Polytechnic School Students Invite ERT for a Broadcast

Polytechnic School UprisingIn light of the celebration for the 40th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising, the NTUA students invited former ERT employees to emit a radio broadcast from the University buildings.

The Greek police warned that they will interfere if there is a broadcast attempt, while the enraged student body called for ERT employees not to succumb to the pressure of the police.

According to sources the organizing committee for the celebration of the Polytechnic Uprising stands by that decision.

Allegedly, the POSPERT have yet to make a decision concerning what the ERT employees are going to do, while the NTUA Senate will reach a decision today.


  1. Where will these morons think they will get a job after they graduate?? Companies really aren’t going to rush and hire some communists. These students have a future in the restaurant business as waiters.

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