Pangalos Tells Greeks: Flee if SYRIZA Wins

Former Greek Deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos says Greece stopped spying on U.S. Ambassadors because "The Americans figured it out."Outspoken former Greek Deputy Prime Minister Theodoras Pangalos, who served in a PASOK Socialist government from 2009-12 before retiring after his party took a beating in last year’s elections, said if the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) ever come to power that Greeks should fly out of the country on the next plane.

Pangalos, who didn’t mention that many already have fled Greece during a crushing economic crisis while his party serves in a coalition under Prime Minister and New Democracy Conservative leader Antonis Samaras, urged all Greeks to “get on a plane and go” if  SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, who is opposed to austerity measures attached to $325 billion in two bailouts from international lenders becomes Premier.

Samaras has waffled over whether he wants Greece in or out of the Eurozone or whether it should tear up its deal with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) which ordered big pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions and worker firings that PASOK supports in opposition to its stated principles so it can hang on to what little power it has left, critics have said.

Pangalos said SYRIZA would finish the ruination of the country although that’s already been blamed on New Democracy and PASOK for packing public payrolls with hundreds of thousands of needless workers for generations in return for votes, imploding the economy.

“Otherwise, you will suffer the fate that will accompany the election of Mr. Tsipras. Those who can go abroad, I would advise them to do. Straight away. On the night of the elections. Because he will dissolve the county,” he said.

He said he wouldn’t take his own advice though and would stay as he has a comfortable pension and nice life although – perhaps with tongue in cheek for which he is noted – said he would “remain in Greece and endure his fate”.

Without elaborating on what period he means in Greek history, the former minister added, “The Greek people did this before. They will have killed themselves again.”

Pangalos claimed SYRIZA was trying to create “a parallel power” inside the country as the Communists did in Russia in 1917, and mentioned the ongoing strikes at Greek universities and the closing of the state broadcaster ERT and firing of all 2,653 workers, although that was done by Samaras and supported by PASOK chief Evangelos Venizelos, who first opposed it and then went along, for which he was named Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister despite grumblings he had sold out.

Under the New Democracy-PASOK reign, Greece has fallen into a deep six-year recession with record unemployment, poverty, suicide and homelessness although Samaras said he’s carving what he called a “success story” and will lift the country out of despair.


  1. I although I don’t like the Pasok party, I actually like Theodoras Pangalos as a person. When the debt issue broke out he didn’t try to skirt moral responsibility for the spending mistakes of Pasok and ND. He also changed his typical leftist attitude of extreme anti-business rhetoric and constant demands for further government spending. That shows integrity.

  2. Pasok and ND did make mistakes but neither party are extremists like GD and Syriza. Fortunately after Democrats and Republicans destroyed the US economy leading up the great depression, moderate Americans didn’t start voting for fascists and communists to allegedly “clean up the corruption”. Germans and Russians were not so lucky.

  3. Fascist and Communist aren’t even known about in the united states because America basically limits them so much that they are almost non-existint, let alone to be considered at all a political party in the U.S.

    Thats why the U.S. is without question, the best country in the world.

  4. Really, because last time I checked John F. Kennedy and Harry S. Truman were both American Democrats who were against the Soviets during the cold war.

  5. Integrity??? Pangalos ! What a hoot! A self-confessed “we all fed at the trough” (rather obviously evident, don’tcha think!) long -time senior party apparatchik, methinks is rather worried that he and his ilk would probably land up in Korydalos for the rest of his days. And mebbe that should be his Fate! Should SYRIZA gain power, perhaps to kickstart the economy, a number of new jails need to be built!

  6. GD are extreme but given your own demagoguery against Greeks, you aren’t credible as being against racism.You, like teditusa, are just an unprincipled extreme nationalist here to push your own agenda.

  7. Your point works against you. His admission is an act of integrity.

    I’m not saying I would vote the guy. I’m just saying the guy is man enough to realize he made a mistake . (unlike all the former Pasok voters that now support Syriza that seemingly wish to continue to the same “eating at the trough” mistakes)

  8. Tsipiras;s loyalties are to communism not Hellenism. He is more interested in backing illegal immigrants (who all support Syriza) and betraying us to Skopians (see Greek civil war) to show his foreign comrades what a great communist he is.

    His promises to spend money are based on lies to foolish populists to gain polical power. Where is he going to get the money from? His arse? There clearly is no major new money to spend. Anyonr that claims otherwise is an irresponsible incompetent liar.

    Sometimes I wish Syriza would get elected so the idiots that support him could see he’s a populists full of crap as the last leftist they voted that assured them there is more money (papandreou). If we want to fix our country it must come through private sector.That’s the truth. If someone wants to hear communist BS promises, vote for Tsipiras.

  9. I’m not so sure about us Americans… what about the Tea Party Republicans that got voted into Congress in 2010 and then proceeded to block any and all legislation and refused any bipartisanship?

  10. A mistake??? Over 30 years in power,(and he was a key player in most of them!) and he’s just figured clientellism, nepotism etc. etc. was not for the greater good of Greece! Gimme a break! He would still be eating at the trough had the balloon not gone up! A Damascus moment indeed!.
    Had you read my comment you will have seen that I prefaced the comment with ‘should SYRIZA gain power’ It was no endorsement.

  11. This guy? I recommend all greeks listen to him speak and realize that hes a greek-german and obviously pro-euro slavery

  12. Yeah, and how many decades ago was that? Lol Democrats were also supporting the KKK at one point.