12 year-old from Thessaloniki Cooperates with Google

nikos adamTwelve year old Nikos Adam may still be in middle school, but has already drawn the attention of Google executives, due to two applications he has made.

The little boy presented his application concerning cyber attacks, in a programmer event in front of a thousand people, and left everybody speechless.

According to sources, Nikos has built a website with the name “Tech is Game.” He has never been taught computer science, on the contrary he has been reading a lot of books and has been learning things on his own. As a result he can now make technical programs, games and applications, which he uploads on his personal site.

Google company has expressed its interest, and has already got in contact with his parents. Nikos Adam was accidentally discovered by Google, when during the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, Greece, he was visiting the kiosk of Google on a daily basis, and was attending programming seminars.

At the moment the little “programmer” is working on new programs in order to enrich his website. One of them is called “Tech is Social,” which is a new means of social networking site like facebook.

Some other programmes are: “DTD” a security system which protects us from the most common cyber attack, and “MSP,” a system that helps you make a minecraft server in order to play with your friends, just with a click.


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