Wedding Tourism in Crete

chinese weddings in ChaniaTourism representatives and entrepreneurs from Shanghai, who specialize in promoting wedding tourism packages for couples from China, accompanied by the President of the Hotel Association of Chania, Manolis Giannoulis, and tourism administration member for the Regional Unit of Chania, Manolis Volikakis, visited Apostolos Voulgarakis– Regional Vice Governor–to let him know that they have scheduled 16 wedding packages for this April, in Chania.

This initiative is part of the “Rose Weddings” program implemented by the region in order to develop tourism. During their stay in Chania, the delegation members visited several places to choose the appropriate venues for the wedding ceremonies.

On his part, Regional Vice Governor of Chania, Apostolos Voulgarakis, promised that the city of Chania will fully support these actions.


  1. I’m very skeptical of Chinese people being allowed in Greece. Especially Chinese from the communist regime running the mainland and not from the legitimate Chinese government in Taiwan.


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