40th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising:Thousands of People in the Protest March

40th Anniversary of the Polytechnic UprisingThe events for the 40th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising in 1973, reached its peak with the annual protest march. The march began at the gate of the Polytechnic University reaching the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece. Many students, members of unions, supporters of SYRIZA and fired employees of ERT, took part in the march.

At around 17.30 p.m, the main body of protesters, passed outside the hotel Hilton, heading to the U.S. Embassy in Vasilissis Sofias street. According to the police, about 9,000 people took part in the march. The police proceeded with more than 90 detentions and 2 arrests. The march progressed without violent incidences and tension.

However two young men found a rather original way to protest. They stood in front of the police forces and took off their clothes and underwear. The policemen were calm and were just watching the two men protesting about the intense police presence in this year’s anniversary events.

The gates of the historical building of the Polytechnic University in Greece were open to public until 14.00 p.m. The building was being guarded by teachers and students. Meanwhile, the surrounding streets were closed.

The police security measures were stricter than in previous years, with 6,000 policemen being on the streets. Many central streets as well as metro stations in the center of Athens were closed and there were changes in the bus routes.


  1. I hope the American Embassy took pictures of the students protesting. With 60% unemployment they may want to come to America to find work. That’s when we show them their picture protesting in front of the American Embassy and we say “no way”

  2. These yearly protests are mostly about manipulating students to push leftist polical propaganda.
    While the dictatorship was wrong these same leftists never have marches to remember the defeat of extremely oppressive communist during civil war. (treasonous communists fanatics that massacred their fellow greeks for the sake of mass murders like Tito and Stalin)

  3. If your loyalities are to America what in hades are you doing ranting about Greeks on Greek Reporter? Go watch American Idol. Leave Greeks alone. We don’t need another whining Greek hater on this forum.

  4. There is no law that forbids me from being here to find out what is happening in Greece. and what the Greeks are doing;. it’s called fredom
    I have dual citizenship but my loyalty is to the country that educated me and gave me a grea job and a great husband
    We can trace you IPO and if you hate America and Americans so much we will make sure your bosses, your clients, your co workers know

  5. I could easily hide my ip with proxies and tor but I happily let the NSA have my ip because I am ashamed of nothing I say. You on the other hand would know nothing about freedom given you seemingly support NSA spying (hint: spying is an act of aggression – see Nazis and communists whose wet dream was to wholesale spy on everyone like the NSA currently offensively does..even on its own citizens)

    Your straw man arguments and threats are quite unimpressive. I don’t hate Americans you slanderous fool. I judge people as individuals not stereotypes. I only hate any American that colludes with ultra nationalist extremists in the former Yugoslav republic that wish to to exterminate the Greek people. You on the other hand appear to be anti-Greek (given your constant anti-Greek rants on Greek reporter). If I knew your “bosses, clients, and co-workers” I would let them know how you behave towards Greeks. (i.e what a bigoted prick you are)

  6. Greece is fucked-up…Greeks (Not all) are good in strikes, marches and
    demonstrations…Government Unions and communists with their parasites
    have destroyed what’s left of it…No jobs except for the ones with
    connections to the political system while the government is playing the
    cat & mouse with the lenders not been able to implement any changes
    required by the “Troikans”…What’s funny about the situation in Greece
    is the government and their parasites blaming outsiders for the misery
    we are in…Greece won’t prosper with the present government, the
    present justice system, GD party, the communists and most of all the
    thriving of “Corruptionocracy” within the government
    corridors…Governing a country with corrupt politicians won’t lead to a
    better future…

  7. WELCOME TO THE NEW GREEK POLICE STATE run by the Gov’t of Crooks!
    Greeks have suddenly become COWARDS & SHEEP today with no guts, letting their country be sold out to foreigners and Arabs for a sew. What a disgrace!
    Where are brave Leonidas’ 300 Spartans to save the day?

  8. To all of you, please…. These students are just marching to the American Embassy because that’s what was done for 40 years. But, why not someone just suggest that they change the route and go to the German Embassy (LOL) since the USA has little to do with what Greece is going thru. Greece is an EU country and America is just on the sidelines. Geez Louise, these Commies need to get some new material (LOL)…40 years of the same old tired crap. Don’t they even have a marketing department in KKE to analyze this!! ALSO, for Vassiliki, your pro-American sentiment is appreciated but don’t blame all Greeks for this. There a few nutjobs who for reasons they can copy and paste from other websites hate America, but most Greeks are fond of America and that’s why they use Facebook, Windows, Drink CocaCola and various other American creations. IF they were so anti-American I would believe they would find Chinese software, sodas etc to consume. So, Greece may like to whine about the past America, but currently they like us just fine…And finally, we too in the states protest, so Greeks didn’t write the book on it either…

  9. Lady if you are a lady …we are all very happy that you love America and your husband …but when it comes to Greece your opinions are yours and you are entitled to them .
    But why the threats …. this is a forum about Greece none of us give a F–K about the USA
    And you can stick my IP were the sun don’t shine.


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