Greek Singer, Sfakianakis: “Golden Dawn Will Save Greece”

sfakianakisThe famous Greek singer, Notis Sfakianakis in an interview with a TV show, talked about his career, his relations with other singers and politics. Sfakianakis has been accused several times for supporting  the Neo-nazi party “Golden Dawn.” The singer responding to these accusations, saying that he has every right to express his opinion in public as he is a political being and an active citizen.

Referring to Golden Dawn, the singer said it is not a fascist party and that the government didn’t have the right to imprison the president of the party. After these statements the journalist said that people will once again accuse him for supporting Golden Dawn. “Everyone must support Golden Dawn. It is the only party that can properly govern Greece.” he added.

The Greek singer also also attacked the current Greek government saying that it can’t rule the country, while he was particularly poignant with the Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis. “The Health Minister can’t achieve anything” he said, expressing his total opposition to the methods that Georgiadis uses for the reform of the national healthcare system.

Sfakianakis harshly criticized the journalists and denounced the media system for promoting specific artists. He advised his fans not to listen to the radio because everything is set up by record companies.


  1. Last I checked, the real Greeks are white. I know of no Turkish Greeks, no Albanian Greeks, no Gypsy Greeks, no African Greeks…do you? Greek is more than a name, Hellenism wouldn’t have thrived anywhere but in a white Greece. If it were black like Africa, they would have developed like the Nubians or Zulu warriors. Race is a very important aspect that drives the culture of a nation.

    You are silly and deluded if you believe otherwise.

  2. When your home is burning down around you, you don’t fight the fire by pouring tea from teacups on it. You take out the firehose and attack the source of the flames until the house is saved.

    Golden Dawn wouldn’t need to exist had Greece not been misled, bamboozled, hoodwinked and lefthooked into pauperism. Golden Dawn, even with the provocations against the Greek people, act firmly within the law. Otherwise, they would have been crushed outright–not by the Samaras (same as he ever was) government–but by the Greek people themselves.

    Golden Dawn are the ONLY honest party out there, and even their enemies realize this because they are the ONLY party that is singled out by the Samaras (same as he ever was) government; to me, this indicates that Golden Dawn is the ONLY true voice, and it has ALWAYS been this way.

  3. NATIONAL socialism…a healthy form of socialism…not the international flavor of communism, with no regard for the needs and desires of the peoples of the world.

  4. I went to Amazon and shelled out a sawbuck or two to support this man and his work, never having heard a word of his music. I do what I can, sending money to NY to help Greece, as well. I am a nobody, but I do what I can for brave men willing to stick their necks on the line, like this brave man has done.

    He could vomit on the microphone all day and I’d support him. Hell, some “Greeks” actually paid money to hear a nominal Greek by the name of Favlos Pissass vomit on the microphone, this guy is likely far better than that!

  5. They’re not trying to win YOU over. They’re holding the banner of Greece, and you have the option to join or get out of the way. Thats basically what it is about. The foreign invaders wouldn’t have to worry about anything in Greece if they would simply go back to where they aren’t (apparently) wanted…their homeland.

    Why should the Greeks put up with pushy invaders telling the Greek people how to live, what to do? Why should the Greek people have to endure the rape of their daughters and the beating of their old women at the hands of these invaders? Why should the Greek people endure being put second-class to these–as the Israelis call them–interlopers?

    Even with the small reaction from patriots, these foreign invaders still stay. Why? Because they got it better in Greece even at the worst than they could have it in their own homelands. What does this say? This tells a THINKING MAN that these fools know where they got it good and prefer to parasitize Greece.

    They’re not needed, not wanted, and not appreciated in Greece. Get out. Fast.

  6. If they would simply leave Greece and make Aliyah, they wouldn’t have to be concerned about what happens in Greece–a sovereign nation, last I checked.

    Maybe they should be more concerned with how they have murdered millions of Palestinians and Arabs over the years to maintain their bandit state.

  7. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and stinks like a duck–it’s a duck. I don’t care if it’s a false flag op, all tentacles of the world destroyers lead to one place.

  8. ” A slanderous liar has no moral or intellectual credibility to be lecturing others on ethics.”

    That about sums up the majority of scum in power in Greece currently. Thanks.

  9. My Fellow Greeks: The anti-semitism being displayed in posts here is not only offensive, it is a contradiction of who we are as Greeks. Greeks and Jews lived peacefully as friends and neighbors in Greece for thousands of years and more so when Greece welcomed the Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain, Portugal and Italy. During the World War II, Greek Jews fought courageously for Greece throughout the conflict. Col. Mordechai Frizis, a Jew, led the Greek forces that repelled the Italian Army. Prominent Greek leaders (Bishop Damaskinos and Carre, the mayor of Zakynthos) prevented many Jews from reaching the gas chambers as did many average Greeks who hid and fed their Jewish neighbors. When Zakynthos was devastated by the 1953 earthquake, the first relief came from Israel with a note of remembrance and appreciation from the Jews saved by the Greek leaders and people of the island. I could go on, but I think you get my point. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THE TYPE OF COMMENTS I AM READING HERE.

  10. I just read through their policies, and your right. If these guys were in charge of Greece then she would finished…

  11. People complain that the NeoNazis are evil and want Greece for White people. Problem is the Greeks are White, so how is this evil?
    Golden Dawn wants what is best for the Greek people. The current government wants what is best for foreigners. The Greek people show greater support for a party that the current governments wants to ban.
    When your government bans democracy you live in Tyranny.
    Either the Golden Dawn will restore hope to Greece or Democracy in the Hellenic world will die along with their culture.

  12. Actually, the Golden Dawn are anti-Democratic to begin with so everything you just said was pure ignorance. No offence…

  13. He is a Northern European Neo-Nazi that heard about the Golden Dawn on the internet actually.

  14. Israel wont need Europe or the US eventually, soon they will need us. We have already developed the most advanced military in the world.

  15. “Democracy” according to jews:

    “Following the murder by a Golden Dawn member of political activist and rapper Pavlos Fyssas, Greece’s Council of Jewish Communities to bring forth legislation to ban racist and anti-semitic groupings and prevent them standing in democratic elections.

    Everyone got that? Everyone is free to run in elections AS LONG as you’re pro-jew, anti-white, against your own culture and people, pro-immigrant and pro-multiculturalism. Otherwise, you’re not. And jews have the right to decide this for each and every country, even if it’s not their own countries.. They have the right to rule over each and every people.

    In short: Don’t even use the word “democratic”, kike.

  16. Actually all of Europe and the US and Israel AND TURKEY would rain on Greece if they were taking over by Nazis. France, Germany, and England are not just going to sit their while Nazis attack Albania and Macedonia.

  17. We would not want Europeans to be whipped out, for the last thing we need is more radical Islamist to the North to act out on their hostile, and anti-Semitic beliefs.

  18. Its hard to take you seriously considering the fact that you hypocritically have genocidal fantasies towards all non-whites including all Arabs, Jews, Africans, and Asians alike.
    If Europeans are a superior race, then there shouldn’t be any non-Europeans.

  19. Gaza is loaded with terrorist who tactically attempt to go incognito by intentionally hiding amongst a civilian populating. Therefore, civilian casualties and public damages are common and a fault of the terrorist, not the Israeli military.

  20. Not racist, not anti-Greek, just against Golden Dawn. I apologize for my previous post that seemed anti-Greek but these were directed against the Golden Dawn and their supporters. Not Greeks in general.

  21. More like everyone is free to run in elections as long if they aren’t Nazis. Sounds good!

  22. Massacred millions of people? How could I remember when I’m only in my 20s? I wasn’t even there. There has to be facts and documents that they murdered millions of people, and I haven’t found any, heck, they only people who ever give me REAL documents ARE revisionists.

    True believers only give me pictures of bodies and cropped images, pictures of dead bodies don’t prove murder, imagine if murder cases worked like that and all of the time? It would be moronic.

    You do realize at the time of WW2, Greece was led by a Nationalist and aspiring Fascist? Ioannis Metaxas adopted many Italian Fascist ideas. He even adopted the Roman Salute like Italy and Germany. Seriously, you need to look into the history of your country a bit more.

    Liberal Democracy is far more treasonous to Greece than Fascism is and that’s a fact.(Fascism allows a minimal amount of democracy with votes or lots, not everyone gets a say, though, kind of like how, uh, idk, Athens USED to do it? 🙂 )

    Nazis hardly murdered anyone compared to Allied soldiers, and when they did it was stand-alone nut-job soldiers high on drugs, not by orders from above.

  23. Begin never made the statements above as attributed to him by Kapeliouk. A statement he DID make about beasts and animals was in reference to Palestinian terrorists killing innocent children. You are entitled to your opinion, but do a little research before you post untrue information here.

  24. And none of your buddies have come to up-vote you, so you are isolated and alone… Moron. Obviously we’ve got more friends here than you.

  25. Actually whites are not Superior. Israel will be stronger than all of Europe combined some day…

  26. I’m Greek and am only concerned with the Greek people. Why would I care what the Jews say and do? They have absolutely nothing to do with Greece except for the 5000 of them in Thessaloniki that have absolutely no influence on any matters concerning us Greeks.

  27. Read it again.

    Galatians 3:26-29
    For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise.

  28. Well, most Greeks do. And in Greece, majority rules. Thus, as much as I respect your belief, you are in the minority.

  29. Built on the back of America. Can’t you people ever do anything for yourselves? You’ve been complaining about 6 million Jews Starving/dying in Europe within newspaper articles since 1909. Israel would drop dead the moment America refuses to send aid to it. Lol You and your very few buddies here claim Greece is insignificant, at least we know Greece can be independent unlike Israel.

  30. Don’t talk with idiots because they will drag you down to their level. MsMiles is pathetic.

  31. Thank you for the advice but I think it’s important to talk with Greeks on these matters because they need to realise Golden Dawn is Nazi and not the so-called saviour of Greece.

    May I ask, why is a Jew such as yourself so concerned with Greece anyhow?

  32. That guy is not Greek, he is a Northern European Neo-Nazi.
    I am here because I feel that it is important to talk all these Northern Neo-Nazis and American Neo-Nazis about not being racist.


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