A Barbershop of a Bygone Era in Athens’ Center

Panagiotis GrigoriouThe barbershop of Panagiotis Grigoriou in Kolonaki is not like other traditional barbers, simply because he isn’t any ordinary barber. The image and his outfit bring to mind the romantic time of  the 1900’s. Certainly, a sirloin shave is enjoyable and unforgettable.This barbershop is a trip back in time with antiques, paintings of shaving tools and a reminder of old times when shaving was a ritual for men.

Grigoriou is the fourth Greek generation in Egypt and came to Greece in 1987 at the age of 18. He graduated from the University of Piraeus, studying Organisation, Administration and Marketing. He has worked for large companies and was an export manager in multinational companies of the Middle East. When he came to Greece, he realized that there was a lack of real traditional barbershops, and so he made his dream true opening this unusual barbershop.

Moreover, he said “in this barbershop you can meet different people from all walks of life. There are no women and usually discussions between men are on sports or politics, creating an amazing atmosphere.”

The customers of “Barber Shop 1900” are doctors, politicians, business executives and actors, who are attracted by the retro scene and the charming atmosphere of bygone days.

He added that “I cater to the man who knows the relation between quality and money. Inside the barbershop, you travel in the time, sitting in an old chair. You discuss as you are waiting, drinking some whiskey and recharging to return to your work. It is something like a psychological decompression. The client always leaves happy, having the perfect face and a shave that lasts for a whole week.”