Greek Health Minister Sticks to His Position

adonis 1Speaking to an event organized by the Athens Medical Association on Saturday, the Greek Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis, maintained his position that there will be dismissals in EOPYY, the  main healthcare provider in Greece. Georgiadis had announced that dismissals “might be a possibility, after staff review is complete.”

These comments caused intense reactions. The doctors that attended the event expressed their disapproval, crying that he is an economic murderer and that he is leading them to poverty. George Patoulis, the president of Athens Medical Association stated that cuts and dismissals in the healthcare sector are fatal and that patients and doctors will be the victims.

According to Georgiadis, these dismissals are part of a shake-up of Greece’s primary health services. The Health Ministry is in the process of evaluating the needs of the primary healthcare sector and whether any surplus doctors could be posted to public hospitals.

The European Union Task Force for Greece has suggested that about 2,250 doctors working at EOPYY could be moved to state hospitals.


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