Five Casinos are Threatened With Closure


Gambling Regulatory Authority, responsible for controling the Casinos’ function, warned five Greek casinos to regulate their expired debts to the Greek state until next Monday or else their operating licenses will be suspended. The casinos of Loutraki, Rio, Corfu, Xanthi and Syros will have to submit memorandums on their expired debts to the Greek state in order to continue their function.

Greece’s Gaming Commission estimates that the five casinos owe the Greek state up to 40 million euros in total, debts that were created over the last two years.

Some of those five casinos have already made arrangements to regulate their debts but have failed to meet the terms of their agreements.

The officials of Greece’s Gaming Commission say, that those casinos that do not pay their debts as they should, gain an unfair advantage at the expense of their competitors that adhere to their obligations (the casinos of Parnitha, Thessaloniki, Porto Karras in Halkidiki, and Rhodes).

Greece’s Gaming Commission made it crystal clear, that casinos that do not meet the commission’s requirements by not arranging their debts to the Greek state, will certainly face closure as their operating license will be suspended.



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