Greek Reactions to Erdogan’s Unacceptable Statement

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a conference in Poland, claimed that there is no country called Cyprus and that the Greek Cypriot administration (as he described the Republic of Cyprus) was accepted in the E.U. for political reasons and not because the country was harmonized with the European laws.

Erdogan said: “Pay attention. It was not accepted as southern Cyprus but as Cyprus. There is no country called Cyprus but a local government of Southern Cyprus. Because there is North Cyprus there is a green line between them with UN security teams. Absolutely no country within the EU should be facing security problems. This place has such an internal problem. The EU cannot admit it, but the decision was entirely political.”

The response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was immediate. Konstantinos Koutras, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Erdogan’s statement must awaken the international community about the real intentions of Turkey on the Cyprus issue.

Rena Dourou, MP of SYRIZA, asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Evangelos Venizelos, to rise to the occasion and not to consider this statement as a matter of secondary importance.


  1. He is right. The orthodox cypriots are living in a corrupt dreamworld, just like the german colony of ethiopian ellenas orospucocuklari …

  2. Dude what are you talking about? Learn a little modern history and international law! The “orthodox cypriots” as you call them, which by the way is not by any stretch an appropriate description of cypriots given that there is only one legitimate Cyprus, were INVADED ILLEGALLY! NOT COLONIZED! The only people who are living in a dreamworld are the Turks, who think there will ever be a legitimate and recognized Turkish Cyprus.

  3. I suggest you learn a little more history . The Republic of Cyprus ceased to exist in 1963/1964 when the Greek Cypriots attempted to remove the Turkish Cypriots from the face of the Earth and the TC’s were expelled from the government. When the Greeks tried again in 1974 with a Greece inspired coup Turkey legally intervened as were her treaty guarantor obligations and rights and thats where we are stuck today. Erdogan is only speaking facts. You may not like it but facts are facts. There is no country called Cyprus and there wont be until the two sides agree a settlement.

  4. Lol…..keep paraphrasing….the

    Keep living in dreams….cyprus will live forever..and they will live with their Turkish Cypriot neighbours even if its through a barbed wire fence….the problem here is not the turkish Cypriots who have also lost dearly in many ways. It is their mother fatma which is keeping them in isolation….I see cyprus written in thousands of books just like this CYPRUS…

    No facts spoken just ugly remarks…this man ill never negotiate and now the international community can see I too

  5. Erdogan is an dangerous Islamist moron and Cyprus belongs to the Cypriots, I agree with my friends from the former Ottoman Province Now German Protectorate of Greece on this one.

  6. Actually it’s the other way around. As Northern Cyprus is not recognised by any nation other than Turkey, Erdogan cuts as a very lonely figure on this issue. There is no such thing as Northern or Southern Cyprus, but merely Cyprus. The sooner Erdogan gets to acknowledge this, the sooner it gets settled.

  7. Guest, you are wasting your time, these people don’t want to know the truth so I suggest that they read “The Cyprus Conspiracy” by Brendan O’Malley and Ian Craig. Here is an excerp from the the preface:-

    “The trigger for our search for the real story behind the Cyprus crisis – which has

    left the island divided to this day – was an unguarded remark made by James

    Callaghan. Sipping a glass of wine on the terrace of the House of Commons,

    Callaghan, who was Foreign Secretary in 1974, spoke emotionally of his role

    in the dramatic events to a fellow MP: ‘It was the most frightening moment of

    my career,’ he said. ‘We nearly went to war with Turkey. But the Americans

    stopped us.’

    Our curiosity aroused, we asked Callaghan to elaborate, but he insisted on

    seeing our questions in advance and, when he saw them, declined to be interviewed.

    Harold Wilson and then Defence Secretary Roy Mason also declined.

    That set us off on a long hunt for the truth. We wanted to know why Greece

    staged a coup against Cyprus and tried to assassinate its President, why Turkey

    retaliated with a full-scale invasion, and why Britain sent a military task force

    but took no action – when all three powers were supposed to be guarantors of

    Cyprus’s independence.

    The more we looked into it, the more complex the Cyprus jigsaw became,

    and at every important turn there was the hand of the CIA or the US State


    Our investigation involved deep research through top secret files, released

    in Britain and America, including Defence, Foreign Office and Colonial Office

    papers, Cabinet minutes, State Department and CIA papers, and interviews

    with a number of those closest to the crisis. History records that Cyprus was

    divided because of a Greek-inspired coup and a Turkish invasion. We discovered

    that the truth was considerably more complex. It was a conspiracy by America,

    as Britain stood by, to divide the island. And the reason, ignored by previous

    studies of the Cyprus crisis, was the island’s strategic value as a military and intelligence

    base as well as America’s considerable military interests in Turkey. These

    swamped all other considerations as far as America was concerned. In fact they

    have done so in all British and American policy over Cyprus in the past 50 years.

    This book explodes the myth that Cyprus is divided today purely because of

    ethnic hatred. It reveals an astonishing international plot, developed from a

    blueprint evolved first under British rule, then by US President Johnson’s officials,”


  8. He is deflecting media attention from the plight and strife of his own people. This is an old tactic that merely delays the inevitable. His true interest is to grab the offshore oil and gas reserves.

  9. To any actual Greeks… .”Asparagas Boshlaf ” is actually yet another ultra nationalist Skopian the goes around fraudulently pretending to some other ethnic groups (this time “Turkish”) If you look at his profile, you’ll see he constantly tries to delegitimize Greeks as “ethiopians” and constantly mentions FYROM in his posts.

  10. Not all Turks are bad people but Ergogan is an ultra nationalist genocidal Greek hating POS. He evenn colludes with Skopian ultra nationalist threateing our country as a proxy against Greece (who are obviously not “ethnic Macedonians”,,, which he well knows from Ottoman records)

  11. So according to you then, it would be perfectly legal and legitimate if Greece invaded a third of Turkey, since Turkey is and has tried to “remove Greek minorities from the face of the earth”? Good to know!

  12. Greex are as much dangerous or even more then Islamic Republic of IRAN, but with small difference in its rotten Constitution instead of Islam it has Criminal Orthodox Fag Church.

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