The Salary of Greek MP’s

parliamentThe total compensation for Parliament Members, as determined for the year 2013, was released today by the Greek Parliament. It depends on the category in which they belong, which is determined by the region in which they are elected.

According to data posted on the official website of the Parliament, the gross parliamentary allowance for Members is 5,705.60 each per month. For each of the 300 representatives of the nation, 909.31 euros were added to their income for mailing expenses.

Members of the Parliament also receive an allowance for office organization that amounts to 738.88 euros. This of course concerns MPs who belong to category A: State, Athens A and B, Piraeus A and B Deputies. The amount is raised to 935.88 euros for all other members because of increased costs that may be needed for organizing an office in other constituencies.

Reportedly, different amounts of money are provided for travel expenses to Members of Parliament, depending on their constituency and ranging from 291 to 648 euros a month.


  1. Ah,the beauty of Greek socialism-MP’s getting $9000 for doing nothing and public servants retiring at 50 with $100 000 retirement bonuses . Greece certainly did manage to build the Communism ,with our money, of course.

  2. Yet many hardworking Americans that bust their asses off would only dream to get half of what the Greek MP’s and public servants receive.

  3. You forgot to mention that 65% of their money is tax free.
    It would be cheaper to put out a contract on all of them and finish with them.

  4. and they didn’t touch upon MP staff costs nor political appointee’s who kick back a little something to the boss upstairs.

  5. As I wrote before, all your money is going to Washington. You have absolutely no say whatsoever where or how it is spent. That is entirely at the whim of the government to waste or prudently invest it at their discretion. But rest assured it is being borrowed and spent far faster than you think. Funding the IMF is a mere pocket change to the fiscal calamity that is fast approaching. The FRB is claiming to carry on with QE until 2017 printing 85 billion every month in play money. Real inflation continues to rise as you can see by your shopping cart and true under-unemployment is now about 25% and expected to rise into the 30s. So laugh while you can, because it will begin to really hurt in just a little while.

  6. What part of the US do live in if you are (which I doubt) American? Many of those hard workers are probably illegal Mexicans or Central Americans. They are treated almost like citizens enjoying all the entitlements food, medical, housing, education even driving licenses and YOU are paying their tab raising the national debt. In your case the parasite is consuming the host.

  7. Ah,yeah, we know,the Leftists mantra, “America will collapse soon”, it makes them feel less miserable.Don’t worry,America is doing just fine unlike Europe,with the socialistic welfare state unraveling and with bankrupt Greece ,France, Italy, Spain all hanging by a thread now.

  8. America is doing just fine right now but for how long. Never has there been such a slow recovering economy while markets and commodities have been bloated by monopoly money. The indices have been so badly skewed to give a favourable spin they are viewed with great skepticism by the S&P, Fitch and Moody’s all looking at a credit downgrade. It hurts to say it but misery loves company and we’ll just have to tolerate you joining the rest of us, that is if we’ll have you.

  9. TediUSA keeps talking about “our money” as if he’s related to George Washington. Tedu”USA” is about as “American” as a recent Chinese immigrant to his real homeland is Slavic.

    His inclusion of the word “USA” in his id is simply his manipulative method to obfuscate from posters his real roots.(likely Scopian) and his real motives (obviously an extreme nationalist)

  10. fyi – Vasiliki-kefala is another Greek hating troll like Tedi. All he/she does here is rant about Greeks.

  11. Your comment noted. I see hints in his/her remarks the lack of familiarity with the US. If bashing Greece keeps them happy so be it. Other commentators can enjoy being their foil . So let the Olympic mind games go forth by lighting the Scopian torch with a Bic lighter.

  12. Is this you Dean?? To know so much about the American economy you live in the USA If you do and you hate America and Americans remember we can find your IP. The NRA has a habit of tracing anti-American scum
    As for the U.S it is still the best country in the world why would the Chinese, Arabs and Europeans invest in America? the DOW is at 16,000 today. With all our problems we are still the best for investment and jobs. Unless of course you work in Stockton California. I personally live in Houston and all I see is prosperity and wealth.

  13. Yeah,that seems to be the same Greek Leftist Troll that used to post under the alias “Dean Plassaras”…….pathetic.

  14. No I am not Dean P. If some reason there is a similarity it is purely coincidence. Now if you read the FT or the WSJ you too might learn a little more about the world.

  15. Tedi I know its hard but try to write something remotely intelligent
    These figures are a mere drop in the ocean to the salaries paid to American Politicians, are you saying that American politicians are communists.
    And if you read the article it says nothing about public servants.
    If you had said all the worlds politicians are a waste of money I would agree with you.
    Tedi I know you are not American my friend are from the United States of FYROM

  16. What part of Houston?
    NRA coming to get us hahahahahahaha
    Vas for the love of God do not ever stop taking the Medication they put you on again

  17. It’s very odd that you living in Houston could confuse NSA with NRA. The two are totally different entities. Is Houston become a suburb of Skopje?

  18. You are right I was in a hurry and did not notice my mistake.
    But I do live in Houston I attend Annunciation in Montrose as well as St. Basil on the west side. At this time St. Basil is in the suburbs they have an off the boater as a priest who is part Mexican and does use Spanish in his service. No I do not know where is Skopje. You seem to be obsessed with these Skopje who are they.? I am a Greek American and very proud of that fact. If you ever come to Houston you must go to any Pappas restaurants, the owner is a member of Annunciation and his daughter married at Annunciation.

  19. Sorry I was in a hurry had to feed the grandbaby.
    I actually live in a suburb of Houston.
    I love to come here to read people like you. High school students that have nothing better to do but to tell the world how bad America is and how great Greece is. usually the ones that bash Americans are the ones that failed in America.