Turkish Frigate in Greek Territorial Waters

9394EFDB44E3738E9F962E7FD40CCC41During the night of Tuesday November 12, the Turkish frigate “Oruc Reis” sailed through Euboea and Skyros. In the middle of the night, the Turkish Generals from Ankara sent a Turkish frigate in order to test the time that the Greek military needs to react. The Turkish frigate sailed from the Hellespont and reached Greek territorial waters passing through Euboea and Skyros. The Turkish frigate stayed in Greek waters for 32 minutes, from 22:32 to 23:04 on Tuesday night.

The provocative voyage of the Turkish frigate comes two days after the unprecedented statement of the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan–that there is no country called Cyprus.

According to the official announcement of the Hellenic National Defense of General Staff, the Turkish frigate “which came from the Hellespont, moving in a southwesterly course, entered Greek territorial waters between South Euboea and South Skyroson  at 22:32 on November 12. Then, it moved toward a southeastern course leaving Greek Territorial Waters on South Skyros at 23:04, continuing its sail to the southeastern Aegean.

The officers of the Pentagon stated that “ships and machines from the Hellenic Navy watched and still watch this frigate through its voyage.”


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  2. Venizelos has family ties to Turkey. Since has two expensive offices to represent his high titles as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs he should take this opportunity to demonstrate to the people of Greece his abilities, talents and negotiating skills. He wants the office title and compensation well then he must earn it.
    If we start to flex our military muscle then we can expect an equal or greater response from Turkey that could make this incident into something much bigger that neither side wishes to engage. My concern remains with the oil/gas fields offshore and a police action may be necessary as the Turks consider our territorial waters as disputed which means “theirs”. Gunboat diplomacy in the making.

  3. Oh right, the one-sided ethnic cleansing and genocide again. The stuff that that wholesome Greeks/Christians never did. Right. I can face the countriy’s past. Admit it and am happy to apologise for it. Can you say the same? And at which point have I tried to argue that religion – any religion – makes it OK?

  4. Turkey invaded/intervened (depending on who is talking) to stop Greece taking over Cyprus. Had the Greek Cypriots been a little wiser at the time and a little more subtle they would have had Cyprus to themselves and without the need to do anything except show patience. Unfortunately, for all concerned, they decided to force the issue. Makarios wasnt moving quickly enough for them and so George Grivas and Nicos Sampson upped the ante, and began a programme of systematic genoice. And so Turkey had the reason that they needed. It is of course possible that theyvehave acted without a reason, but bearing in mind that it took 11 years foe them to respond when they had a very good one, its doubtful.
    Re minority being a insult, its not the word that bothers me. By natural definition we are of course a minority. But as I tried to explain, its the fact that in the case of Cyprus where the risk (in Turkish Cypriot eyes at least) is that the majority will use their poition to usurp power and impose their will over the minority, then to insist on this is to ensure no reunification. Its quite different to someone such as yourself who has chosen to live in another country and where the people of that country are voting and acting in an overall common interest. Maybe the native Americans would have preferred some protection though…

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  9. Nothing new, the Turks like to think that they are winning some sort of mental game by violating Greek waters and air space. They will continue to do this until there is an “accident”. Unfortunately the Greek government lack the globes.

  10. Actual, every Turk I’ve met have been really nice people! I got along with them really well. Even the tough questions got discussed over beers and nothing “bad happened”. Too bad their government aren’t like their people!!

  11. 1. It would be impossible for Greece to quietly acquire nuclear weapons.

    2. It would be directly counterproductive to Greece’s interests to try. Would Greece’s allies really allow it to so brazenly violate nonproliferation protocols, especially at a time when the Greek economy is supported by said allies?

    3. Why wouldn’t Turkey do the same?

  12. Only because the Italians fought on the losing side of a world war. And in the meantime, what did it cost Greece?

  13. What do you mean? At the time Italy was a successful aggressor fascist nation with several victories in the North Africa. They had a much larger army, navy, air force, population and industrial base than Greece. They misunderstood as many do now, that when provoked Greeks will put aside their differences, close ranks and fight like heros. Greece suffered more as a percent of population than any other European nation resisting Italian, German and Bulgarian occupiers. Thereafter the Soviets attempted to ignite a civil war to secure a warm water Naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean. They went back on their Percentages Agreement and tried to topple Greece from a pro-western nation. They also failed.

  14. The Christian population in Turkey today is less than 1%. Before World War I, Turkey was 33% Christian. Today, fewer than 10,000 Assyrians, 60,000 Armenians and 2,000 Greeks live in Turkey. Turkey has been allowed to avoid punishment and has kept the spoils of the victims of its mass genocide. Whenever the Christian genocide is mentioned, Turkish officials express anger at having Turkey’s national honor besmirched. Western reluctance to “humiliate” Turkey with charges of genocide aid and abet the denial of any wrongdoing by the Turkish government which has eliminated all traces and references to the Christian genocide from Turkish history.
    Along with persisting in its policy of denying its history of jihad against Christians and minority genocide, Turkey continues to pursue its goals of Turkification and Islamization. Discriminatory practices against minorities continue unabated. Full political participation, equal rights and freedom of expression and religion are curtailed by the Islamist Erdogan government. The denial of the well-documented historical truth and the memorializing of its murderers perpetuate the crime of genocide and is an affront to its victims, families and survivors. The descendants of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek victims deserve nothing less than full recognition of this atrocity and a full apology by the Turkish government. Western governments, which like Stuttgart University, fail to speak up and plead neutrality to avoid offending Turkey, should recognize they are abetting a jihad, which has persisted for nearly 100 years and will only expand worldwide.

  15. “They misunderstood as many do now, that when provoked Greeks will put aside their differences, close ranks and fight like heros.”

    And in the end, Greece was conquered by Italy and its allies anyway. Greece would have remained a conquered country had it not had powerful allies who won the war.

    Before that, the most recent wars fought by Greece was the First World War of which Greece was a minor component of the Allies, and the Greco-Turkish War which Greece lost catastrophically.

    Looking back on Greece’s recent military history isn’t exactly encouraging. It certainly isn’t encouraging if you’re talking about a Greek military offensive against Turkey, as you seem to imply. The last time Greece fought Turkey, it lost–well–catastrophically.

  16. Nice try, if you are suggesting that Greece goes to war against Turkey, that is entirely another issue. Should Turkey continue to be the aggressor violating the rights of sovereign territory they undermine themselves and it will be quickly isolated as a renegade nation joining Iran and North Korea.

  17. “if you are suggesting that Greece goes to war against Turkey,”

    Isn’t that what you’re suggesting?

    In any case, a Greco-Turkish war might end badly in the medium run for Turkey, but it would be much worse for Greece. This is all the more so if a Greece that is already not trusted by its European partners is actually taken over by crazy violent people who think a border war over disputed waters is a good idea.

  18. Please re-read my comments about going to war. Are you suggesting Turkey should?
    The Greeks didn’t send a warship into Turkish territorial waters to “test” their response. By this action and others in the past it appears the real crazies are on the other side of the border. If the situation in Turkey deteriorates further the government will need a scapegoat to distract the public’s attention. What could better to save Erdogan’s “bacon” than to start a military action with Greece, Syria, Cyprus and/or the Kurds. Personally I think this is about seizing offshore oil and gas reserves from Turkey’s neighbors.

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