Greece’s National Anthem Copyrights Belongs to a Private Company?

ethnikos_ymnosThe Greek national anthem became a victim of political and online commercialization. The deputies of Independent Greeks, Ioannis Dimaras and Terens Kouik announced that whoever uses the national anthem in online platforms, must pay to a private company holding copyrights of the Greek national anthem.

The Culture Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos noted that the national anthem has a symbolic character and cultural value to every Greek, assuring that all necessary measures have been taken to fully protect the national anthem.

Panagiotopoulos declared “there is an attempt to make political use of the national anthem but it is not simply a national creation. It is the soul of the nation. It is our national identity and belongs only to Greeks,” adding that “we have already intervened on this issue and online platforms have recognized and admitted their fault.”

He pledged that by the end of the year an Organization of Copyrights Protection will be set up.

The plenary of the Parliament voted for the draft resolution of the Ministry of Culture which provides integration of community directives on copyright and related rights.

The Ministry of Culture has also notified UNESCO of this issue.


  1. I saved it in my USB so I can used it when I want…What else they will charge us for???

  2. Most things are copyrighted these days. By someone or another. “Happy Birthday” is copyrighted and can be an excruciatingly costly thing to have in a film. Copyrighting is an extremely complex area of law… this is what I understand so far… I don’t think there is a conspiracy against the Greek National Anthem in particular… “Most anthems are in the public domain due to the age of the song/lyrics or by legislation making national symbols copyright-free, however, individual composers can still arrange a national anthem and record it, and the recording of their arrangement is under copyright protection. Several countries also forbid parody versions of the national anthem. Copyrighted performances may be performed for non-profit educational purposes under “fair use” (or fair dealing), but for clear answers on your particular situation, it is best to consult a copyright lawyer in your own country”

    δεν ξερετε ποιος εχει τα δικαιοματα του Ελληνικου Εθνηκου Υμνου, ειναι κι’αυτος πουλημενος γι’αυτο δεν θελουν να ακουγετε ταχτηκα διοτη η ιδιοκτητρια πρεπη να πληρωνετε σε καθε ακουσμα του εθνηκου μας υμνου, ποιοι τον πουλησαν???? ψαξτε και θα το βρητε αν δεν το ξερετε ακομη,
    γι’αυτο ο μπουταρης και οι μεγαλοι λενε οχι στον εθνηκο υμνο γιατι θα πληρωσουν ποσοστα στη γιαπονια, μηπος εμηνε και τηποτε ελληνικο? Μονο το ονμα ελλαδα κι’αυτο αν κανης το αναφερει ησως να πληρωνει σε καποιον γιατι το εκανε ετικιετα

  4. Still better than turkey or syria.
    Heck – it’s better to own it a Japanese company than a Greek one.

  5. I agree too. These incapable parasites that today we call Greeks, are good at only one thing – Break things.
    3 times in history the pseudo Greeks dropped the ball.
    1 With the Persians, where we had to step in.
    2 With the Ottomans – where we again had to step in too.
    3 With the Germans, EU and Russians – this time they’re on their own. Everytime we save them, they attack us. The last time we saved their skin during the Greek Revolution in 1821, they result was a persecution of the Arvanitas in Greece.
    One of the founding pillars of modern Greece – the greek government and the patriarch bans the Arvanitas Language and education.
    Shamelessly they even call Arvanitas customs, costumes and songs as Greek. Now the suckers claim that if an African speaks greek and knows the so called greek culture, is actually greek. Wtf?