Kyriakos Mitsotakis: 15,000 dismissals by the end of 2014

kyriakosKyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek Minister of Administrative Reform, during an interview in Vima FM, talked about the 15,000 dismissals in the public sector by the end of 2014, based on the commitments of the Greek government towards the creditors. He also stated that there are no other pending commitments to Troika, relating the current evaluation.

Mitsotakis said that the government is planning a system of promotions in the public sector that will reward the value of the employee and not the years of service. “We will achieve renewal of the public sector at the level of executive officers. These interventions will make the public sector more functional.” he said.

Moreover, according to the Minister of Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance: “There is progress in the government’s effort to award disciplinary justice to the public sector.”

As the minister reported, the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration after investigation, revealed many criminal cases that hadn’t been punished. He assured that the law will be implemented and that there will be sanctions for the executive officers who knew about these cases but did nothing.

“There was a kind of omerta that is starting to break,” said Mitsotakis, noting that, from the beginning of the year, many civil servants have been removed from office as a result of acceleration of disciplinary justice.


  1. Another promise to fire civil servants that will not be implemented. Greece tries to fool the troika with these promises knowing full well that it’s in their constitution that no one can get fired. Unless they change their constitution Greece will keep playing the shell game with the EU.

  2. Just do what they do in the US, offer a retirement incentive to people above a certain age group and you will have 15k people retire like that and nobody gets laid off.

  3. The “Vandelay” (of Vandelay industries no doubt) is just a foreign nationalist with an agenda (check his posting history). Probably one of the Skopian trolls that keep changing ids here.

  4. Ah,yeah,sure,we believe you.Like the 4000 supposed dismissals that were due to take place this year……Greece will promise whatever just to get its hands on the next money tranche.

  5. So, ” Vandeley” is another ” nationalist with an agenda” ….LOL .The Greeks don’t like to hear honest opinions,apparently.

  6. I just posted a similar opinion before reading yours.Yet more lies from the Greek communists before they embezzle more of other countries tax payers money.They will not lay off a single person,it is all smoke and mirrors just to have their next tranche of money released!

  7. The US prints its own money and does not rely on Greece to pay its civil servants wages.Do you get the difference,maybe,just maybe?

  8. Well established Greek hating morons like you arguing words of support for Vandeley are only further evidence he’s right.

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  11. Who is this Clown Kyrikos Mitsotakis? I also notice the News or Gov’t never says a thing anymore about his “Bribery Scandal” he and his sister Dora did with Seimens.

    WELCOME TO THE NEW GREEK POLICE STATE run by the Gov’t of Crooks!

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