Vicky Stamati Facing Depression

StamatiWhen Vicky Stamati married Akis Tsochatzopoulos years ago, she probably didn’t foresee the difficult times ahead. It has been a month since she has been hospitalized in Dafni, and according to her doctors she is dealing with a severe health problem.

As her lawyer Alexis Kougias reported on Newsit, “Being in prison custody is by nature a great physical and mental test, and being held in a psychiatric clinic is an even bigger test.”

“The Doctors’ medical opinion, is that she suffers from major depressive disorder with suicidal tendencies. I tried to visit her three times; the first two times, the doctors rejected my request, the third I was granted permission. Her doctors believe that the disorder she is suffering from usually leads to committing suicide” added Mr. Kougias.

He continued by saying: “Mrs. Stamati has not seen her child since the day the court announced the ruling of her and her husbands case. Imagine how hard it is for Mrs. Stamati to have not seen her own child for 45 days. It is impossible for her to see her son, and in my opinion, as well as that of  Stamati’s intimate circle, it is probably better that she doesn’t, since she can’t even make any decisions on her own.”

Besides indicating that Stamati’s mental health condition is not something her son should see, Mr Kougias also stated, that it is not in the best interest of the child to see his mother in a psychiatric ward.” Children at this age are smart and ask questions” he said. “The child has already understood that where he has been visiting his mother, is a jail.”


  1. Is this the same Vicky Stamati who had an elaborate wedding at the four seasons hotel in Paris almost a decade ago? Are you talking about the same Vicky Stamati who had an annual salary of 25,457.83 euros but managed to buy 34, 860 euros on 2 sofa, 21,480 euros for a coffee table, 4990 euros for furniture and 6,740 euros for her curtains in her master bedroom in her mansion under the Acroplois which I’ve passed bye many times? Is this the same Vicky Stamati who thought she was invincible back in the days when she danced and partied like a rock star? Poor Vicky Stamati is suffering from depression. She had a beautiful life, a wonderful life with all ill gotten money from the state.
    Please give her a rope so she can go she she deserves to go. Straight to hell!

  2. Why is every time a Greek gets busted for stealing from the state, they trot out the insanity plea. Let her kill herself.

    Shalom, Yasou,

  3. If you want depression go to the market or walk the streets of Athens. Ms. Vicky’s plight is of no consequence however groups like Amnesty International will be declaring “Free Vicky Stamati now”. The EU and UN Council on Human Rights will be meeting and in no time she will be sprung from jail and all will be well again. Let her cool off with the Greenpeaceniks incarcerated in Russia.


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