Civil Servants Paid More than Private Sector Employees

eurosAs shown by a recent European Commission report, the private sector is slowly losing its former glory. It appears that nowadays, the salary of civil servants exceed those of a private sector employee.

Since the financial crisis, caused by the state, the private sector has had to endure the aftermath and most importantly the fiscal adjustment. More than 1.5 million people have lost their jobs and those that have been able to keep them are trying to make a living with lower salaries that are usually even less than those of a civil servant.

A university graduate over 25 years-old without any previous work experience is currently paid 586 euros in the private sector, and 510 euros if he or she is under 25 years of age. However someone with the same qualifications in the public sector has a salary of 1,000 -1,100 euros. Furthermore, an employee that is not married and is not a university graduate, but has nine years of experience gets 761.90 euros in the private sector and 1,000 euros in the public sector.

Unfortunately the rather high non-salary costs in Greece burden business owners leading to increased unemployment, reduced investments, evasion of social security contribution and undeclared labor.


  1. Civil Servants Paid More than Private Sector Employees…That is very true and because of this Public Sector, Greece is bankrupt…When did the European Commission did know that??? We here in Greece knew that long time ago…

  2. Only in the bankrupt EUSSR the corrupt, inefficient and parasitic non productive public sector pays more than the productive private sector, thus being a constant money drain to the state finances and destroying the economy in the process. Isn’t socialism pretty?

  3. The reason for such an expensive public sector is primary years of pressure from leftist dominated unions. While we should not be opposed to unions (collective negotiation is right)… we should be opposed to unions that are just fronts for communist and socialist propagandists. (e.g. PAME founded by KKE, whose charter is essentially one long communist rant)

    These extremists seem to believe wealth is a zero sum game and goverment is a giant piggy to perpetually feed off (ironically even GD supports big socialist spending despite being erroneously called far “rightwing”)

    These people think they are “helping” Greece when it is their own irrational excessive demands from the government (the mentality that that helped create our massive government debt). They all want money… someone else’s money. When it comes time to giving up their own money, created by producing something of value that they themselves did… they are nowhere to be found. (or at riots throwing rocks at police for “democracy”)

  4. Unions are dangerous for the prosperity of any country’s economy…Unions should be dissolved and replaced by an efficient and legal system to protect workers rights…Unions are a destructive force for future economy…

  5. There is no moral or legal basis to dissolve unions. Workers have a right to freedom of association.

    The precise reasons why unions can be destructive isn’t actually collective bargaining. It’s when unions are twisted into being fronts for a particular political ideology (aka leftists). The law should be tweaked to forbid any legally recognized union from having any official political association (to weed out all the extremists using unions as a smokescreen to promote civil unrest or push political propaganda)

  6. This is nothing new. In Greece, the civil servants have always had a luxury free ride vs their private sector counterparts. This is why they always strike, demand more and don’t want to be laid off and cause damage to the entire economy. If they can’t produce or be evaluated with positive results and generating money for the government, then they should be retrained and even replaced with more qualified individuals.