The Life Expectancy of Greeks Reduced

reduced-life-expectancyThe effects of austerity measures on healthcare are serious. According to data, the life expectancy of Greeks has dropped from 81 to 78 years.

“The Greeks still cannot believe that the life expectancy has gradually reduced from 81 to 78 years,” said the president of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Kostas Frouzis.

“It would be embarrassing to hold the Presidency of the European Union and not be able to find medicine,” said the President of the Panhellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry, Dimitris Demos.

Troika is pressing the government to impose new austerity measures on the healthcare systems. Thus, the Greeks have to pay for their medicine out of their own pockets.

A survey conducted by the National School of Public Health showed that:

-1 out of 3 Greek patients is obliged to change his treatment by changing the frequency of the medicine in order to make it last more, because he can’t afford it.

-60% of chronic patients are facing financial constraints or on waiting lists to access health services.

-chronic patients have reduced their visits to primary healthcare systems by 30%, from 2011 to 2013.

-chronic patients have reduced their expenses for primary healthcare systems by 50%, from 2011 to 2013.

However, the Greek Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, insists on having patience, since the aim of the country is to reach 1% of GDP.

“We have to support the government by all means in order to achieve the reforms and to increase the GDP. In this way the pharmaceutical expenditure will be increased. What is certain is that the market will not lack of medicine,”  said the Minister.


  1. 78 years? That’s a real longevity in comparison with the rest of the world, probably one of the highest Life Expectancy number.

  2. Greeks are not living to 78 years. If they can’t afford medicine they will die now. With no job, no benefit, no ability to get a medicine, living an almogst cashless life, in a bureaucracy of long lines and fewer staff, this is proof of the book
    Recession Hurts, Austerity Kills, Stuckler and Basu, you can get through Amazon.

    If the Troika says Greeks should get no medicine, then that kills. So Troika is killing the Greeks. The most heavily taxed, the greatest lower of wages or no wages and everything done to wipe out the engine of capitalism – spending power by most people in a nation. The Troika should end. The EU give up its existence and all its assets shared out to the banks and finance houses owed by sovereign debt.

    For all Europeans have the same single enemy. Brussels.


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