Greek Far-Left Group Claims Golden Dawn Killings

Golden_Dawn_Dead1 A previously unknown Greek far-left group claimed responsibility Nov. 16 for the killings of two neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members, saying it was in retaliation for an anti-fascist rapper’s murder.

“We, the People’s Struggling Revolutionary Powers, claim responsibility for the political executions of the fascist members of neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn,” the group said in a statement posted on the Greek news portal Zougla.

An anonymous caller gave instructions for finding the tract, which was on a USB memory stick that was placed in a plastic bag and left at a location in the Athens suburb of Kaisariani, the news portal reported.

The proclamation begins with a quote from José Buenaventura Durruti Dumange – a key figure in the Spanish anarchist movement in the 1920s and 30 – that claims no government truly wants to combat fascism.

The authors of the proclamation say that the two Golden Dawn members, 22-year-old Manolis Kapelonis and 26-year-old Giorgos Fountoulis, were killed in a “political execution” in revenge for the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, who was stabbed to death by another supporter of the Neo-Nazi party, Giorgos Roupakias.

The proclamation also dedicates the murders to immigrants and in a chilling warning to the extremists, says that the killings are just the start of the group’s campaign against Golden Dawn and its members.

A member of the police counter-terrorism division said it is studying the statement which wasn’t from any known terrorist group although Greek authorities earlier this month said they believed the murders were carried out by a terrorist group offshoot as a spate of them have sprung up in the last couple of years during a crushing economic crisis that was a springboard for Golden Dawn and its anti-immigrant stance to rise.

The party had been accused of carrying out assaults on immigrants, which it denied, and was soaring in popularity after winning 18 seats in Parliament in June 2012 until a government crackdown this month, with the arrest of its leader and hierarchy, denting its support after they were charged with operating a criminal gang. Four of them are in detention pending trial.

Greek officials said they feared that if the Golden Dawn murders were for vengeance that it could spark a new round of retaliation and cause social unrest as the coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative party leader and his partner, the PASOK Socialists, are negotiating with international lenders and disagreeing over the size of a looming budget gap.


  1. Much like fake online aliases anyone can claim anything. It very well may be Greek leftist extremists committed the murders (wouldn’t be the first time) but given the claim came from an alleged new group its just as plausible some foreigner did it (trying to stir up trouble between Greeks) . Unless the perps are actually caught better to reserve judgment.

  2. GD dawn shouldn’t be beating up illegals but the other extreme of leftists framing them immigrants as all victims” is also highly irresponsible.

    Lets not forget these people consciously violated our laws by entering our country illegally. In addition a disproportionate high percentage of them are so desperate they engage in serious crime. This would include rapes, murders and robberies which are at record levels in Greece primarily because of illegals (not due to our economy as irresponsible leftists typically claim in contradiction of the statistical evidence)

    There is a tiny minority of illegals that we should feel sympathy for as legitimate refugees (like Syrians who are currently engaged in a civil war) but even in those situations we should only provide temporary residence (only until things settle down in their own country).

    What we should fear even more than illegals though is any politician (Greek or foreign), any self-annotated “human rights’ group, or any journalist that manipulatively attempts to frame mass illegal immigration as “undocumented migrants” or objects to the word “illegal”. They are Orwellian propagandists that need to be called out as extremists. No state on earth has agreed to support mass illegal immigration. Greece is no Europe’s dumping ground for illegal immigration (and should withdraw from Dublin 2 so the EU either helps up combat it or accepts all these illegals into their own countries)

  3. Silly Communist are starting to make mistakes. A little Nazi blood could be spilled without any regret, but the fact that this could politically benefit the Golden Dawn!

    We Jews never wanted communism for nothing more but a mere political form of concealment to prevent our exposure.

    Our goal is to take the world into our own hands. Stealthy performing necessary operations to doing so is the key to their success.

    We have adopted our current tactics to achieve world domination in a matter that fits the current situation of this world today. We Jews are not Communist anymore, for there is no need to be.

  4. “A little Nazi blood could be spilled without any regret,”

    This death threat of yours against so-called Nazi XA members should be enough to get you and your idiotic hate banned from this website.

  5. I suggest Golden Dawn try to get better security. And I don’t mean relying completely on the police.

  6. Oh no! The GOD of idiotic and untrue propaganda has just struck down on the king!

  7. Greece’s Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias (a New Democracy MP pictured below paying homage to his Judeo-Khazar masters) was personally responsible for ordering that police protection be removed from Golden Dawn MP’s and from Golden Dawn party offices despite full knowledge that Golden Dawn was targetted by Leftist terrorists. Just days after police protection was removed from XA party offices 2 young Golden Dawn members were executed (presumably by Leftist terrorists) merely for exercising their democratic right to attend the offices of a party of their choosing. Perhaps this latest Leftist threat of murderous violence against Golden Dawn will forces Dendias to restore police protection to Golden Dawn MP’s and their party offices.

  8. Leftist medias are also responsible for their death. Shows the true nature of Syriza, which are just like the nazis. Greece need a real right-wing party, which reject nazis but fight for Greece.

  9. Sounds like Nikos Dendias might be legally culpable for deliberately trying to have XA members killed by removing police protection from XA when he knew Leftist terrorists were trying to kill XA people. Perhaps a nice lawsuit should be launched against Nikos Dendias and get him kicked out of office?

  10. Maybe Nikos Dendias should be sued for what is the crime called? Criminal negligence I think? If such a thing is possible.

  11. Great post.
    For all the talk of Golden Dawn being “rightwing” in practice their economic policies are actually closer to socialist (just as extremely anti-business attitudes as the communists). And for all their talk of “helping:” Greec, the fascist-like shenanigans only undermine our country. Anything GD now supports will immediately be branded as “fascist” (even when they are right about something like the Macedonia issue)
    We don’t really have a righwing party. ND is the closest we currently have but they’re closer to democrat than republicans. Unfortunately our country is left and further left. Communists like Syriza are treated as “moderates” rather than extremists themselves. Everyone wants more money from the government. Few are arguing what they can give to help their country. “Patriots” only when it comes time to demanding money from other greeks.

  12. This is Greek Reporter. The only thing they will ever ban are those that complain about leftists (especially if you complain too loudly about their clearly leftist staff).
    The leftist version of “free speech”.. is free speech as long as you don’t criticize them.

  13. I agree, I had already come to the conclusion that the owners of this website are really Greek hating scum.

  14. Actually I am Jewish, just trolling these Neo-Nazis for them trolling us Jews. They think that I want to take over Greece or some retarded crap so I am just having a good laugh.

  15. GD should beat up and chase out these invaders. Greece is being invaded. Greece is for Greeks. The Greece has the right to exist as a Greek nation. Greece has a right to self-determination as Greeks without interference from foreigners and foreign powers, whether they’ve invaded or invested. Waiting for them to be deported allows these invaders to build coalitions with the ruinous powers in the borders and out. Beat them and they’ll either die or take a hint and leave.

    The World Jewish Congress and the Jews have just shown for the past 100 years they want Greece and all European nations to be flooded with Africans, Arabs, and Muslims. They’ve chosen their alliances as they push for Mosques to be built and mass immigration to displace and destroy nations. They did this to Sweden. Why would they treat Greece differently?

  16. You are advocating violence against another human being. You’ve said enough. Go away.


  17. LOL! You think you can shame people and play internet mommy? How old are you? Twelve?

    In the real world when someone breaks into my home I blow their head off. Greece is being invaded by Africans and Muslims. Your crybaby antics and kumbaya drum circles aren’t going to chase the Osamas of the world away. It certainly isn’t going to work on me.

    There’s no more shame left in the world you loser. These are problems that require men to fix them.

  18. Why are all “anarchists” scrawny metrosexuals and wear black hoodies and ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks?

  19. ‘Jewish and Proud!’ has been making quite a few incitements to violence. Where are your condemnations in response to them?

  20. I will; but I’m worried they’ll hit be with their handbags and throw glitter at me. The last thing I want, is an increase in estrogen.

  21. kill them all jews nazis rich and pseudo-whites.. destroying the world in the name of nothing