Golden Dawn Sets Anti-Mosque Rallies

mosque in AthensAngry that the government has awarded a 946,000 euros contract to pay for the construction of an official mosque for Muslims without demanding reciprocation from Turkey, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party said it would organize mass protests to rally opponents and protest the government’s decision go go ahead.

The extremist party said the awarding of the contract was an “unprecedented provocation” and that it would use its position “within Parliament and mainly through mass, powerful demonstrations” to prevent the mosque being built. It has support from some clerics in the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the right-wing Independent Greeks party which opposes the mosque and said it was against national interests.

Ex-Independent Greeks MP Christos Zois, who leads his own party, Nea Mera, said the location of the mosque in Votanikos, “just a few meters from the sacred rock of the Acropolis and Plato’s olive tree” was disrespectful to Greek history.

“This comes at a time when the government does not dare to demand that Hagia Sophia [in Istanbul] be recognized as a place of worship of worldwide importance and the reopening of the Halki theological seminary,” said Zois.

The Infrastructure Ministry said it had awarded the contract for the mosque’s construction to a consortium comprising the firms J&P Avax, Terna, Aktor and Intrakat.

The mosque will be built on land that belonged to the Hellenic Navy in Votanikos, near central Athens. Ministry officials said the construction work should begin early next year.


  1. MSMlies, Greek Nationalist beliefs go beyond the Political Spectrum and Greek Political Parties. We know we are Greek, but what is Nationalism? It is the promotion, love, etc of the “Nation”. Here, Nation does not refer to the Hellenic State but to the Greek Nation, the PEOPLE. For Greek Nationalists, every single Greek, whether in Greece or the Diaspora, whether far-left or far-right, whether Orthodox or not, whether straight or homosexual, is our brother simply because they are Greek. Perhaps that may be a bit hard for you to take in, but think about it. If you exclude some of your Nation, how can you really be a Greek Nationalist? The problem with Greece is the Western Powers have implemented a policy of Divide and Conquer upon the Greeks. You are the living example. You are pro-Golden Dawn and despise your fellow Greeks in the KKE, etc, and the sentiment is vice versa on their behalf. Image a united Greek people? Imagine a Greek government that abolished every single foreign ideology, including liberalism, communism and fascist-nazism. We Greeks have never lived by these principles because they come on strong but are weak in the end and crumble. The only reason why we Greeks have lasted is because of Hellenism. This is the ideology of the Greek Nationalist. Think outside the box.