Greeks Work in Albania for 40 Euros

    Greeks-work-to-AlbaniaA few years ago, the Albanians came to work and to build a life in different cities of Greece. Today, the unemployed Greeks go to Albania to work. The salary, there, is from 400 Euros to 500 Euros.

    Most of them have been unemployed for years; they used to work as builders or technicians. Now, they choose to pass the boarders and work in order to earn from 7 to 20 Euros per day. However, there are also better choices, for example the waiters whose payment is 40 Euros per day in the regions of Vlore and Durres, where, during the last summer, tourism is the “emerging industry” for the neighboring country.

    The President of the Association of Albanian “Illiria” confirmed, in his interview for the magazine Tahidromos, the “wave of immigration” to the neighboring country during the summer months. He also said that many Albanians are returning home but not permanently; many just want to temporarily go back until Greece exits the crisis and things are better.

    A resident of Nea Ionia, was unemployed for three years and last May he went abroad to search for work. Then, his friend who owns s tavern in Albania told him to go to Albania. Without second thoughts, he provided the required papers and went to Albania in September. There, he worked as a waiter and earned 35 Euros per day without paying for his accommodation. According to his family, his environment was really good because the culture of Albanians has a lot in common with the Greek culture.


    1. “if you test the Albanians in different parts of the world they will have a “matching” dna.”

      Nonsense. Saying things like that only makes you sound like an Albanian version of Golden Dawn fanatics.

      No two people have matching DNA much less all of some ethnic group. Geneticists talk about haplogroups and genetic drift not matching DNA when it comes to ethnic groups. While their are legitimate biological links to the past, an ethnic group is not a synonym for race as extreme nationalists believe. I can assure you Albanians have mixed with others just as much as Greeks . (which is one of the reasons why many Albanians are Muslim and while others are Christians)

      Two Greeks can have the same identity but depending their precise ancestry tree they might actually have more in common biologically with some Albanian or Slav than another Greek. Similarly two Albanians might have an Albanian identity but one might be closer biologically to a Greek or Turk. You’ve confused your identity and your biology as being synonyms.

      Ethnic groups are closer to being thought of as a range of behaviors/biology rather than specific points. If someone is in the range they are accepted by the group. If not, they are rejected.

      If an Albanian marries a Greek their children will end up with mixed identity. However, if they go on to live in one of the countries and marry to a specific person from that country, their descendents will likely end up with a more purified sense of identity.

      Now if someone black did the same thing their descendents are going to have a harder time being accepted because they don’t confirm to the range of appearance and culture we associate with being a Greek or Albanian. (much like someone from Nigeria would not see us as Nigerian, or someone from China would not see us as Chinese)

    2. Good post. Exactly right.

      Every nation has some assimilation but the Ottomans were an assimilation machine (like modern unhyphenated Americans in many respects). The Ottomans didn’t recognize minorities (only religions) precisely so they could later assimilate those they conquered into Turks. The modern Turks are not Turkish in the original asiatic Turkish sense, They are an amalgamation of all the people the Ottomans conquered . Turkish in the cultural sense (i.e. they speak Turkish, identify with Turkish culture, Islam, etc)

    3. Epirjot is obviously racist towards Greeks but there is no need to take it out on all albanians just because he’s a d-ck. We should be making friends with Albanians not creating more enemies. It helps neither of our countries to live in fear of one another. The one thing western Europe did right is stop fighting so they can focus on trade. We need to try our best to do the same.

    4. It is you that are blind and ignorant.

      Claiming ancient Greek states were all foreign to each other is plain absurd. They not only shared common language and common culture but then even self identified as Greeks (see ancient Olympic games where only Greeks could compete).

      If you remotely knew what you were talking about you would know how closely our modern demotic Greek dialect is related to ancient Greek dialects. Countless words are easily understanble (far far closer to ancient Greek than say modern English is to old english which is essentially unintelligible to a modern brit)

    5. I actually used to be open to the arguments of foriegn nationalists that try to deconstruct Greek into ethnic nothingness. No one likes to believe they are a victim of propganda. And indeed, ethnic groups are tricky things to define (since there is no such thing as pure biology or pure culture)

      However, when the same people don’t apply their own identity rules to themselves and eventually end up demonizing Greeks… it becomes their evident their motivation was hate not reason.

      The single biggest factor I no longer trust anyone that calls FYROM “Macedonia” actually has nothing to do with ancient history. It has to do with their evasive attempts to pretend not to notice the Skopians turning into “Ancient macedonians” The slimeballs (including a few that claim to support human rights) are now trying to bury their mistake by trying to talk us out of ethnic existence)

      Fortunately we have something no amount of “recognition” or hate can defeat. The words on ancient Macedonia artifacts… all written in Greek!

      The funny thing about the situation that has flown under the intellectual radar of both FYROM and its apologists is that by now claiming to be related to ancient Macedonians.. .the Skopians are effectively claiming to be the “real” Greeks! They have also missed that the more they keep calling them “Macedonians”.. the faster the Slavs are Hellenizing themselves! (putting up giant Alexander stautes, calling their children “philip”, etc.. extrapolate that trend a few centuries moving forward) Philip needed an Army to conquer Paeonia. We seem to be doing by just calling them slavic.

      It would be comical if it wasn’t for the sad fact people occasionally die from this sort of thing. I would even feel sorry for the former Yugoslavians (about to ethnically delete their own ethnic Bulgarian heritage) but they did it themselves with their own obsessive hate.

      Love Hellenism!

    6. Whats interesting about the DNA studies linking Greeks to Europeans of other Mediterranean ports, is that it matches up with the historical record of ancient Greeks being a seafaring people (e.g. Magna gracia in southern Italy was originally a Greek colony)

    7. Sambucca arguable comes from the Arabs. Turkish coffee comes from Yemen. The fallafal far predates the Arabs (used to have them in ancient Alexandria… when it was a Greek colony)

      The funny thing about the hubris of trolls like you is that try to analogize Greeks out of existence, is that you associate Greekness with silly minor things and miss the mountain. I suggest you look up the etymology of mathematics, biology, physics, philosophy ,etc…


    8. Hillas is just another Greek hating extreme nationalist here to troll us.

      I never ceased to be amazed how so many people that claim to support “human rights”… don’t seem to notice the endless hate against Greeks (to the point many seemingly wish to exterminate Greeks these days)

      I don’t agree with GD’s response to this hatred but I can certainly understand their distrust and anger at foreigners.

    9. If ancient Greeks weren’t so influential no one would bother us. In some respects we are victims of the success of ancient Greek culture. In many respects we are all Greeks. In fact, Greek ideas are so ubiquitous that many foreigners are better at behaving like Greeks than Greeks themselves (e.g. many jews are amazing at physics and math)

      There seems to be some sort of unreasonable expectation that unless we perform like gods we have no legitimate connection to ancient Greeks (which is plain absurd. We are obviously related given our language, location, culture, etc.)

      Eventually the anti-Greek putdowns and attempts to delete our existence start (i.e bigotry). Then they absurdly claim we aren’t related but themselves are more closer to being “real” descendents of ancient Greeks. I don’t understand such people. If they believed that why wouldn’t they call themselves Greeks? Why wouldn’t they want to speak Greek? Hate makes no sense.

      Some Greeks add to their hate by being boisterous. They behave as as if they personally invented philosophy (other than perhap in an negative way we’re largely irrelevent today). However, for the most part most Greeks I know are down to earth people if the person talking is not there to put them down or delete them.

      I sometimes wish the world was empty of people. This way we would be free to appreciate our history and culture without being constantly demonized. It gets tiring. Sometimes I even wish I wasn’t Greek. Anything we do we will be judged as a failure (compared to ancient Greeks who set the bar so high).

    10. Nothing desperate just merely responding to your often confused off topic comments about garlic, the economy, shampoos, deodorant, gyros, falafels and associated eaters. There is a saying; When someone is making a fool of themselves be quiet and let them prove it. I’m glad you had this opportunity to do so.

    11. Waited 13 hours and still no explanation of racists. Is it cloudy where you live and the sundial isn’t working?

    12. Absolutely correct. The same is true for Jews and Arabs from Palestine.The difference being religion, culture, government and education. The trace genes of Greeks is all over the Mediterranean and there are many pockets where they have largely remained Greek. This is largely overlooked by those that view borders as separating peoples and cultural identity.

    13. Is directional dysfunction a common hereditary trait in Albania because it would explain why you think, talk and write in circles.

    14. Well Mr. Polycrates, one must respond to certain round falaflian arguments that are thrown at him, to make sure that the scope of the argument is in sight.
      What do you call this: “…think, talk and write in circles.” In your country? Greek progress?
      I am amongst Greeks, therefore I do as the Greeks do.

    15. There is no argument here concerning you talking in circles. More troubling you appear to have a pathological fixation on food. Since you are living “amongst Greeks” you should be more gracious to your host country.

    16. That’s not even news fellows! How many are working there? 100? 500? Publish a real article if you want to fill your pages and don’t get delusional from other media.

    17. Ok so Falafel was Persian, since it predates arab? That’s what I thought.
      I’ve read the etymologies of the sciences. I’ll give you the creation of the words for such areas. Look up Gentiana – it’s a medicinal plant. My King – Genti – discovered the flower. He was also found of medicine. This goes to show you that the concept and interest was already there. Genti was king of Ardiaens, northern Illyria.
      You need to understand that there is a huge gap from Ancient Greeks to today’s. All you refer to is pre-Roman history. What happened in the mean time?

      Here are a couple if things you should know about me:

      23 Illyrian Emperors of Rome
      3 most important ones:
      Docletian – divided Rome in 2, effectively creating the Byzantine Empire.
      Konstantine the Great – First emperor to convert to Christianity effectively making Christianity the religion Europe has now.
      Justinian – Codified roman law – creating what we refer today as constitution.

      So my friend – yes you created the words, keep in mind who created the empires, while you were creating the words.

    18. You know about Scanderbeg, and the pashas.
      Now what have the Greeks been doing in the mean time, or have they been trying to steal our kings and historical figures, while raping women, killing 2 year olds, murdering civilians and elders?

    19. Don’t listen to everything they tell you in the church. Ask your mother about it. She’ll tell you that that it’s a lie. Bulgarians + goat + lamb = Greek.
      A Greek who is holding a goat and lamb under his arms, is called bisexual.

    20. that is correct. though, if you go around anatolia, you will still see difference in the behaviors, customs and even accents of people region by region.

    21. Ok – I can’t believe you wrote all this. Anyway your will is admirable, even-though it’s a little out of the scope of the argument. Anyway – it’s a greek thing to steer the conversion in an unknown and unrelated direction every time there’s a perceived argumentative “cornering”.

      Here’s for your information and everyone’s int. In genealogy.
      Again my argument is that the Albanians or as you call them – Arvanitas – are the connection/bridge to all this genetic glamour that you claim from Italy to Anatolia. Don’t forget – East Italy was an Illyrian colony. So was Bordeux. Anyway happy reading.

    22. Ok so now that got to you he? I see.
      Let’s see how civilized you get.
      The four letters that you have, are part of the Greek diet that you eat and spill out every day. They are part of what you feed your children and your grand children.
      And what your children will be feeding their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren.

    23. It’s not food it’s the gyro and falafels, the national dishes of Greece, that deserve this evaluation from a pathological standpoint. Don’t worry about food, worry about your inability to grasp the inference of a particular argument. Work on your reading and comprehension skills.
      How in the world did you derive that I live in Greece? I am amongst Greeks, refers to the Greeks in this forum, not the country. It is precisely your lack of comprehension skills that is so deeply rooted in your culture that causes major issues when it comes to interpreting history. This will change!

    24. Because you are playing word games meaning then not meaning what you write. You want an excuse to slip out of a debate but obviously do not like it when it is done to you. Suggest in the future you be more sincere in your comments (if possible) and seek counseling for your food and hygiene fixations.

    25. So nice to have friendly neighbours I am not going to stoop to your level all I will say is one day in a few thousand years when your country has its own cultural you too will be able to participate in a discussion as an equal

    26. Why does it always have to go into this kind of racist conversations, including definitions of DNA tests, pure race, Macedonians vs. Greek, Albanians vs. smth. else or whatever. I don’t know in what stream of human inheritance a DNA test would classify me, and I frankly don’t care. The article nicely features a reality of nowadays where people in need for work manage to find it in a neighboring country. We Albanians are not predominantly racist – on the contrary. Let’s keep it that way and be always reminded that all of us, before, now and afterwards, here and there, wherever, are just mortal human beings, and as such we are bound to respect and assist one another.

    27. As a Greek myself, I’m tired to hear this stupid (and racist) stuff about a “greek DNA”. There is no Greek race, we are probably one of the most mixed people in the world. My mother’s family came from Carpadoccia and her family spoke turkish, the family names where hellinicized when they came to Greecce. A part of my father’s family is from the Athens regions and everybody spoke arvanitika (an albanian dialect) in the village. So, yes, many Greeks descend from various ethnic groups that converted to orthodoxy in the course of the centuries. Fortunately, I live in France and no one here believes anymore there is anything like a “french race”.

    28. We’ll put the Greeks that come to Albania up for sale.
      The homo market is about to be flooded with darka$$es.

    29. I think you have not had your gyro and falafel breakfast today, which is why you’re sleeptalking.
      I thank God everyday that I am not Greek, but Ilir.
      As far as your “culture” goes, it’s not really a culture. It’s a synthetic thing, made out of Albanian, Turkish, Persian and Lord knows what else.
      Here’s what being Greek really means:
      Your history is a bootleg copy of the Illyrian one.
      Your Religion is a bootleg copy of the Illyrian one.
      Your heroes are Illyrian.
      Your Byzantine claims are based on Illyrian actions and glory.
      Your lands belong to Arvanitas.
      The money in your bank account belongs to the German.
      The underwear that you have one, belongs to the German as well, for it is purchased with his money.

      Thank you God for not making me greek.

    30. Cheers to honesty. It doesn’t matter where we come from, for according to the holly books as well as modern science, we all descend from Adam. Hence, technically we are all related.
      It is a sin to have our churches and religious leaders brainwash us with hatred towards one another. Especially if it’s based on a lie like pure race.
      There are no pure races on this planet. We all have some neanderthal in us.

    31. I will agree with Ervin. Furthermore it is a time to be pragmatic, racism is old. With national borders continuously disappearing the only thing we should focus on is economic development. culturally speaking every country should keep and praise its customs as well as respect those of others. I believe Albanians generally are quite fond of Greeks. We do enjoy very much the music cosine and in some parts have similar customs. I enjoyed reading the comments of some educated people on this blog and it is a breath of fresh air. we should not allow stereotypes of our own politicians and sporadic groups to guide us. we should be able to look at the bigger picture. coming back to my initial point we should wake up and realize our region/continues are always last in all charts. we should not seek to do business in Germany or France when we can very well work with each other. despite all stereotypes we understand each other much better on all counts. due to my work i have plenty of friends in Greece which have always been valuable collaborators for me. the same happens in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia. i believe we as a region have a very bet temperament and always get carried away for small things which is the downside but at the same time we are very vital people we are very
      strong minded and what i like the most we are a lot less selfish than the average German or french. i believe that a Greek in need will have much more chances of an Albanian helping him than a German helping him and vice versa.

    32. Not really.
      Let them try it.
      Well – this doesn’t apply to Arvanitas. Albania is also their home.

    33. what was the topic again? immigration or an endless and stupid nationalistic battle? Stop arguing about something that has been invented in the 19th century…. no nation existed before…. they are all a subtle historical and cultural construction to bring people together for political reasons! We have to focus on the current issues of our lives and not in genetical arguments that change nothing about it!!! Your ancestor were franc german greek or albanians?? SO WHAAAT? Does that change anything in your daily life???? ITs just a stupid question of proud… because everyone want to say that they are the best… if we focused on real issues like cooperation between us, we balkan people, could be in a much better situation…..

    34. Diogenes

      It find it ironic for you to post this comment under the name of Greek Philosopher Diogenes who became notorious for his philosophical stunt of carrying a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an decent human being.

      If Diogenes was alive today he will be disappointed that even after 2000 years the “LEVEL” he was seeking has not change at all.

      In your case I think that “LEVE”L you preach it’s all gone. You just think you have it.


      In Albania the 2 main Wireless Carriers that happen to be Greek Companies make more money that all Albanians together working in Greece.

      So yeah there are Greeks working and making good money in Albania.

      On another note unfortunately I can’t say the same for the Greek Embassy in Tirana.

      Their net profits fall drastically since Albanians do not need visa to travel in EU.

      Yet again we are back to the LEVEL 😉


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