CIA Research: Greek Shipping 4th in the World and 1st in Quality

elliniki naytilia

It is well-known that the performance of Greeks in the sea is regarded as top-notch.

According to research conducted by the CIA, Greek shipping comes first in quality and is the fourth largest force in the world.The data also reveals that the Greeks have 3,319 ships under their control, which makes it the fourth largest force on the planet at the moment.

The data concerned fleets based on national characteristics and not on the nationality of the managers, something that leaves out the Greek ships that are registered in foreign books of registry such as the ones in the Marshall Islands.

Countries with the greatest naval power:

Germany: 427 ships in the national registry, 3420 in foreign registry. Total 3847 ships
Japan : 684 ships in the national registry, 3,122 in foreign registry. Total 3,806 ships
China: 2,030 ships in the national registry, 1,559 in foreign registry. Total 3,589 ships
Greece : 860 ships in the national flag, 2,459 in foreign registry. Total 3,319 ships
Hong Kong : 1,644 ships in the national registry, 341 in foreign registry. Total 1,985 ships
Singapore: 1,599 ships in the national registry, 344 in foreign registry. Total 1943 ships
Russia: 1,143 ships in the national registry, 439 in foreign registry. Total , 1,582 ships
Norway: 585 ships in the national registry, 974 in foreign registry. Total 1,559 ships
Turkey: 629 ships in the national registry, 345 in foreign registry. Total 1,274 ships
USA : 393 ships in the national registry , 794 in foreign registry. Total 1,187 ships

Furthermore, the same research also covers the issue of quality and safety criteria that are kept in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard, with Greece coming first with 105 ships.


  1. We have a world class shipping industry because it was the one industry that we didn’t tax and regulate into oblivion. It only happened because leftist unionists knew that if they went nuts with strikes and protests for the sake of excessive demands, shipping is the easiest industry in the world to move somewhere else. (kissing their jobs goodbye) The Chinese recently invested in Greek shipping facilities precisely because they conditions were favorable for it in Greece,

    Now If we could only get all the far leftists and anarchist crazies to understand that helping our businesses grow is rational and that shamelessly protesting for government handouts does not help improve our economy.

  2. Shipping allowed the flow of jobs, education and hard currency into Greece. What kept the unionists and government off the backs of owner/operators was the ever present possibility Greek flag vessels could be re-registered to another flag and Greek nationals crewmen replaced by lower cost Filipinos. Unfortunately that leverage wasn’t available for ship construction and repair facilities in Greece that today are mostly idle. The much heralded arrival of the Euro was the last dagger into the back of the industry wiping out Greece’s competitive edge with the Drachma. Competition with different governments allowed the Greek flag shipping industry to survive and a lesson that parliament should take note. It looks the CIA did.

  3. Most of the US Flag large tonnage vessels are laid up in US ports under military readiness programs. The balance are yachts, ferries, small cruise vessels, tugs, and miscellaneous water craft. After WW2 the US had the largest fleet in the world but unions, taxes and regulations all but killed the industry.