SYRIZA Would Block EU Funding

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras opposes austerity measures
SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras opposes austerity measures

If he’s ever elected, major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZ) leader Alexis Tsipras said he would veto any European Union decision requiring unanimity to make the country’s international lenders better the terms of their bailout deals – even if it meant losing the lifeline rescue aid that is all that is keeping the economy from collapsing, he said.

Greece is surviving on two bailouts of $325 billion from the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that came with conditions of attached austerity measures that have worsened the country’s recession, now in a sixth year, created record unemployment and put 20 percent of the people into poverty while roiling social unrest.

“No decision will be taken at the EU if our demand for a viable solution to be found for Greece is not met,” Tsipras said in an interview with the protesting employees of former public TV channel ET3 in Thessaloniki. SYRIZA is opposed to the bailout deals being imposed by Prime Minister Antonios Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader and his coalition partner and ideological rival, the PASOK Socialists.

Tsipras said that his party is “completely prepared” for the possibility that the Troika would cut off funding to Greece in response to a move by a SYRIZA government to buck the terms of the Troika bailout. But he said it wouldn’t come to that because the Troika is fearful of the ramifications that would have in isolating Greece and threatening the Eurozone.

He didn’t add though what he would do if the Troika funding stops because the country is broke. Despite that, he said he wouldn’t fire any workers, would restore all pay cuts, lower all tax hikes and keep spending at the same breakneck pace that created the crisis, a mathematical possibility since there isn’t enough money to do that. That has led to criticism in his own party that he doesn’t have a clue to govern while other critics say he is just being a ranting populist.

With SYRIZA and New Democracy running neck-and-neck in polls, Tsipras called for voters to make May’s European elections a test for the coalition government. “I have doubts that we will get that far without having national elections, but if we do, the European ballot will be a referendum on the memorandum policies,” he said.

He said the government’s survival depended on how much pressure the Troika keeps imposing even as it’s in tough talks with the government over delayed reforms, the failure to go after tax cheats and other lagging programs, before releasing a delayed one billion euro ($1.37 billion installment and whether new measures will be needed to plug a hole of as much as 2.9 billion euros ($3.87 billion) in the 2014 budget.

He said if his party comes to power that he too would seek a coalition to broaden its base beyond its loose collections of Maoists, Trotskyites, anarchists, communists, ecologists and the like and that he would even take in New Democracy and PASOK politicians if they followed his lead although he blames them for all the country’s ills.

“I’m not asking for anyone to recant,” he said. “We will not exorcise the MPs within the government that disagree with policy,” he said. Samaras and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos usually toss lawmakers from their parties for not following orders on how to vote as they are told, undercutting the country’s supposed democracy.


  1. Yes that’s right do it your self Greece! OK let’s see how far Greece goes without the absolute necessary assistance of the European Union. Chipraz is beyond thick I have no words left to describe this peasant of a human being. All these Greeks who support him will regret their loyalty to this idiot because if ever Chipraz gets power the entire country will go the dogs and never ever in a billion years get out of this mess. Who are these people supporting him!?! It’s the people exclusivley educated and raised in Greece. They have no grasp on reality no sense of anything….This ego they have of “Greeks should run Greece” is beyond dumb. Yes Greeks should run Greece but clearly in this day and age the Greeks are not capable. I wonder if they know how to wipe their own arses! Greece needs Troika & EUR UN in order to get through this why can’t they grasp this. All this because they want to be “Proud of being Greek” What a headache I have all of a sudden. Yes things are tough but this is the only way forward…tough reforms now means better future for everyone! Oh Snoops this is exahusting as the people who should read this wonn’t. FYI I’m Greek myself but grew up in London so ofcourse my opinion differs to that of a Greek Greek person. *SIGH*

  2. Tsipras wants all Greeks to return to their farms and islands to live off the land. What an extraordinary concept. Too bad the Greeks don’t want to give up their mobile phones, cars, homes in Athens and Thes/niki and especially those who get the most kickback, the public employees! Left wing turds!

  3. We Greek-Americans hope Tsipras wins then our tax dollars will no longer go to Greece. Vote for Tsipras and go back to the drahma!!!!

  4. So far Plan A isn’t working and neither are almost 28% of the working population. It’s either up to the coalition to come up with a Plan B soon or SYRIZA will be handed that opportunity. With Tsipras at the helm at worse it could be a short term disaster or they stumble upon a means to get by which would be tantamount to the end of PASOK and splintering ND into factions as no one wants to be a scapegoat.

  5. How did Greece ever survive before joining the EU/EZ? Was it a coincidence that it became an independent country or just a matter of convenience? I pose these questions because all too often we judge by today’s values and a two minute attention span. Greece will survive despite itself.

  6. Greece has been thru worse situations in the past and I agree they will survive but it’s going to take decade or two to overcome this.

  7. You said it very well! They better come up with a plan or Taipras will take over and it could spell disaster but at the same time relief within time. N as for PASOK I hope they are finished. I hope they are eliminated and never ever to be seen again. And I hope Andreas Papandreou the epitome of Nepotism, scandals who brought the demise of Greece burns in f#### ng hell.

  8. Greece shouldn’t support the communists but not quite for the reasons you argue. The EU (and certainly not today’s British) couldn’t give a damn about Greeks. If they did, they would have condemned FYROM rather than betray us by lobbying for them.

    The only reason they have supported our blunders financially is to keep the EU intact. Once any member leaves a precedent has been set that the EU doesn’t protect its weakest members thus unofficially kills the dream of United States of Europe leftist Eurocrats are pushing for.

    There many economic and ethical reasons why communists like Tsiprias can’t be trusted with power but number one among them is that he has no interest whatsoever in protecting Hellenism. He’s “Greek” only in name. (even named one of his kids “ernesto” in reference to communist terrorist Che Guevara)

    The fact is leftists tend to be anti-nationalists. Even on Greek Reporter half the articles here are about how we should support illegals rather than Greeks. Communists take anti-nationalism even further to the point of absurdity (like the civil war where they massacred Greeks for extreme nationalists of IMRO – people Tsipiras consider “heros”) In other words, the far left in Greece can be trusted to take measures that attempt to subtly or not so subtly ethnically delete Greeks. Its hardwired into their leftist ideology.)

    As for the matter as to whether we should we stay in the EU…our economy is already in shambles. Given we are close to a primary surplus things really couldn’t get much worse financially speaking (other than leftist burning our country to the ground with more riots)

    Also pay attention that the same EU hasn’t been strongly condemning Skopians for threatening our country with obvious propaganda. but are condemning us for mass illegal immigration? (the oppose illegal immigration into their own nations and they certainly would be hostile towards FYROM if they were in our shoes). There will be no Greece and Greek left if both those issues are not resolved in a manner that protects our long term existence as both as country and people.

    Perhaps we should be thinking of leaving the EU (and possibly even Nato). Given the EU has shifted way from being an organization of sovereign member states designed to facilitate trade and friendship… towards an organization that behaves like the Soviet Union,

    If EU attempts to navigate around our right to veto FYROM or continues to use extreme anti-Greek rhetoric after we’ve done so many massive cuts…we support consider leaving the EU as long as Samaras (rather than Tsipiras) did it. Some claim that this will make us a pariah state but we are already one so the point is moot.

  9. Your tax dollars are going to Washington and they are spending it faster than it comes in.

  10. PASOK’s hierarchy is holding on hoping Tsipras makes a major mistake. For him to do that largely depends upon him becoming the next PM. He is the glue holding the party of often dissimilar interests together until their time arrives. This is why the push for real reforms and relief is so urgent.

  11. yes but were wasting those tax dollars right here in America. We prefer to support our own and not other countries that don’t appreciate our help and are anti-American.

  12. I wish that was the case but the spending problem has become much worse over the past decades has now become uncontrollable without the will to stop. The US is borrowing and spending as never before. I doubt they will ever have a firm debt ceiling, but when they hit the fiscal wall as credit ratings drop there will be an outcry from tens of millions of Americans reared on big government dependency.
    Remember Americans have not had to do without since rationing coupons during World War 2 and are conditioned to having whatever they can afford and more as a service-consumer nation. They will adversely react to their entitlements being taken away and will turn on each other to blame, taking what they want with force if necessary. So-called allies bought and paid for with US foreign aid and steadied by the military is indirectly funded by the Chinese and others. When the dollars stop we will see how lightening fast allegiances shift. I do not mean to take such a hard line and I have family in the states but this one of those times called tough love.

  13. With all of our problems we are still the best country in the world. I agree with some of what you say but I doubt we will turn on each other. Americans tend to pull together when times are hard.
    And we have millions trying to come to America. The Chinese are buying up New York. And the Chinese have the most students in American Universities. Even the Chinese know that you cannot knock America down.
    Greece on the other hand will never recover and all those in Greece would give their right arm to come to America.

  14. You reference Americans as “we”. If your loyalties are to america what are you doing on a Greek forum?

  15. I was born in Konitsa attended school in Nea Smirni and attended Agi Anargiri church. I now have a house in Varkisa and frequent Lambros, Vive Mar, En Plo, and all the lamb restaurants in Vari especially Ta Vlahica.
    My total loyalty is to America where can a horiatisa get a college education back in 1960’s? Greece had the caste system plus dowries. You could not achieve without the proper credentials. I love to come to Greece every summer but I owe a lot to America. Where can a horiatisa marry a group controller of PM and have a son that is a drilling manager for a major oil company in Houston. My cousin Ourania is still in Konitsa still uneducated and married to a chicken farmer.
    Why shouldn’t I be here it’s freedom of speech and pride in my heritage.

  16. Why should you care who is on here?? Unless you have such a rage against America and Americans that you want to get back at every one and every thing American.
    If you live in America you better be careful we don’t find where you work and start protesting to your co workers and bosses that you are a rabid anti-American.

  17. fyi. Vaskiliki-kefala is possibly a Skopian false flag because he keeps making antiGreek rants. (the skopians troll this website pretending to be all sorts of nationalities including Greek)