350,000 Households Without Power

    350000-without-power-deiThere are thousands of households that cannot afford to pay their electricity bills. The power cut has been augmented due to the economic crisis. The debts of Greeks for electricity is over 1.3 billion Euros.

    The data is enough to describe the bitter truth. In a year, 350,000 houses are without power. The biggest rates are in cottages or in houses in the villages, however there are many citizens who can’t afford the electricity bills. Thus the Hellenic Public Power Corporation S.A(DEI) is obliged to cut off the power.

    From these citizens, unfortunately only six to ten have the possibility to settle the account and reconnect the power. This means that four to six citizens will live without power and live life like it is 100 years back.

    According to sources, it is estimated that 35,000 people have illegally reconnected their power because they simply can’t settle their accounts.


    1. More CRIMES by this Corrupt Governemnt of Liars and Thieves and they should be brought NOW — Time to RISE up and stop them destroying Greek society!!

    2. I live in America have a summer house in Varkisa and the Greek government goes into my bank account and takes ALL the money they want. I get to pay taxes but my Greek relatives don’t pay a penny.

    3. Yes Mr Powell. The BIGGEST HEIST IN HISTORY is happening NOW in Greece. THAT DEBT does NOT belong to the people. This is a Bankers Heist by their Puppets in Brussels-Germany (remember those lovely Germans that slaughtered 10 Million Souls?) THEIR up to dirty schemes again this time without guns.

      The TROIKA are there to RAPE greece of any financial Assets Possible.

      This is UNLAWFUL and the biggest tragedy in Greece since WW2.

      Their other Puppets are the Politicos ruling Greece now that are ruling as FASCISTS. They signed the Rape and Pillage of Greece. The debt belongs to the Gangster Banksters. All of it.

      Once they have stolen all they can they will leave. The LAST will be their DEVILISH TERMS. You know HAIRCUT. HAIRCUT is a Banksters term that is they STEAL YOUR MONEY.

      “BAIL IN ” That is a new one the New Reich have ready to put in to law. Unelected officials sitting in Brussels and elsewhere will in the finale take DEPOSITORS ACCOUNTS. That is my opinion but they are bringing this lovely “BAIL IN” in 2015.

      If elections are held in Greece today those ruling will get nothing. Not even 5 % because everyone has had it.

    4. Imperfect as it may be, analogizing the Greek government to “fascists”… while using rhetoric like “banksters”.. and “rape and pillage of Greece”….only suggests you are an extremist yourself.

    5. No electric power, no fuel oil and no wood to burn. Leningrad 1941-42 and Athens this winter will have much in common. What will we do with the frozen bodies of the elderly and the children?


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