum.

  19. Which part is untrue …..the fact that only 5% of Greeks support GD or that a vote for GD is a vote for civil unrest?
    And as a Greek I except other peoples culture and religion I do not discriminate because of ones colour, religion or cultural that my friend is how we were brought up, in the Greece I know ,I don’t Know were you are from.
    And finally I do not regard myself as leftist …I vote for the party which upholds the Greek traditions and way of life …I will not support a party made up thugs who like to dress up and pretend to be Nazis that kind of behaviour may be ok in the Gay scene but not as a political entity.

  20. You clearly have a lot of experience with the homosexual so-called “Gay” scene. You should go back to your scene of queer friends instead of posting idiotic nonsense and lies like those statements you’ve made in this last comment of yours I’m replying to.

  21. Ignorance with arrogance, is a great recipe for being a prick Mr anonymous . now go back to sleep.


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