5,000 Layoffs of Civil Servants in March

dimosio_The dismissal of 2,000 people in the next 45 days until the end of the year is very difficult, especially without horizontal measures. The case will be extended under negotiations with troika.

The Greek side requested to join the layoffs of 2013 to those of the first quarter of 2014. Therefore, 5,000 people will be dismissed by next March.

In the case that troika will agree, the suspended civil servants will be the target. However, if troika will not accept the prolongation, 2,000 layoffs will take place.

The dismissals will come from local authorities with a sudden closure of legal entities, and limited liability companies of the municipalities.

In this case the employees will not be evaluated, following a padlock and immediate release of all those who serve the body which is going to be closed.

However, troika already has a negative attitude to everything. Based on the fact that up to 2,000 suspended employees have not even passed their documents to change the pay status, because of the 25% reduction in their salaries; troika does not recognize them as suspended and creates problems. All these facts are somewhat leading to layoffs without any prolongation.


  1. Greece did not dismiss 3000 public sector employees under the current terms of its bailout agreement.Why would anyone fall for Greece’s promises that they will do so in March?Troika wants to see those sackings BEFORE any more money are disbursed to Greece,short and simple.That means immediately.

  2. These articles here make no sense. In one article they talk about the bloated public sector and that they haven’t let anyone go and in the other article they are against laying off public workers. Make up your mind!