Greek Church Interferes with School Book Contexts

schoolbooks_The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church decided to interfere with school book contexts, and the Ministry of Education requested an appointment between a Church representative, and the Editorial Committee of the Pedagogical Institute.

According to the report by Ta Nea, Holy Synod has made such a similar request several times, as the religious body has complained and objected to the content of school text books in the past.

The complaints have not always referred to the text books for religious studies, history or literature. In October 2010, a group of bishops had initiated a campaign against what they perceived as signs of “de-Christianization” in primary and secondary education text books. The eventual causes probably coming from potential moral and spiritual crises.

However, Archbishop Jerome recently congratulated the effort of Ministry of Education on the issue of religion course which “maintained its religious character.”


  1. Government now firmly believes it comes before God. Religion plays an important part in civility, culture, justice and history in Greece. The de-Christianization of school books and society by “special interests” follows a worldwide trend that does not bode well. The US enjoyed a period of unparalleled idolatry in their worship of Obama and big government. Now this false god is showing them who he really is, unfortunately it is too late for them to do anything except pray, if they know how.

  2. Sure, better have kids learning about transsexual perverts, gender theory etc, would be very “progressive”!

  3. The chruch is about personal faith not education into the natural world. It has no business interfering in government funded schoolbook texts .We don’t want to end up like the Taliban.

  4. We also do not want to become worshippers of government. My point is big government has become so intrusive in everyone’s life they are attempting what the Soviets failed to do, put themselves first before God. The method for conversion usually beginning with the children is always subtle starting in pre-school classes and moving on to textbooks. The bible becomes a book of fairy tales and religious consciousness of knowing the difference between right and wrong becomes blurred. People without a strong moral-religious foundation are living selfishly today manifested by the rise of crime, cheating, corruption and theft. If there are no consequences for their actions then they believe they have an excuse to take from someone else and lawlessness prevails.

  5. School textbooks are not about “worshiping the government” or worshipping anyone whatsoever. They are about teaching math, physics, biology, etc.. (i.e. Hellenic classics). They should not be about trying to force someone’s pet metaphysics theories down everyone else’s throat.

    Some Greeks believe in ancient Gods. Arguably they are more Greek than the Greek that believe in Jesus (ancient Hellenes saw Christianity as a foreign religion). Some Greeks believe in no God whatsoever. They are likely more rational than either of the above.

    If someone wants to believe in some God(s) that’s their personal choice but they need to respect they cannot force others to hold the same beliefs. You would certainly disapprove if the demographics of Greece eventually became balanced towards Muslims and schoolbooks forced your children to believe in Allah.

  6. Hey Skopian… .did you grandfather hide his ethnic Bulgarian roots from you? Or are you just a conscious liar?

    “The political and military leaders of the Slavs of Macedonia at the turn of the century seem not to have heard Misirkov’s call for a separate Macedonian national identity; they continued to identify themselves in a national sense as Bulgarians rather than Macedonians.” – US Anthropologist Loring Danforth, “The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World”,
    Princeton Univ Press, December 1995

  7. Do you really think schools only teach the three Rs? Are they as impartial as we have been let to believe? Take a look around at any major university anywhere in the Western world and tell me they are not teaching radical leftist doctrines promoting bigger more intrusive government. Just down the street the Poly-tech is giving a great demonstration. Religion gives a moral background and guidelines to live by that is otherwise not taught in the school system. Perhaps if our MPs had a little more religion and a lot less self-adoration Greece would be in a much better position.