Southern Aegean Earned More From Tourism in 2013

south-aegean-earmsOn Wednesday the results from a survey conducted by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the TNS ICAP and Quantros showed that the Southern Aegean, during the summer of 2013 had the biggest number of vacationer overnight stays, and also the biggest tourism revenues of 2013. On the other hand, Central Macedonia simultaneously recorded the highest number of tourism arrivals and the lowest revenues.

Giorgos Tsakiris, the chamber’s president, stated that 2014 will be “a crucial year for the country’s tourism recovery.” Furthermore, he announced an increase of more than 10%  is shown, due to advanced bookings from British travelers, over 15% from Russia and over 10% from Scandinavian countries.

In August, data showed that almost 3.9 million visitors spent 2.5 billion Euros in our country. That means that 22% of the entire year’s visitors, arrived in one month and contributed 21.6% of the annual tourism revenues. Additionally, 75% of the revenues came from guests at Greek hotels. Giorgos Tsakiris also noted, that there is a very low share of tourist entertainment expenditure, amounting to only 8.6% of all revenues. He noted that we have to work more on developing the touristic sector of Greece.


  1. ” He noted that we have to work more on developing the touristic sector of Greece.”

    No. We already have too much of low wage low skilled tourist industry which distracts our attention from more rational choices for an economy. With some minor exceptions (e.g. engineers the build theme parks) the people that work in tourism are virtually all incompetent. Since they can’t produce anything of any complexity they instead sell trinkets to drunk tourists.

    We have to replace the animalistic hedonistic instant gratification mentality with more rational long term Epicurean approach… or our country is done. To do this means we have to work towards redeveloping the sciences in Greece. Our lack of intellectual goods is a national disgrace. Physics. math, technology etc.. is what made ancient Greeks great. It is our lack of production in these areas that has made us weak.