Greece’s Prime Minister Vows: Greece Will Never Leave The Eurozone

Samaras_BerninGreece’s Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, vowed Saturday that his country will never leave the Eurozone.
“What we’re living through now is a Greek recovery,” Samaras said at an economic conference organized by German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung in Berlin. “So, I think ‘Grexit’ is an obsolete word I never want to hear again.”

“It will never happen,” he stressed before promising that his country will not need a third fiscal aid programme from its Eurozone peers. By meeting the goal of a primary budget surplus this year, Greece will be eligible to additional help under the current program, he argued.

“The existing programme stipulates that if Greece were to reach a primary surplus … the Eurogroup will then look at ways of dealing with helping the Greek debt problem,” the prime minister explained.

“So, I think this is enough,” he reckoned. “We don’t need something else. We don’t need another programme. We just have to stick by this programme.”

Samaras praised his country for having undertaken “a spectacular comeback” nobody believed was possible.

“The recession is over, the recovery is about to begin,” he reckoned. “It might be a weak recovery indeed but it is still a recovery.”

Samaras, conceded that his government still had a lot of ground to cover but ruled out the need for a third loan agreement with international creditors. “Many regarded Greece as a lost case,” Samaras told the same conference. “Now more and more people are referring to a spectacular comeback.”
“We have not put on the automatic pilot,” he said.

He conceded that the latest round of negotiations with the troika has been difficult but said his government’s aim was to reach a deal by the end of the year “so that we can move very quickly to the next stage.”

Asked at the conference in Berlin whether his government had the political capital to stay in power, Samaras said the coalition between conservative New Democracy and socialist PASOK was “stable” and “united in pursuing Greece’s European course.”
(source: MNI)


  1. I support Samaras but he;’s wrong to suggest we shouldn’t be seriously considering leaving the Eurozone (and NATO). Many of our alleged allies appear to be racist towards Greeks.

    Putting aside the extreme anti-greek rhetoric these last few years, they have clearly betrayed us to the Skopians. Well many Greeks are in self-denial about this, it does not change the fact they all dishonestly pretend not to notice (or try to whitewash) the Skopain’s blatently obvious identity transformation into descendents of ancient Macedonians (to hide their embarrassment for recognizing them as “Macedonians”). This would including (quite shockingly) alleged human rights groups like Amnesty International and HRW who at least when it comes to Greeks appear far more interested in protecting their iegps rather than the human rights they claim to support.

    1. If we left the EU we would no longer be of interest to illegal immigrants (since their real reason for coming to Greece is to get into the EU)

    2. If we left NATO it would open our doors to military alliance with Russia or China. While some might argue they won’t help us , they certainly can be no worse than current fake “allies”… some of whom appear to be trying to ethnically delete Greeks.

    It is unlikely modern British like David Cameron, of the former Roman Province of Britannia, would have been so quick to “recognize” Western France as “England” if they claimed to be the “real” English, claimed their language as “English”, while encouraging their citizens to see 1/3 of the UK as “British occupied England”.

  2. Current British PM David Cameron (our alleged ally) is one of the unprincipled bigots that not only pretends not to know the British government used to military support us on this issue but is so incredibly patronizing and dishonest he pretends not to to notice the former Yugoslavians changing context of Macedonian to mean “descendents of ancient Macedonian” (and how they use that to insince Macedonia Greece is occupeid)

    Although FYROM’s supporters don’t say it aloud, their actions indicate they are racist towards Greeks. They are literally trying to ethnically delete Greeks.

  3. Words of Mr. Principles David Cameron. (current PM of the former Roman Province of Britannia) There words are from 2003 — back when Skopians were still assuring foreign diplomats that they weren’t claiming to be related to ancient Macedonians (to manipulate greek hating patronizing morons like Cameron into supporting therm) .

    “Yet as far as I could see, the country – and I am determined to call it Macedonia – has a perfect right to exist. The population is overwhelmingly Macedonian, with a distinctive language, culture and history. It is poorer than some of the other old Yugoslav republics, but considerably richer than Albania. The people are civilised, friendly and highly educated. Even my tour guide had an MBA.

    It is always difficult to know how to answer the question: “What will you do to help us?” But on this occasion, I had the answer. From now on I will call our esteemed EU partner “the former Ottoman possession of Greece (Fopog).”


  4. Another minor detail David Cameron of the former Roman Province of Britannia glosses over..

    “It is no wonder that, in matters of politics in the Balkans, Greece feels misunderstood. It cannot understand why, after it stood alone with the United Kingdom against the forces of fascism between 28 October 1940–Ohi day, as it is still called–and 27 April 1941, when Athens finally fell, its former allies now appear to be taking the part of forces against which it stood, especially when, after the second world war, it endured those further four years of civil war to hold the line against the communist advance to the Aegean. That was done for the United States and for the United Kingdom especially–the world powers of the time–and those Governments objected, in 1944, to Tito’s change of the name of Vardar Banovina.” – Edward
    O’Hara, House of Commons Hansard Debates for 9 May 1995

    Or how about his gem?

    “In the 1990s,Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946,spoken by less than two million people, and with a very slender literature. They are members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a socialist political regime in 1968.They are heirs to a 1903 revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as being BULGARIAN.
    – “The history of the Balkan Peninsula” Ferdinand Schevill page 432

    With “allies” like David Cameron, who needs enemies? Of what use is an EU (or NATO) when some of its members attempt to ethnically erase its own members?

  5. Antonis never say never and never say always. As to leaving the Eurozone that is a matter if Greece is asked to leave or is thrown out.

  6. There is no mechanism to throw out EU members. The only way a member can leave is if they choose to leave.

    I for one am getting “losing patience” with alleged friends that look the other way with FYROM.

  7. If it doesn’t markedly improve soon beyond the press releases for public consumption most assuredly there will be a way.

  8. And he’s telling the truth, they won’t let you leave, even if everyone in the country was to be against it.

  9. Unlikely. It would create a method for states to lobby against one another’s expulsion Such a hemlock mechanism would only further fragment EU cohesion. (precisely why it doesn’t exist). The real choice as to whether any state stays or goes is in the hand of the state in question.

    While I like Samaras but for the first time I have strong reservations about the EU/NATO. The purpose of these organizations is to streigthen ties and improve our economies. Currently both organizations seems to have members that are trying to do the exact opposite to us.

    This would include unprincipled Americans and modern British that disrespectfully lobby behind our backs for the Skopians… (the same Skopians they once militarily supported us from and claimed no such ethnic group exists)

  10. How are we going to remain in the Euro zone without money, without economy and without investment??? The country is bankrupt relying on handouts from the EU when his government is not doing enough to change this corrupt system which caused this massive crisis…When we will see any changes???

  11. Samara, Yes we would love to remain in the EU but 1st eliminate corruption within your government, implement changes required by the EU and bring political stability to the country…

  12. Actions speak louder than words. Samaras was against the bailout before he became PM. His reversal mirrors President Obama’s flip flops before and after he became president. There are no guarantees Samaras can give to back up his statement and unfortunately no consequences for him if he is wrong. As for organizations like the EU and NATO they tend to begin with a noble cause and gradually degenerate into bureaucracies seeking greater and more intrusive roles to justify their existence. Like regulations for milk, both organizations are well past their expiration date.

  13. What’s with the obsession with “skopians?? Nobody in the world knows who they are or cares. Nobody in the Greek American community cares about Macedonia. Give it up son NOBODY cares about your obsession with the “skopians”

  14. We will see changes when enough Greeks stop blaming the government for their personal economic problems and start improving their own lot in life.

  15. Claiming that no one in Greek American community cares is a lie.. If you were Greek you would know why Greeks care about Skopians.

  16. His reversal on austarity, ,much like Pasok, was a sign of political maturity. Its the Greeks that self-righteously rant about austarity that are immature populists (like communist Syriza).

    I agree with you both the EU and NATO are starting to turn into a negative. Both ideas were supposed to be a band of friends that work together for common interests. Neither were intended to be a superstate that attempts to ethnically delete its members.

  17. “Spectacular comeback” ? Unless I was in another planet and just got back, can you explain to me spectacular comeback Mr.Samaras? Unemployment is at a staggering 27% and rising to est 35% while youth is at an alarming 65% and the Universities are closed. No higher education at moment.
    why would Greece exit the euro when the corruption being fed by the EU IMF continues? Which useless politician in their right mind receiving anywhere from 6000 to 10000 euros a month would want to exit and declare bankruptcy? None. They might be useless and corrupt in every sense of the word but they sure are not DUMB. They are very clever. LAMOGIA- thieves and crooks.
    Mr.Samaras, although cheerleading and trying to pick up some enthusiasm for the good might be okay, Greece is on life support in a COMA state. Please get off any drug you might be smoking because it is killing your brain cells and altering your thought process.

  18. To any actually Greeks on this webssite.

    Vasiliki-kefala iun a prior post he/she asked what is a “Skopian”. I don’t know if he/she is a false flag, assimilated “American” or a pseudo-Greek that has no clue whats going on in Greece but in either case I advise against listening to a word this incompetent patronizing buffoon has to say.

  19. Samaras has implemented or started on most of the changes asked by EU under his watch (as witnessed by the fact Greece is close to a primary surplus after over a decade of extreme overspending). Even coalition member Pasok had the maturity to understand cuts were absolutely necessary (i.e. not a choice.)

    Unfortunately our government fighting extremists in our own country. I am ashamed to say a fair chunk of Greeks today are irrational fanatics that shamelessly depend heavily on the government. They were and are irresponsibly against austerity (which only represents an honest and absolutely necessary effort to finally balance budgets). They complain about without explaining where the money to continue to subsidize their lavish government spending programs would come from.

    They constantly riot and/or strike every time we try to make government cuts (which amounts to extortion) rather focusing on their own actions of trying to produce something so at least they aren’t a burden to other taxpaying Greeks. Communists and anarchists in particular like to stir up fake moral outrage in our unions (who then go out to protest for what they manipulatively frame as “democracy” but is really just about trying to save their own jobs and pay)

    Rather than consider what they are personally doing to help themselves and Greece, too many Greeks are sitting on their hands waiting for our government to “save” them. It is that precise mentality of over dependence on the state which created our debt mess to begin with.

    Political stability and true economic improvement will only happen when enough Greeks stop waiting for a handful of government politicians to fix their lives and start fixing their own lives. If every Greek did their part, we would be out of debt in short order, and our economy would be booming.

  20. At this point it is useless for Greece to leave the EZ.Greece owes the EZ 430 billion euros and will be made to repay them WHITIN in the euro.Outside of the euro they never will and they can’t be forced either.

  21. Maybe to some it is political maturity but to many others after the past year it’s perceived as political opportunism. No party is without guilt all playing to the audience’s ear instead of “doing” what must be done.

  22. Based on the past five years of austerity and the resultant proof it has been a failed experiment, how do you propose Greece retires it’s debt? Or do you think Greece “has turned the corner” with “the light at the end of the tunnel” for a sustainable recovery?

  23. Dean Plassaras ,are you trolling everyone on this thread?I am amazed that you have not been banned by the moderators on this website yet for constantly trolling readers,harassing them for expressing opinions related to the articles and engaging in hateful personal attacks against people of any nationality that dare to be critical of how recklessly Greece spends their hard earned tax money!I will personally contact the site administartors to ban you from posting here.

  24. Selling houses,properties,land,islands,companies whatever Greece has.And Greece has a lots of it.That’s what happens when you take out loans you can’t repay-you repay by selling the Family Silver.Why do you think the bailiffs won’t come after Greece ?LOL

  25. Thank you but I was born in Konitsa. And if you really know anything about the Greek American community you will know that the Ahepa is mainly men in their 80’s and the Daughters of Penelope are old women in their 70’s The Philophtohos no longer has any functions in my city other than baking and that’s when all the old ladies show up.
    No American politician has attended an Ahepa function in a long time.
    Sorry but my father’s generation that used to say “Kali Patritha” has died and the new generation doesn’t care about Macedonia or Greece.
    What Greek Americans care about is the future of their children as they watch the Chinese buy up America. Chinese, Indian and Pakistani are getting their PhD’s, medical degrees work on Wall Street, Other than Chanos no other Greek really has succeed on Wall Street. Mitchel was the last Greek American billionaire that grew up in the Galveston church and did not give them even a penny. He left all his money to American charities. Yep go ahead a spew your venom but you are missing on many levels.

  26. You cannot sell some else’s property that includes islands, land, houses, and companies. There is a lot for businesses and properties for sale but no takers.. Greece cannot print or otherwise manufacture money. There is yet to be proven/developable oil and/or gas reserves. Government owned entities can be sold and many are for sale but not much interest. So I go back to my question how will the national debt be retired?

  27. o.k. And by saying it increases your negotiating position? This guy is not smart, isn’t he?

  28. What you mean “Someone’s else’s property”?Surely this is all Greek owned property?Greece is a very asset rich country,you can pay your debts by selling your assets,right?That’s HOW!

  29. What someone else’s property means in a non-collective non-communal system is properties and businesses are privately owned and not essentially the government. That means somebody or entity whether Greek or not, paid for it most likely with funds borrowed from a bank or lending institution. Sometimes they pay with cash or purchased years ago with their own/family/partnership or other sources of money.
    Much of what is “owned” is already mortgaged which means the banks are accepting a risk to lend money. In any case the government cannot seize or even buy these assets without due process of law. By doing so they would place the entire banking system at risk and jump the likelihood for more bailouts and financial turmoil. Now some countries to the North may practice Nationalization of private entities, and has been tried in Greece by PASOK. The results we can see today. Simply put unless there are buyers there are no funds to settle the national debt.

  30. Blah blah blah blah blah…..
    If you don’t know or care about the ‘Skopian’ situation; then don’t even pretend you’re a Greek re vroma.
    Keep babbling though about your Greek billionaires…the very few that exist in America anyway!!
    Who cares about them….most of us haven’t even heard of them…and why should we??
    Typical Greek American; you can only communicate in dollar signs.
    What happens when you lose it as Americans head for poverty.
    What will you say then?
    Surprisingly you haven’t given us your business card as is the Greek American obsession when they meet someone.
    Meanwhile start learning Chinese…ahahahaha!!

  31. Most Greeks are for staying in the eurozone. As long as this is true the prime minister will continue to say this. Greece has spent half its modern time in bankruptcy, and most Greeks know how much worse things would be if they exited the euro.

  32. Most British don’t want to be in the EU, but they aren’t given a referendum. Don’t be naïve into thinking the EU will just let Greece go. If Greece leaves, the EU will collapse, period. Samaras is a puppet like all puppets before him. It’s the same with every other leader in the west, you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between them. Greeks will hurt for a while if they left the Eurozone, but they’re already hurting, the EU WILL collapse, that is assured, but the longer it stays put, the worse the effect will be when it eventually does collapse. Better to revert to the Drachma as soon as possible.

  33. what a bitter little fellow. To hate America that much only means you came and failed. You go ahead and call me “vroma” and talk about learning Chinese. You my friend are so engulfed with rage again America that you must have really not gotten far.
    Oh please read about the wealthy Chinese and how they are buying up America. They want to come here and live. I am so sorry for your sad state of affairs but hating America and Americans isn’t going to help you it will destroy you.

  34. Vroma…I am not little- nor bitter.
    I a big loud motherf….r.
    I stand up for what is right – not what is convenient; or trendy; or politically correct.
    My experience with Greek-Americans is that they are puppets of a WASP mainstream and are so used to agreeing with every criticism thrown at them by their masters that they no longer have a Greek soul.
    My conversation with you and Arthur Vanderlay are only helping to confirm those views.
    Your ignorance is highlighted further by your boasting about Chinese buying up America as if its a good thing.
    It is the 1st sign of your decline and would have alarmed any American living in the past.
    But if it makes you feel better they are also buying up lots in Australia.
    But we are a different story as a country with only 23 million population investors for large projects are thin on the ground & foreign money ( including American dollars) has always driven our economy.
    It is not something America ever had a problem with in the past.
    Bur now as you embrace political turmoil and poverty you would welcome the devils money as well.
    You also betray your insular and paranoid ‘Born in the USA’ thinking by believing that everyone who criticises America is simply hateful and has a problem.
    I have in fact supplied links for may of my assertions-where are yours when you rubbish Greece.
    The only hater here is you-just look back at your own vomit all over this website.

  35. I don’t agree with you with you on your Golden Dawn stances but I agree that the EU is a doomed project. Sooner or later members are going to start dropping out.

    Too many cultures, too many languages, too much history. The EU would had a chance at surviving if it had just stayed in a clearly defined role of being a facilliator of friendly relations and trade between unique nations but instead the eurocrats ruined it by trying to turn it into a United States of Europe. (effectively trying to delete our identities for a Europe one… which no one agreed to)

  36. I don’t care where you claim you are born. If you don’t what the term “Skopian” is a reference to you essentially have no clue whats going on Greece. (and certainly no business lecturing on Greek affairs)

  37. You are in no position to lecture any Greek on anything. If you claim your heritage was from Greece (which is plausible you lying given you stereotype Greeks like Tedi) you have already destroyed yourself.

    You are just one more drone in the American assimilation machine. You are no more related to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington than any Greek in Greece. A pretentious wannabe that sacrificed their heritage so that they could play pretend their “American” with strangers. Good luck.

  38. I am not dean you paranoid lunatic. I would say I am surprised that you have not been banned for your racist rants against Greeks but I’m unfortunately I’m not.

  39. What else has no one agreed to?

    – Immigration.
    – Integration.
    – Austerity.
    – Foreign wars.
    – Foreign Aid.
    – Indoctrination in schools.
    -Genocide of our Culture, Religions(Even though I’m agnostic, it’s still bad) and Europeans as a race. Because in the international law it states we are allowed to prevent the extinction of our people just like everyone else.

    I could go on, but you get the point. We do not have democracy and we never will. The only way to win is by voting your local Nationalist party in, and I do mean ONLY. Conservatives(Most even work against conservative ideals) are pussies, plain and simple, they won’t get the job done, the Left-Wing pushes forward 1 step and Conservatives pull back 2 more, it’s been happening for decades.

    We do not only need to stop the beast, we need to crush it, once and for all.

  40. I agree we need more nationalism but not in the form of Golden Dawn. It has to be more carefully worded in its approach to self-defense and focused on the ideals of hellenism not fascism.

    Samaras is trying to play that role but unfortunately it is difficult when nearly half our country are cowardly leftists that care more about illegals and socialism/communism than Hellenism.

  41. We cannot give the communists one foot. Samaras is a pushover. Fight or Perish. That’s the consensus right now.