The Greek Merchant Fleet is “Sinking”

ship ownersAccording to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the merchant vessels that are registered at the Greek merchant navy hardly reach the number of 1,909. This number shows that there was a loss in the power of the Greek merchant navy by 2.7 percent within the last year.

The decrease that the Greek merchant navy suffered was smaller concerning last year’s percentage of loss. For the period 2011-2012 the percentage of the decrease was 3 percent, while for the period 2012-2013 was 2.7.

In addition, ELSTAT reports show that Greek vessels (vessels of 100 or more register tons) can store up to 44,241,594 register tons in total. That means that the storage capacity of the Greek vessels has increased by 0.6 percent for the period 2012-2013.


  1. Socialism weakens the fabric of society to a point of no return. Greece once a great proud nation, now parasitic.

  2. The article is essentially saying that this sector is increasing capacity and needing to consume less at the same time. Imagine spending 1 euro, and you get back 2. But now, you spend .95, and you get 2.05.
    Summarizing the article, “We had a net 2.6% reduction in boats, but a net increase capacity of .6%”.

  3. As a Greek, I agree with you. Sadly too many Greeks believe they are owed money by the government. They self-righteously “demand” money from others but when it comes time to pull money out of their own pocket they don’t want to pay . When it comes time to producing something themselves and others… they are too busy pointing fingers at actual producers and blaming them for their own personal economic problems.

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  6. They are simply reducing their fleet size but increasing capacity of each vessel as cost of sea transports fluctuate drastically and this is to maximize their efficiency and profits. But true is the fact that a lot of Greek ship owners have their ships register under a different flag (mostly Cyprus) and their operation offices are located mostly in London, and NYC.