Freight Train from Athens to Thessaloniki Starts

cargo-trainsThe first daily route of the freight train from Athens to Thessaloniki is scheduled for December 2nd.

The deal for the trade trafficking from the enterprises of Athens to Northern Greece between TRAINOSE and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises is final. According to company executives, the deal is expected to have revenues of 5 million Euros per year.

The purpose of TRAINOSE is to take 10% of the goods which are transferred every day between the two cities. According to some estimations of TRAINOSE, almost 600 trucks are moving every day from one city to another.

Furthermore, in early 2014, TRAINOSE will also start the first freight train which will carry HP products from the port of Piraeus to Czech Republic.

The HP products from the Port of Shenzhen in China will arrive in the Port of Piraeus in 22 days. Then within 5 days by freight train, the products will be in the Czech Republic. There the HP will assemble its products.

The profit for HP transferring products via the Greek railway, in comparison with its alternatives will be one week, while the cost will be the same.

This agreement will also open the road to expand the company’s activity gradually from exports to imports.