Amendment of DIMAR in Favor of Homosexual Couples


Dimokratiki Aristera (DIMAR), submitted an amendment to Parliament, which brings changes in Law 3719/2008 regarding the cohabitation agreement aimed to stop the discrimination against couples of the same-sex.

This initiative of DIMAR came after the conviction of Greece by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for excluding homosexuals from the cohabitation agreement.

DIMAR, underlines that Article 4 of the Constitution stated that all Greeks are equal before the law and adds that “as the National Commission of Human Rights has emphasized, the exclusion of the cohabitation agreement of same-sex couples is discriminatory against them. At the same time, sexual orientation is now explicitly included on an international level in the prohibited types of discrimination and the Greek legislation has included it in various statutes i.e. Law 1414/1984, N.2910/2001, Law 33054/2005.”

The amendment was submitted in the draft law of the Ministry of Justice “Ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the General Assembly of the United Nations.”


  1. A few decades ago, genius Alan Turing.. .who was a key contributor to modern computers… ended his own life because British society at the time persecuted homosexuals. Not only was this cruel to Turing but it hurt everyone (imagine how many more things Turing could have accomplished)

    On the other hand, theoretically speaking, if there was a simple cure to homosexuality, any homosexual that preferred non-treatment would be irrational. They would be essentially saying they preferred sex more than the primary purpose of sex (i.e. continuation of our species). Its “cool” to defend homosexuality as “normal” these days (typically leftists). However, as politically incorrect as it may be to say , homosexuality is not normal. Without procreation there would be no human life on this planet. Homosexuality is clearly a biological aberration.

    As it stands though, there is currently no known cure for homosexuality so it certainly follows that someone shouldn’t be disrespected purely for their sexual preference. The people that typically claim to oppose homosexuals for “family values” are motivated by chauvinism not ethics.

    Had ethics been their concern they would notice homosexuals didn’t ask to be homosexuals. There are biological reasons why they feel that way. So there is no moral or intellectual justification to prevent them from marrying or even adopting children. Oppressing or ridiculing gay people because of the cards life dealt them is inhumane (akin to hurting claiming someone born mentally ill, or missing a leg or having any other affliction). They should have the freedom to have a family like everyone else.

  2. It’ll send Greece back to its roots.
    After all they claim to be related to the ancient Greeks. They invented this shtuff. I think we should make Lesbos the capital of the rainbow.

  3. We do not only claim. We are related to ancient Greeks. (linguistically, culturally, geographically and even biologically). It;s sad petty bigots like you seem to have some sort of ethnic insecurity complex over it.

    You’re both a homephobe and racist. What a lovely combination.

  4. GD anti-homosexual stances is a perfect example how Golden Dawn represent a corruption of patriotism and hellenism built on chauvinism rather than facts. Nazis were anti-homosexuals. Ancient Hellenes on the other hand were very tolerant to homosexuality (including ancient Spartans). Any Greek concerned with Hellenism wouldn’t be anti-homosexual.

  5. Ancient greeks were tolerant of pederasty and pedophilia (but also infant murder and slavery), a great model to follow!

  6. Following this logic, pedophilia is ok because pedophiles didnt choose to be that way !

  7. I honestly think that if we want to show the world that we are really related to ancient Greeks, we should promote pederasty and pedophilia.
    Pederasty is the way to go for the post-crisis Greece. The new new Greece.

  8. “homosexuality is not normal. Without procreation there would be no human life on this planet. Homosexuality is clearly a biological aberration”

    Then please explain the giraffe. Gay giraffes are in the majority. 90% of all penetrative mountings are male on male, and no they are not a means of establishing dominance as dominant stronger males often seek out a bit of “action” that would seemingly counteract their dominance.

  9. Granted ancient Greeks made mistakes. Even Aristole’s who brilliantly tied to define physics and logic, many false claims. (e.g. His conceptualization of what he perceived as “elements” was actually closer to describing states of matter. He believed that the planets revolved around the earth. etc.)

    That said, one need not clone ancient Greeks but it is largely irrational not to consider ancient Greeks views on ethics and science. In fact in practice even non-Greeks today model their society’s in large part drawing from ancient Greeks (especially in the form of the Greek educational template of physics, philosophy, mathematics, biology, etc.. etc..).. This is why Greece is generally considered the birthplace of western civilization by academics (even if some people have some sort of petty insecurity complex over ancient history)

    Analogizing pedophilia to homosexuality is intellectually dishonest. Children lack experience and knowledge. On the other hand, a homosexual adult has this little thing known as freedom.

    I would also point out, after centuries of persecuting homosexuals, most of the world accepts homosexual behavior as a right to today (i.e. ancient Greeks were right on that one) Any Greek that is strongly against homosexuality doesn’t their Hellenism.

  10. I think if we want to show we are related to ancient Greeks, more Greeks need to start behaving more like Greeks. A is A as Aristotle would say.

    This doesn’t mean we should perpetually copy everything ancient Greeks did or believed but it does mean we should mimic the rational things they said. For those that do not care about Hellenism, no one is stopping them from calling themselves something other than Greek.

  11. If someone is born with no hands… do we moralize to them how they are terrible people for having no hands? If someone is born blind… do we beat them up or being blind?

    Being straight. I am repulsed by homosexual sex but this is not the case for homosexuals. They have sexual urges which they can’t control. There is no moralizing them out of biologically based urges.

    While pedophilia also seems to have biological roots the posters that analogizing the two concepts as nearly identity gloss over two major points. The fact children are children. The fact adults are supposed to be free.

    We prevent children from driving, drinking, and all sorts of other activities only because their reasoning skills and knowledge is limited due to their inexperience.This is why we oppose sexuality in children. They aren’t really making the choice to participate. Pedophiles need to accept this even though it conflicts with their urges.

    Adult homosexuals on the other hand, have a right to make their own choices just like everyone else. (as long as its with another adult homosexual). To accept otherwise, is to spit not only on homosexuals but on the very concept of freedom.

    As adults, its not of our business who they want to f-ck.

  12. It’s a Greek thing man. They always miss the point and never respond to an argument.
    Instead they’ll just say something completely unrelated and outside the scope of the argument .
    Alternatively, you’ll notice that quite frequently thay have the order reversed – wrong.