German Press on Samaras-Merkel Meeting

Greek Premier Antonis Samaras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Greek Premier Antonis Samaras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

There are various reactions coming from the German Press in regards to the meeting between Antonis Samaras and Angela Merkel. The comments floating around about Greece’s progress range from very positive to negative.

The Die Welt reported the warm words of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the progress that Greece achieved in the last months. The article also hosted the declarations of the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras that there will be no new cuts on the wages and the pensions. The newspaper’s website has an article about the unemployment which is a plague in Greece, and points out that it’s hard to achieve the goals for reducing the debt.

The newspaper Handelsblatt, points out Antonis Samaras statement — that they will not impose new austerity measures. The newspaper also noted that the two leaders talked about a possible reduction of the Greek debt in spring, if Greece has met its obligations by then. Furthermore, Angela Merkel said that Germany will support Antonis Samaras during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from January.

The title of an English article in Deutsche Welle, is “Merkel commends Greece’s effort during her meeting with Samaras.” In addition, the article refers to what they said during the Press Conference, which took place after their meeting. The article says that the two leaders focused only on the positive side, while the European displeasure for the Budget of 2014 is intense.

Finally, Focus has a critical article entitled: “Why Do Greeks Always Count Differently than their Lenders?” According to this article, Samaras visit is not positive, and supports the continuing effort of Greece to cheat its lenders.


  1. We shouldn’t call Germans “Vermin”. Granted their are some Germans that are anti-Greek populist d-cks (see bild) but we have our Golden Dawn (soon to be Golden Sunset)

    As a country German are trying their best to help us clean up a mess that we ourselves created. We can certainly blame German for the atrocities they committed during WW2. It is dishonorable to blame them for our mistakes today. We each have to take moral responsibility for our own national screwups.

  2. Yes, the Germans are helping us to clean this massive mess our corrupt pliticians created…Unfortunately, some Greeks are not thankfull and not helping to ease the situation…

  3. Absolutely right. I completely agree some Greeks unfairly demonize Germans for their assistance but by the same token I think we have to move away from solely blaming only a few corrupt government officials for our all our economic ills.

    We agree, to solve problems it takes more than trying to shift blame to others to absolve oneself of moral responsibility. One has to get to the root of the problem in an honest fashion or the problems won’t be addressed.

    The fact is our government could be perfectly efficient and we would still have major economic problems because:

    1. Not the majority but many Greeks are indeed tax evaders. It is very difficult for any government to catch people who consciously hide income paid in cash. It is not the government’s fault so many Greeks behave like this. It the fault the unpatriotic crooks that steal from their own countrymen. It;s not only some super rich people that behave like this as leftist populists irresponsibly claim. The vast vast majority of the crooks are actually to be found in middle and lower class.

    2. Many Greeks consciously cheat the government and/or overly depend on state. (e.g. people that collect money from the state for dead relatives, people that demand the government provide them cushy jobs rather than show initiative to create their own jobs)

    3. Many Greeks are irrationally against the very business that produces wealth. How many more riots/strikes do we need before Greeks wake up to the fact that many of the people that self-righteously claim to be against corruption and want to fix our economy — are the exact same people that are burdening our economy.

    4. Sadly even many of the Greeks that are pro-business irrationally focus too much on low skilled/low paying tourist and agriculture jobs (rather than say technology). The laws of supply and demand do not change because of their irrational life choices or moral theories that they deserve to be paid more money.

    Unless we change the above mentality, from a country standpoint, we will remain an economic backwater.