Golden Dawn Sets Anti-Mosque Rallies

mosque in AthensAngry that the government has awarded a 946,000 euros contract to pay for the construction of an official mosque for Muslims without demanding reciprocation from Turkey, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party said it would organize mass protests to rally opponents and protest the government’s decision go go ahead.

The extremist party said the awarding of the contract was an “unprecedented provocation” and that it would use its position “within Parliament and mainly through mass, powerful demonstrations” to prevent the mosque being built. It has support from some clerics in the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the right-wing Independent Greeks party which opposes the mosque and said it was against national interests.

Ex-Independent Greeks MP Christos Zois, who leads his own party, Nea Mera, said the location of the mosque in Votanikos, “just a few meters from the sacred rock of the Acropolis and Plato’s olive tree” was disrespectful to Greek history.

“This comes at a time when the government does not dare to demand that Hagia Sophia [in Istanbul] be recognized as a place of worship of worldwide importance and the reopening of the Halki theological seminary,” said Zois.

The Infrastructure Ministry said it had awarded the contract for the mosque’s construction to a consortium comprising the firms J&P Avax, Terna, Aktor and Intrakat.

The mosque will be built on land that belonged to the Hellenic Navy in Votanikos, near central Athens. Ministry officials said the construction work should begin early next year.


  1. So what? There are people who collect pictures of the Madonna, samurai swords, old postal stamps and Caruso 78 rpm records… and nobody thinks they have a clinical disorder. Everyone has the right to collect old smelly socks if they feel like it.

  2. A place of worship paid with funds provided by starving and overtaxed Greeks and in top of that in Navy property?

  3. When Golden Dawn governs Greece, degenerate rap music especially the type that mimics the criminal lifestyle promoting garbage produced by African Americans working for Jewish record label compainies will no doubt be eradicated. This is what I think the future for rap will be in Greece once Golden Dawn has taken over. In other words Zero future.

  4. Any Greek that allows the EU and IMF to continue enslaving the nation are also treasonous, as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Which poll? Some polls have Golden Dawn at 6% and some have Golden Dawn at over 20%.

    It doesn’t matter which poll you look at; at the absolute bare minimum (6%) Golden Dawn still sits at third place.

    They are not going anywhere; it only appears that way because the Media isn’t talking about them as much.

    Golden Dawn has been very active, especially since the shootings — they’ve had food handouts and solidarity rallies. None of which went reported by mainstream media — in order to create the illusion that they are “disappearing”.

    You’ve fallen for a deliberate propaganda move.

  6. If we’re so easy to troll, why is it that none of you can counter any of our points; and instead resort to name calling and sexual insults?

  7. “thehitch” offers nothing of substance and only comes to this board to fire cheap insults, from the sidelines, at Golden Dawn supporters.

  8. What will Golden Dawn do about the thriving Greek Rap/HipHop scene where young people are being amazingly creative and expressing their own points of view and culture? Will they ban that? How? By killing all rap artists? And the studios that produce them? Close them down? What about all the young people producing their own stuff? Hunt them down?

    True rap and hiphop is an expression of culture on street level, a way of expressing another point of view that is often angrier and more explosive than mainstream pop. I would have thought Golden Dawn would support this music culture as it is the voice of the young and disenfranchised.

    But then, the messages are too diverse for GD aren’t they? It’s no coincidence that most hiphop artists are left-leaning. I don’t think I have ever heard of a fascist/nazi rap artist.

  9. Led Golden Dawn MP’ Christos Pappas, Christos Rigas and Konstantinos Barbarousis, Goldendawners from Epirus and Aitoloakarnania closed the borders of Albania at Kakavia on September 1st, 2013.

    “We came to these artificial borders in order to demonstrate our struggle for the liberation of Northern Epirus. Albania is scared of Golden Dawn because it is the only party that includes in its program the struggle for the Greeks of Northern Epirus. The Greek government of the memorandum provides the military bases of Souda and Kalamata to NATO allies without getting anything in return. However, what they should ask from the international community is the implementation of the Protocol of Corfu, according to which Northern Epirus should be independent. This will be the first step towards the liberation of this Greek land. I ask you to turn towards northern Epirus and sing our national anthem so loudly that it will be heared by our brothers in Agioi Saranta, in Himara and Premeti”, said Golden Dawn’s MP Christos Pappas.

  10. The term “Northern Epirus” started to be used by Greeks in 1913, upon the creation of the Albanian State following the Balkan Wars, and the incorporation into the latter of territory that was regarded by many Greeks as geographically, historically, culturally, and ethnologically connected to the Greek region of Epirus since antiquity.

    In the spring of 1914, the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus was proclaimed by ethnic Greeks in the territory and recognized by the Albanian government, though it proved short-lived as Albania collapsed with the onset of World War I. Greece held the area between 1914 and 1916, and unsuccessfully tried to annex it in March 1916, however in 1917 Greek forces were driven from the area by Italy, who took over most of Albania.

    The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 awarded the area to Greece, however the area reverted to Albanian control in November 1921, following Greece’s defeat in the Greco-Turkish War. During the interwar period, tensions remained high due to the educational issues surrounding the Greek minority in Albania.

    Following Italy’s invasion of Greece from the territory of Albania in 1940 and the successful Greek counterattack, the Greek army briefly held Northern Epirus for a six-month period until the German invasion of Greece in 1941.

  11. “The voice of Israel”. Ironic, considering that Israel is the closest thing to the apparent ‘dreaded Nazi Germany’, than any other nation in existence today.

  12. Rap that includes lyrics which promotes violence, anti-White racism, glamourises drug usage, and the degradation of females will not be permitted to exist in a Greece governed by Golden Dawn. That’s my opinion. I obviously don’t control Golden Dawn policy. I assume that rap music that excludes these types of lyrics will not be hindered by an XA government.

  13. Plato lived in the time of independent city-states. Terms like ‘Greece’ and ‘Greek’ would have had no meaning to him except possibly as vague geographical expressions.

  14. That is a Metaxian salut, and before that ancient Greek salut.. god help us all people are so ignorant, you see white people caring for eachother and marching around and they are nazist? You poor ignorant oaf. Meanwhile interracial marriage is banned in Israel. And all Golden dawn want is for their people to remain a majority in their own country… Golden dawn ideology is inspired from Metaxism, which fought the nazist during world war 2.

    “Nor do statements like”

    -Yea, that statement is like 15 years old, from an old newspaper.

    “Even on this thread there are some GD supporters that use the word “Heil”.”

    -Quite the argument, someone on internet saying heil, whoa, anti-whites logic is so impressive.

    “As a Greek, and a patriotic one, I’m not buying it. Any Greek that supports fascism (or communism) is treasonous as far as I’m concerned.”

    -Multiculturalism is the nazism of our time and needs to be dealt with as such.

  15. Not true. Greeks is just an english word to describe Greeks (derived from Latin which itself comes from the Greek “Graikhos”.. a term used interchangeably for Hellenes by Aristotle) Greeks typically call themselves “Hellenes” in the Greek language.

    Plato would certainly understood himself as a Hellene or Grikhos. as Athenians, Spartans, macedonians all self-identified as Hellenes despite being part of different legal jurisdictions ( see ancient Panhellenic sporting events like Olympics where only Greeks could compete)

  16. Metaxas government used the salute in a different context and fought the fascists

    Why did you gloss over the statement by GD leader praising Hitler. You remember Hitler right? The monster that massacred countless people (including Greeks) and occupied our country. Praising Hitler amounts to treason. (like the communists that praise Stalin) A Greek concerned with Hellenism praises Plato and Aristotle.

    If GD’s leader likes Hitler so much, he should have moved to Germany and found a neo-nazi group to join.

  17. There is no crime in Greece’s church owning property in Greece. Its understandable given our church has been around for over 1500 years. About the only complaint to be made is the church should pay taxes like everyone else.

    Nothing you just said dismisses the point the Church has done far more for Hellenism and Greece in the last 200 years than any treasonous communist ever has or ever will (and I say this as an atheist myself). The Greek state would not even exist were it not for our church. The Greek state would also not exist if the treasonous communists had won the civil war for mass murdering dictators Tito and Stalin. (people Tspiras ridiculously admires)

    The fact is most communists real identity and loyalties are to their leftist ideology not Hellenism. “Patriots” only when its time to demand handouts from others. Read any article in the Guardian or New York times written by Greek that references the Skopians as “Macedonians” or apologizes rather than condemns illegals. To a man…leftists.

    Certainly not every Greek leftist is treasonous but this is why so many Greeks (including ones that used to support the left) have become so extremely hostile towards the left these days.

  18. I don’t like rap. Much of it is what you describe. However, arguing to ban music is plain absurd. You are just helping put nails in GD’s coffin arguing such things.

    If you claim to be Greek, start behaving like one by promoting hellenism rather than fascism.

  19. What rap or hiphop are you listening to? Or perhaps you don’t listen? There are plenty of artists of many nationalities using the form to express all kinds of things. The fact that the mainstream media has basically wiped out (or not allowed to exist) most intelligent/creative forms of music and art in generally is not a reflection on artists but on the industry. Just take a look at most pop. What does it promote? What does it talk about? Money, looks, women as objects, men as earners and various other mush. From blues to rock and roll through rap, hiphop and r and b, music has always been controversial. Always talked about drugs, violence, political and personal, always made a comment. Unless you want your music sanitised and to your liking at all times.. perhaps Cliff Richard or The Osmonds, you have to be slective. Like what you like and don’t listen to the rest. You can’t kill creativity but it may not always be to your taste. Perhaps look further than the charts. Perhaps look further that Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

    Banning art forms is for dictators. Not for a democratic party. If that is what Golden Dawn claims to be.

  20. Thank god they not taking over then because that is the music I enjoy….. how about the women slapping part …you didn’t answer

  21. Sounds good looking forward to going probably the only place I will be able to hear good African American Rap antway

  22. I started reading your comment for a minute there I actually thought it was written by someone who wasn’t going to spew forth an avalanche of BS unfortunately I was wrong

  23. Shekl that’s a bit harsh …..lets call friendly banter you have to admit Anon …deserves it

  24. I never said it was a crime all I said was do you think its all right for the church to have so many unused properties which can be used as refuges for the needy.
    And no doubt the church played a major role in modern Greece but should they now when Greece is once again going through difficult times simply sit on there laurels. As for mosques/churches most if not all Muslim countries(not sure about Saudia Arabia) allow churches the only premise is Christians are not allowed to attempt to convert a Muslim
    I have lived and worked in a number of Muslim countries and have enjoyed there friendliness and hospitality and have never feared for my safety …which is far more than I can say about Greece at the moment and more so the cretins on this site, who bare no resemblance to the Greece I grow up in I feel embarrassed to call myself Greek.
    My only hope is, that the true Greeks, if they still exist will consign GD to where it belongs under a rock.

  25. Elaborate on how it’s an “avalanche of BS”. Provide your own counter argument. I’m always interested in hearing opposing views that are more than just cries of “BS”, “racist!” or “Nazi propaganda!”.

  26. We at Golden Dawn put our policies on the table and let people decide if they like them or not. It’s not about putting nails in the Golden Dawns coffin. This is not how Golden Dawn operates. Golden Dawn does not want to be elected on a false platform and then renege on it’s pre-election promises and polici This how New Democracy operates. This is the New Democracy mindset. Get elected by any means possible, & then they wonder why the Hellenic populace regards them as sleazy lowlifes.

  27. Stop watching movies about “Evil Nazis” produced by Jewish Hollywood and you might be able to return to reality.

  28. Mainstream media in the Western World has indeed wiped out intelligent and creative forms of music. Mainstream media in the Western World today is overwhelmingly owned and controlled by Jews.

  29. More from David Duke? Seriously?

    Apart from David Duke’s rantings, where are you getting your information from? The music industry is something I know a fair bit about and it’s not run exclusively by Jews. Jews are and have been very successful in the entertainment industry. This does not mean they run everything. This is just paranoid thinking.

    We see overwhelming numbers of black people in the music industry and in sports but we NEVER say “Black people run everything”

    There are hundreds and thousands of successful Greeks in the entertainment industry. We NEVER say “The Greeks run everything”

    Golden Dawners like to demonise groups of people. It makes it easier to explain things to young people if you have goodies and baddies. But you know (I’m sure you do, you’re just playing a game) that things are much more complex than Golden Dawn says.

    Of course, it’s easy to say… the Jews run everything. Everything is the fault of the Jews. If we get rid of the Jews, all our problems will be solved. (insert whichever group you decide you hate today)

    MUCH easier than saying, we have to fix the education system so that all young people have a chance to succeed. We have to fix the health system so that everyone can enjoy a healthy life and get treatment for their problems. We have to fix many, many parts of the society we have built. It is much harder than blaming a particular group.

    I know I will never convince you that you are wrong. You have decided and you single-mindedly think you are right. You blame immigrants, Jews and Muslims for all your ills. It’s easier for you.

  30. “Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch’s News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout — however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so.” — (Los Angeles Jewish Times Oct. 29. 1999) [other sources claim Murdoch’s mother, Elisabeth J. Greene, is Jewish]

    “Such as it is, the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary. One would like to ask; by whom has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? ” —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “This (Jewish) stranglehold (on the media) has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain,” Graham said, agreeing with Nixon’s comments earlier in the conversation. “You believe that?” Nixon says in response. “Yes, sir,” says Graham. “Oh boy. So do I,” Nixon agrees, then says: “I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.” — (Recorded 1972 conversation between Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham at the White House)

  31. I suggest you begin by reading Jewish publications that openly boast about Jewish domination of American media. I For example you can read “An Empire of Their Own” written by Jewish author Neal Gabler. This book details the Jewish takeover of the film industry.

  32. Oh but they will takeover. Better cram in as much dehumanizing gangsta rap music into your mind, heart and soul whilst you still can. The clock is ticking.

  33. MSMlies, are you serious? You, just like your Golden Dawn friends, have absolutely violated every belief when it comes to Greek Nationalism. If we go back to the Greek Revolutionaries, do you honestly believe they would have waved a flag that has the exact colour and design of Nazi Germany, the only difference being the Meander instead of the Swastika? YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS! Greek Nationalism has NOTHING to do with foreign ideologies, whether it be the Communism of the Slavs and the Fascism or Nazism of the Germans. And Greek Nationalism most certainly has NOTHING to do with New World Order Conspiracies. You seriously need to wake up and start reading Greek history books to actually try and understand Greek Nationalism because now, the only image you’re advocating is being an ignorant, foreign ideology loving Hitler wannabe.

  34. and most hardcore Greek Leftists consider themselves to be modern and athiest as they go around betraying Greece and siding with Skopian nationalists. Just as Diogenes claims to be athiest and modern.

  35. You clearly misunderstood what I said.

    “If we go back to the Greek Revolutionaries, do you honestly believe they would have waved a flag that has the exact colour and design of Nazi Germany, the only difference being the Meander instead of the Swastika?”

    Exact COLOUR and DESIGN are the key words. I am well aware of the flag you posted that was used by the Sacred Band. The very fact that you believe the Golden Dawn Flag is a reflection of the Sacred Band Flag proves how ignorant and misinformed you are. Golden Dawn use a BLACK Meander. The Nazis used a BLACK Swastika. Golden Dawn surround the Meander with WHITE. The Nazis surrounded the Swastika with WHITE. And what did both have in the background? RED. Once again, let me emphasise the exact similarities in COLOUR and DESIGN. Apart from this, how can you believe that they’re not Nazi’s? Are you Greek re? Can you read it? If so, read their ideological beliefs on their website. In theory, they themselves say that they’re “Nationalist Socialists.” I.e. NAZI. Just because they sing the Greek anthem, bash a few immigrants and talk tough doesn’t mean they’re Greek Nationalists. It’s the exact same tactic Hitler used to gain power. Don’t be one of the Greeks who can’t think for themselves and simply submit your beliefs to an organisation we real Greek Nationalists are against. Hellenism (EVERYTHING GREEK) was, is and always will be our only belief. Perhaps its time you followed that?

  36. Is New Democracy-PASOK governing coalition currently led by Antonis Samaras what you consider to be a shining example of Hellenic nationalism? Antonis Samaras served for 3 months in a land based office job with the Hellenic navy whilst all Golden Dawn MP’s have completed the full length military service with many being posted at the Greek-Turkish border. Some Golden Dawn MP’s are ex-Commandos, e.g. Ilias Kasidiaris who served in the elite OYK special forces units. This is most elite special forces in the Greek military. You can be a National Socialist and a Greek at the same time. This is what Hellenic democracy intended. That Greek citizens be allowed to adhere to whatever political beliefs they so choose without having their Hellenism questioned. If Hellenic blood flows through your veins then you are a Hellene. Actually Golden Dawn are the true democrats. They are the only party that has stated again and again that if they come to power all major issues, e.g. remaining in the eurozone, will be decided not by the Greek parliament but by a national referendum. This ofcourse is something that pseudo-democrats like Antonis Samaras would never even contemplate doing.