Athens to Replace Paper Tickets With Smart Cards for Public Transportation

Athens Metro

The European Commission has approved a major investment of €29.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund that aims to modernize the urban transport ticketing in the wider metropolitan area of Athens. The available co financing will ensure putting in place an Integrated Electronic Ticket System related to the public means of transport operating under the competence of the Athens Urban Transport Organization Group (OASA). It includes metro, urban/suburban railway, buses, and tram.

EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn who approved the project said, “This project represents an important step towards the modernization of Athens urban mobility system. It will facilitate the use of transport means by the Athens residents, its visitors and tourists. It is one of the “priority projects”, as identified by the Greek authorities in cooperation with the European Commission and considered vital for the quality of life and wellbeing of its citizens.”

The project involves electronic “smart cards”, replacing paper tickets. It will provide new validation and inspection equipment and modern entry/exit gates in the metro system. This investment, co-financed with EU structural funds and blended with private funding, will improve the operational efficiency of OASA management system, leading to the creation of a modern and effective Athens Urban Transport System.

The electronic ticketing project will offer a wide range of possibilities to OASA for the rationalization of pricing policies and new types of fares, combining geographical zones. It will entail the reduction of revenue losses due to fare evasion, while focusing on supporting and serving the passengers. It is a “priority project” providing citizens with more efficient and modern travel conditions.


  1. This is NOT news… Who the hell cares and why is the Press writing about this nonsense when PASOK and ND are robbing the country blind and still owe 250 million Euros to the Banks in bogus loans that the Press won’t even talk about– Get seriousm write REAL news!!

    Where did this 250 million Euros go and inrto whose Greedy pockets??

  2. modernizing.. good.
    funds and investment coming into Greece.. also sounds good.

    I just hope these funds will reach a few Greeks in need of income. And I also hope the revisions to the transport model won’t lead to restructuring and lay offs. [I know progress is all great, but we’ve got to take it easy with all the unemployment we’re causing with these policies]

    Overall I assume this will be good stuff for a touristic metropolis that has to deal with heavy congestion issues.

  3. As a daily user of public transport, which is very good and fairly reliable, (at least in the centre of Athens), I welcome the news. Modernisation is most often a good thing and in a modern city, any improvements for commuters is a must!

  4. that’s not good news. the transparency and low cost of the athens metro is one of the few plusses of living here.

  5. There is nothing smart or efficient about these dumb cards. Now there will be a computer system behind these cards which will be costly to maintain, not to mention the systems will be vulnerable to power outages or even be hacked into.

    Personally are I’m sure I’m not the only person who is getting sick of reading the propagandist the idiotic so-called “Greek reporters” of this website regurgitate.