tradeNOW: Internetic Trade Platform


In a time that the market is in need of liquidity, trading without any monetary limitation is the answer to the non-profitable enterprises. With the slogan “Trade – win,” the first automatic barter platform tradeNow has been created. The traditional–but nonetheless forgotten–rules of supply and demand are the dominant facts in this platform. As Yiannis Deligiannis, the general director of tradeNOW, says  “there are no limits in what someone can trade. The only limit is your imagination.”

According to Yiannis Deligiannis the biggest challenge for tradeNOW is to establish this form of transaction.  With this way, the enterprises “dispose” of their commercial staff on the market, as they could not sell it otherwise due to the economic crisis.

The website of tradeNow was uploaded last January and today it already has 11,000 registered members, more than 200 enterprises and 400 trades. The total amount from the transactions reaches 30,000 euros. The products/services, which the platform provides, is worth more than one million euros, without estimating the estates’ value. The estates’ value is estimated approximately at 64 million euros in total.


  1. Good info and all, but how are the greeks supposed to fund their trading accounts? Can underweare be used as a funding currency, or falafels are a better choice? We can throw some garlic too, as mr. polycrates suggested.

  2. There are plenty of these websites in the internet offering the same services…Nothing new…


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