Indomitable: The First Greek Epic Movie

indomitableAfter its first screening at the Athens International Film Festival this September, the first Greek epic movie, “Indomitable: Dragonphoenix Chronicles,” premiered on the 14th of November 2013.

The movie is based on a series of monthly comic books with the same name, written by Giannis Roumpoulias, the first issue of which was published in 2005. The story of the movie unfolds 200 years after the end of the comic book and tells the tale of a warrior, who is a slave owner forced to fight as a gladiator in dirty duels. Fate brings the warrior back to his home where he had left his wife four years ago.

After a long period of preparation, and financial backing from “crowd-funding,” the hype peaked with the film’s sold out screenings at the Athens International Film Festival and the film’s nomination and win of the Best Costume and Props Award at the International Film Festival of Cyprus. “Indomitable: Dragonphoenix Chronicles,” directed by Thanos Kermitsis finally premiered on the 14th of November in Athens’ well known cinema, Ideal.

Thanos Kermitsis described the movie in an interview on the Greek website Flix as “an independent production feature film, crowd-funded, that belongs in the epic fiction genre. It is a story of characters living in a fantasy world, an adventure, a journey that speaks of man’s indomitable will to overcome all obstacles in order to reach his goal.”


  1. it’s an indie effort, and I can applaud that. it’s probably just not the indie Greek film I’d have been most excited to see attempted.

    first impression off the trailer:
    God of War meets the Gladiator.. with the production value of Hercules the series.. [also, the not so subtle thematic of the movie being: Greek independence at this time in history runs the risk of becoming some sort of nationalist fanservice]

    that being said. I don’t know anything about the comic upon which it’s based

    finally [call me picky but] I just hope the writing will be better than what I’m picking up in the trailer. Anyways.

    Kali epitixia!