40th Anniversary of the Heroic Uprising

politexnio1Forty years have passed since the uprising that took place on the 17th of November 1973 in the Polytechnic School of Athens, Greece. It was a soul-stirring act of resistance against the tyranny of the Military Junta. It was an act of heroism that should teach and inspire next generations. Especially now that the students’ slogans, such as “Bread-Education-Freedom” take on new meaning, reflecting the tragic actuality and impoverishment of the Greek nation.

On the 21st of April 1967, a group of colonels, Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos and Colonels Georgios Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Makarezos, seized power with the coup d’état. This happened just seven days after the dissolution of the Hellenic Parliament and right before the scheduled elections. Already, during the first year of the Colonels Regime there were many people exiled for “plotting” against the regime and bombing attacks against the Junta officials. Four different governments succeeded one another during the seven-year Junta and they were all condemned by the Council of Europe before Greece’s withdrawal, in fear of suspension that would last until 1974. Other traits of this regime were the suppression of basic freedoms, such as the right of assembly, widespread censorship and a pseudo-referendum for the ratification of the so-called Constitution. During the Seven Years, as this period is known, there were a lot of murders and attempted murders on both sides that climaxed on the 17th of November 1973, at the Athens Polytechnic School.

During the Junta, Universities were combed out. Any professor that was against the regime or expressed ideas that were deemed aggressive by the regime was fired. Any student who wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the regime was not allowed to attend university. The uprising that ultimately led to the fall of the Colonels Regime, began on February 1973, at the Law School in Athens. The students took over the University building, because of a new law regulation that enabled the government to revoke military service postponement. This event would herald the Polytechnic Uprising. On the 14th of November after the regime refused to allow the student body election, more than 5,000 students gathered at the Polytechnic School and decided to take it over in an act of resistance. More and more people were gathering to show their support towards the students, shouting slogans against the Junta. On the 16th of November the Polytechnic School radio station starts emitting in all of Athens spreading the message of the Resistance. Their main goal was the overthrowing of the Military Junta and the reinstatement of Democracy. The police issued a curfew that forbids people from being in the center of Athens, placing military tanks in key spots around the School. Around 2:50am, on the 17th of November, the commanding officer signaled, and a tank moved forward bringing down the gates of the Polytechnic School allowing for Special Police Forces to enter. After the riot that lasted 30 minutes no one was left in the School.

The Military Junta was not done yet. One of its main goals was to unite Cyprus with Greece. In its final attempt, the organized coup d’état overthrew the Cypriot President–something that resulted in the invasion and occupation of the north part of the island by the Turkish army. Meanwhile, in Greece, the Junta had just fallen due to the Cyprus fiasco.

These events should be taken under consideration, especially now, in light of recent events that the Greek nation is called to endure. Difficult times lead to extreme measures and usually make people question the ability of the government to conserve democracy.



  1. Democracy is long gone in Europe, the EUSSR controls public opinions, just see the new law to jail all EU opponents in greece …

  2. Ioanna, I’m not going to get into the military dictatorship -junta that ruled for seven years, I’ve already posted my statements on the junta in another article.
    I would like to point out that your statement/s above are TOTALLY INACCURATE!
    The invasion and occupation of Northern Cyprus by Turkish troops had ABSOLIUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE JUNTA. This is the EXCUSE THEY ARE GIVING AND HAVE GIVEN FOR 4 DECADES. If you understood what was happening at the time and used your analytical skills you would understand that it was AMERICA and H. KISSINGER THAT WANTED TURKEY INVASION INTO CYPRUS among things I cannot mention here. The junta is used as an excuse for the Turkish invasion.
    Please, research and do some historical reading before publishing non .substantiating facts

  3. The junta was bad but not nearly as bad as the communists during the civil war. Funny how alleged “moderate” leftists never commemorate the defeat of the treasonous communist terrorists that attempted to delete the Greek people…. for the sake of IMRO, Tito and mass murdering Stalin.

    The real heroes, the Greeks that sacrificed their lives to save us from BOTH Nazi and communist tyranny, would be ashamed of today’s Greek left. Today’s Greek left is about cowardice.

    They are such pansies they can’t even condemn the unelected foreign nationalists that offensively support illegal immigration into our sovereign country. Or take Papandreou whose busy making “friends” in Turkey… as the Turks use Skopians as a proxy against us. And of course there is communist borg drone Tsipras, who “admires” the totalitarian communist thugs that massacred Greeks during the civil war. Even on this very website, most of the leftists are nowhere to be found when foreign ultra nationalists come ranting about Greeks.

    Our leftists are only “patriotic” only when it comes time to demand money from others. They are such cowards not only can’t they face up to the betrayal of our former allies, but they can’t even face up to the treason among their own ranks (any Greek that calls FYROM propagandists “Macedonians” is a leftist) .

    Leonidas faced overwhelming odds. This wasn’t because he had no fear but because he cared more about his principles. No one would ever confuse a greek leftist with Leonidas. Ephialtes. A greek leftist would certainly fight another Greek to protect their wallet but rarely lift a finger to protect Hellenism.

  4. Yes, Jean — It is TRUE — and it is absolutely incredible the Criminals we have running the IMF & Euro Zone, who have been using Greece and Cyprus as a “test case” to see just how dumb and gullible EU citizens are—

    Greeks MUST GET RID of the EU & IMF now or become Debt Slaves for life!! — Want toknow the REAL TRUTH about the EU? LOOK THIS UP on YouTube…copy & paste below…. Amazing !

    “The European Union & Soviet Union similarities” – 2013 on YouTube


  5. Με τις σαχλαμάρες ότι το παραμμύθι είχε δήθεν πεθαμένους κι ότι δήθεν τώρα που τρώμε από τα σκουπίδια και μας παίρνουν οι τραπεζίτες τα σπίτια περνάμε καλύτερα, θα στείλετε όλο τον κόσμο στην ΧΑ. ………. ακόμα και η Ελευθεροτυπία έχει γράψει: Η πλειοψηφία (59%) θεωρεί πως σε θέματα ασφαλείας η κατάσταση επί Χούντας ήταν καλύτερη, 56% θεωρεί ότι είχε καλύτερη διαβίωση… http://www.topontiki.gr/article/52061/Ta-skatose-i-Eleutherotupia

  6. Put the crack pipe down boy. America and Kissinger could care less about Cypress and Turkey invading Cypress. You must be on meth or crack. You just got to love these crazy Greeks that have all sort of conspiracy theories about America.

  7. Apparently at the school where you got your PhD they did not teach you about economics. You get rid of the EU and IMF you have no more money and become Argentina. At least Argentina has natural resources all Greece has “petres” as in petrovouni

  8. Ah yes the “heroic apprising”. Now Greece is in hell and no way to get out hell. Argentina has natural resources, the only thing that Greece has is the idiots from the National Technical University. Yea go on protesting that will look good on your resume.

  9. OK who the Hell are you? Your not a Greek but always on this side so again…what the hell you want here? You’re outrageous and insulting me because I’m greek? You’re nothing but racist and I wish you much bad! And stop to be on this side your NOT a Greek you hate me because i´m Greek? Ok no problem i hate you why you are a waste of Human-Skin!

  10. Ah agorimou ime elinas ala genithica stin Ameriki.
    elines san ke esena ehoun katastrepsi tin Ellatha kai tora isaste


    I am here to proclaim my dislike of what is happening in Greece.
    Anyone can be on site no matter what his opinion. it is my American tax money through IMF that is keeping Greece afloat.

  11. The more I though about your comments the more I had to laugh. I am not here to insult you because you are Greek. I am here pointing out the lunacy of the Greeks. Do you really think people all over the world are not laughing at what is going on in Greece?? Even during the Presidential election Greece was made fun of because you are bankrupt. We do not hate you because you are Greek but what you are doing to you country.
    Who am I?? I was born in America of a Greek father and an a Polish mother. I was raised in Chicago at St. Demetrios. My father was a cantor and I went to Greek school at St. Demetrios. I now reside in Brookfield Wisconsin and attend church at St. Mary’s of Elm Grove. I became aware of what is going on in Greece when I met a guy that loved Tsipras and SYRIZA and was lecturing me about SYRIZA. This young lunatic was attending the University of Wisconsin on scholarship and yet hated America. That was it for me.

  12. Malakkaaa; you don’t think the world is laughing at America right now as they fall from suer power status. Greece has much higher unemployment than USA but there are more homeless and destitute people in the home of Barba Sam…ouch!
    More crime, more murder, more despair more decay!!
    The whole world will cry with joy when America falls on its own sword ( or should I say gun/s); Greece is but a side show!!

  13. Malakaaa you obviously have kept up with recent events such as the gas under the Mediterranean sea bed!!

  14. Yanks and their tax money eh? Never has a people cried and carried on about their tax money. This is a nation that almost went over the ‘fiscal wall’ just so that the most vulnerable would not get any health care!

  15. You can scream all you want about how bad America is but people all over the world would give their right hand to come to the U.S.A The Chinese are buying all the real estate in New York and Beverly Hills, Most rich Arabs have a second home here in the States. You poor looser if only you could be a success story in America but you are not and are bitchy about it.

  16. Spoken like a true looser. Yep we have problems but still we have millions wanting to come to America. Meanwhile in Greece the doctors, nurses, engineers etc., etc., are leaving for better pasture.

    As for America falling you bitter s.o.b. Our DOW went to 16,000 this week that is not a show of falling down. The world still invests in the dollar. If Spain collapses(it will soon) the EU AND the euro will too. As for Australia it soon will collapse. Australia depends on exports to China and that is beginning to show weakness. You apparently have not finished high school and have not studies economics.
    Wall Street is doing great and the DOW is 16,000 put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  17. Arthur if you were a success story you would not be on this site spewing vomit like you do.
    Your nation is imploding and the world is enjoying the spectacle.
    USA will go down as the shortest lived super power in history and the nation that contributed the least to mankind.
    So shut up and go help at the food queues to feed the multitudes of your hungry country men.

  18. Oh yes the whole world will collapse just to appease the fantasies of a fool Greek American waiter!!
    Wake up malakaaa- the cultures you are talking about have been around a lot longer than USA & will outlive her.
    Meanwhile I will enjoy my Higher Australian standard of living while you mutts shoot yourselves.

  19. On America:

    Quote:’Economically, our growth has become stagnant. Our national debt has skyrocketed to some $17 trillion, standing taller than our 2012 GDP of $15.68 trillion. In practical terms, if everyone worked the entire year and gave everything that every company, man, woman, and child produced, we still wouldn’t have enough money to pay off all of our debts.
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/are-businesses-bracing-for-u-s-to-fall-like-rome/#FocCHiQroYR6wf0k.99

    But just keeping talking about Greece to deflect from your own woes….Amerikanakia trash!!!!

  20. Ella malakka read this and weep.
    A short & simple summary of the Australian economy for a simpleton like you. Lets see how we compare with the United Shitholes of America!!!

    According to the 2011 Credit Suisse Global Wealth report, Australia has a median wealth of US$222,000 ($217,559), the highest in the world and nearly four times the amount of each US adult.The proportion of those with wealth above US$100,000 is the highest of any country – eight times the world average. Average wealth was $US397,000, the world’s second-highest after Switzerland.

  21. Thank you for my laugh of the day. I have been to Australia and a 2 bedroom 1 bath is $500,000. Now what Greek can afford that? I went and looked at an average house (by American standards) and the asking price was 1 million.

    If America is that bad please do stay in Australia. But my suspicion is that you are a Greek immigrant living either in Astoria or around St. Demetrios in Chicago.
    I like coming to this site to get my laughs for the day. and you my friend have given me plenty of laughs.
    America is and will always be a great country but if it makes you happy to say that America is going to fail go for it.

  22. I could sell my 1 bedroom investment property in Canberra and buy a nice big house in your failing sate loser!!

  23. The way you express yourself it is apparent you are a High School drop out. I will not bother communicating with you because it would be a waste of my time.