Zoi Dalaklidou’s Murderer Sentenced to Life Plus 25

zoi dalaklidou

A Crime that shocked all of Greece …….

Today Christos Papazoglou was sentenced to life plus 25 years imprisonment, imposed to him by a mixed jury court in Kavala for the murder of Zoi Dalaklidou, on Christmas 2012 in Xanthi, Greece.

The trial of the “dragon” of Xanthi–as it has been called–began on Monday morning under very strict security. The appointed counsel for the defense of the accused, submitted a request to postpone it, in order for his client to seek psychiatric examination. The request was not accepted by the office,  and as a result the trial started normally.

The defendant had been arrested and confessed to the young girl’s murder. Throughout the course of the hearing he remained silent, and in his apology he contradicted himself several times, laying the blame on his drunkenness. Relatives of Zoi Dalaklidou also testified, stating everything they had seen the night of the murder.

This heinous crime has shocked the Greek community, mainly because of the offender’s brutality, who after having sexually molested the victim, doused her with gasoline and burned her alive.

The Prosecutor suggested the culpability of the offender, with no extenuation, a proposal which was accepted by the office.

The Court imposed a sentence of life imprisonment for murder, and 25 years imprisonment for rape and arson on the accused.