Two Polls Bad News For Tsipras, PASOK

Polls Showed Tie For New Democracy and SYRIZATwo new political surveys show that the ruling New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras maintain a growing lead in one of the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) and slightly behind in the other – but both give him a huge margin as the country’s preferred leader over his rival Alexis Tsipras.

Even worse for Tsipiras is that 55. percent of Greeks surveyed by the agency RASS for the Sunday Press (Typos) want the coalition government of New Demoracy and the PASOK Socialists to finish their four-year term until 2016 while 41.9 percent would support SYRIZA’s hope to have early elections as a test of whether Greeks want to keep accepting bailouts from international lenders that have come with harsh austerity measures.

RASS has New Demoracy leading SYRIZA by 1.6 percent. The ruling party has 24.2 percent compared to 22.6 for the major opposition Leftists. Golden Dawn 6.2 percent, KKE 5.8, Independent Greeks 4.8, PASOK 4.6, DIMAR 3.1 and the marginal Ecological/Greens off the charts at 1.5 percent, with the LAOS party that once served in a coalition government two years ago at the bottom with 1.3 percent.

Asked who would win if elections were held now, 52.2 percent said New Democracy to only 41.7 percent for SYRIZA, a wipeout in political terms and more bad news for the Leftists as Tsipras has been shifting his position on whether to support – or not – continued bailouts from the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that’s all that’s keeping Greece in the Eurozone.

Tsipras said he wants the money without the conditions and wants to keep Greece in the Eurozone although he can’t without the bailouts and has not offered any alternative other than to restore pay cuts, cut taxes, restore all pensions and not fire anyone in a public workforce bloated with hundreds of thousands of needless workers hired by New Democracy and PASOK for generations.

And it got even worse for Tsipras who isn’t without shouting distance of Samaras for Prime Minister with those surveyed saying the Premier was their choice by a runaway margin of 49.2-33 percent, almost an insurmountable advantage.

The polling agency ALCO reported for the newspaper Proto Thema that SYRIZA was ahead of New Democracy by an infinitesimal 0.5 percent, negligible given the margin of error.

ALCO put SYRIZA  at 25.3 percent to New Democracy’s 24.8 while Golden Dawn entrenched in third with 9.9 percent, followed by the Independent Greeks at 6 percent, PASOk at 5.7,  KKE with 4.7, DIMAR at 3.8, Egological Greens 1.9 and the former PASOK minister Andreas Loverdos’ new party at 1.2. ALCO gave Samaras the edge over Tsipras for Prime Minister by a margin of 34-27 percent.

The polls showed punishing results for PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos, who abandoned his opposition to public firings demanded by the Troika and was rewarded by Samaras with the positions of Deputy Prime Minister/Foreign Minister but at the cost of seeing his once-dominant party falling deeper toward the bottom of the polls and out of favor with 95 percent of Greeks. The party won 44 percent of the vote in 2009 when then-leader George Papandreou was elected prime minister.


  1. good to see gd losing support, time for the propaganda of ms,anoy,and the rest of the hitler youth.

    Shalom Yasou

  2. 9% is still too high for a nazi party in europe imho but it’ll fall again as the trials go ahead and they are revealed.

    Bring on the downvotes and rants…

  3. Lots of Greek-hating trolls come before me in this comment section, suffice to say we all know that Greeks are wising up to the lies of their anti-Greek hate speech propaganda.

  4. Perhaps the Greeks can stop being Anti-American and we won’t post “anti-Greek speech”. Did you notice that the American Embassy in Athens warned Americans that they are in danger and to stay away from Athens?? Let’s see we give you our tax dollars through IMF and in return you want us dead. Perhaps Greeks need to realize that they are bankrupt and not bite the hand that feeds them.

  5. Perhaps you need to realize it is actually (some) Americans that are being anti-Greek by supporting Skopians.

  6. The last ND PM was a buffoo but Samaras seems to the most competent PM we’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately because of past mistake of ND and Pasok about half the Greek population has gone nuts by supporting communists and fascists. Hopefully these people come to their senses. No good can come from such extremism.

  7. Also you might want to open your eyes and notice isn’t just some americans that are hostile towards Greeks these days. People around the world pretend not to notice the Skopians behavior (to hide their embarrassment for “recognizing” them) Even on this forum ultra nationalists from other nations come here on regular basis ranting racist rhetoric towards Greeks… and the same foreign posters that complain about GD and claim to be against racism… then go on to say nothing to condemn their anti-Greek rhetoric. They only complain about Greeks. (i.e. they are racist towards Greeks while lecturing about racism)

  8. Skopians is a referece to the Slavic inhabitants of the former Yugoslav Republic that wants to be known as “Macedonia” (who are mostly descendants of ethnic Bulgarians but hide that in lew of state propaganda that they are “Macedonians”).
    Greece objects to their usage of the name “Macedonia” because the former Yugoslavian manipulate the name to insinuate they are descendents of ancient Macedonians and insinuate Macedonia Greece is “occupied’. (effectively now claiming to be the “real” Greeks under the conceptual radar of their Greek hating apologists)

    The US, the UK, and other western governments used to strongly support Greece on this issue back in the 40s (including militarily so during the Greek civil war). Today certain dishonorable unprincipled backstabbing former “allies” pretend those events didn’t happen.
    This Macedonia issue is one of the factors making many Greek very distrusting of foreigners… some of whom appear to be trying to ethnically erase Greeks (seemingly to hide their shame for betraying us to the former Yugoslavians)

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  9. Twopenceworth complains about racism by some Greeks (which is fair) but unfortunately he blows his credibility when his cocern for human rights evaporates when Greeks are the target of hate (e.g. where is twopence’s voice against racism when extreme nationalists from the former Yugoslavia come here to rant about greeks on near daily basis?)

  10. What a joke—WELCOME TO THE NEW GREEK POLICE STATE run by the Gov’t of Crooks! Greeks have suddenly become COWARDS & SHEEP today with no guts, letting their country be sold out to foreigners and Arabs for a sew. What a disgrace!

  11. Where are these former Yougaslavians you talk about costantly? How do you know who everyone is.All I see is that you accuse people of being skopians and bulgarians whenever you disagree with thier comments. Why should I respond in the same way? On articles that are nothing to do with your issue? I don’t get it.

  12. Dear Kefala, if there is any elementary school near you, just go in and ask for a math book. Alternatively, a high school economics book will suffice. After hours and hours and hours of studies, you will eventually find out that the countries loans money, instead of just giving them away, and take thems back by 2x.

    Now, i completely understand your anti-Greek attitude, since you probably have some traumatic experience with Greeks.

  13. The latest Pulse RC poll places Golden Dawn in 3rd place with 11.5%, and the latest poll places Golden Dawn in 1st place with 26.6%
    Golden Dawn is doing just fine and is in fact more popular than ever.

  14. Be clear with what you are writing because the Greek people don’t want their country to be sold out to foreigners and Arabs as you mention so you have no right to call it a disgrace. The governments actions don’t define the Greeks as a nation so if you’re not Greek and I take it by your name you’re not don’t write anything. It’s easy for you Brits, Americans etc to have an opinion but I would love to see You Mr. Powell “PhD” in Priminister Samaras’ position. So before you sit on your high horse and play God why don’t you understand everything before you write. Plus the country is trying to initiate foreign interest so yes they need good relations with foreigners and Arabs…..That’s how the economy will recover.

  15. No good can come from voting for Antonis Samaras who ignores the will of the Hellenic people, acts like a tinpot dictator of some banana republic by jailing the leadership of Greece’s 3rd most popular political party and clearly takes his orders from the EU-ECB-IMF Troika and it’s Jewish stringpullers. New Democracy will soon enter the dustbin of history.

  16. tell the hitler youth to stop committing crimes. your leader should be in jail for just being stupid

    Shalom Yasou

  17. gd and the rest of you nazi will never govern Greece. Good to see momma let you back on the computer this morning,

    Shalom Yasou

  18. My grandfather Kosta died fighting the Nazis in Epiros.
    I as a Greek American will do anything I can to make sure idiots like you and the Golden Dawn do not come into power in Greece. I assure you that there many of us here in America that survived the Nazis and in no way would we stand their return.

  19. You’re going to do diddly squat. But I do hope you keep your word because I want to volunteer just to break the heads of your types.

  20. You poor delusional guy. You mean that you are not afraid of Soros and his Bazilions waiting to squash little Hitler types?
    You should be cause if your employer finds out your a Nazi he will show you out the door, and if you live in America the NRA will find you and squash you. Don’t underestimate the will of the America people.

  21. Greece has not repaid one cent of the loan given. Thank you but I have my masters from Baylor University.

  22. On that one I agree with you. I too hate him
    But watch out for the NRA they may come and get you and send you to Romania for water boarding.

  23. This may be off topic but I hope you know that being a Skopian is not an issue for the Golden Dawn because even though they are not Greek they are still white.
    The Golden Dawn technically are not even Greek Nationalist and care mostly about the survival of the white race and all that pathetic “White Nationalist”, crap.

  24. Golden Dawn coming 1st with 26.6% of the vote as per last weeks poll by Tearing your Payot out in frustration Jewboy? Haha! It gets worse. Every pollster is aware that there is also the hidden vote of several percentage points when it comes to Golden Dawn.

  25. Nope, thats just your delusional neo-Nazi conspiracy theory. The Golden Dawn do not have more votes than Syriza and ND you moronic imbecile.

    The Golden Dawn are finished due to the fact that they are all basically going to jail and getting prosecuted in court. Every Golden Dawn member at this time is a potential inmate in a prison due to the crackdown.

    As a Jew, even if the Golden Dawn did take over Greece, the rest of Nato and Israel along with Greek rebels would kill them all in a couple weeks.

  26. MSM and his polls …. when you wake up reality will eventually hit ….a vote for GD is a vote for Civil unrest

  27. Masters in what exactly how to be a broken record I think.
    By the By ..its not just Greeks who are anti America you can put the whole of Europe in that basket. We are all very happy to hear America spies on all its allies.

  28. 7.9% is still third place. That’s also higher than the predicted 6.6% a few days ago.

  29. They aren’t losing support; but by all means, believe the propaganda and drop your guard.

  30. I don’t believe any poll; but if this paper had any objective integrity, they would show all the recent polls — the ones that had Golden Dawn at 6% and the polls that have them at over 10% and the one that showed them at 26%.

    Greek Reporter are intentionally milking the polls that have them at 6% in order to create the illusion that they are “disappearing”.

  31. Nope, thats just your delusional neo-Nazi conspiracy theory. The Golden Dawn do not have more votes than Syriza and ND you moronic imbecile.

    Whilst I don’t believe polls; I’d like to know how a legitimate poll taken by somone can be dismissed as a “delusional neo-Nazi conspiracy theory”? On what grounds; and what evidence do you have? By your own logic; one can say the same about the polls that have Golden Dawn at 6% — delusional Communist conspiracy theory. Again, such a claim would require evidence.

  32. You are a replying to a comment that I posted a few days ago so that poll is accurate and shows the Golden Dawn on the decrease.

  33. Golden Dawn manipulate polls trying to claim that the government is sabotaging the true percentages of the Golden Dawn but in reality thats just crap.

  34. I was not referring to the poll I was referring to him actually thinking that the Golden Dawn will be the future of Greece over some non-legiminate source when I said “Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory”.
    The latest polls are the most important ones and from what I seen the Golden Dawn are finished.

    Just to throw things out there you are obviously a really pathetic person with no life and no brain. Get off your computer and do something else with your miserable life.(unless your to dumb to, which you probably are)…

  35. You must still be angry over the HoloHoax debate we had.

    Polls are worthless; they prove nothing. Get THAT through your head.