Concern for Greek Golden Dawn’s Rise in Poll Numbers

voting pollsThe Metron Analysis poll for this Sunday’s newspaper “TO ETHNOS” caused quite a stir, seeing as it records a strong growth of Golden Dawn after the double murder of the organization members in Neo Iraklion, Greece. Specifically, Golden Dawn went from 7.6 % to 10% in just one month. As it was written in the article “the neo-Nazi organization is once again in full force before Pavlos Fyssas‘ blood has even dried.”

So far, six of the party’s 18 members in the Greek Parliament have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation. Three are in pre-trial detention including party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, who is charged with being the head of a criminal organisation. The Court has managed to link the political party to at least two murder’s — one of which is that of Pavlos Fyssas — three attempts of murder and many assaults.

The poll results:

The survey recorded a marginal 0.7% lead for SYRIZA. Specifically, while estimating votes, SYRIZA gathers 29.9% versus 29.2% of New Democracy. PASOK gathers 6%, the Independent Greeks 5.9%; Golden Dawn 10%; the Democratic Left (DIMAR) 3.7%; the Communist Party (KKE) 5.9%; LAOS 1.45%: the Ecological-Greens 2.6%, ANTARSYA 1.8% and 3.6% for another party.

Among the political leaders the one best suited for Greek prime minister is Antonis Samaras with 33%, followed by Alexis Tsipras with 16%, while 36% voted for “no one.”

The taxation of property was considered unfair by 82% of the people asked, while 56% believe that the image of the State is worsening.


  1. What have I said that’s revisionist? Can you point it out precisely or are you going to speak in vague accusations? Any Greek that needs to hide from history is not much of a Greek. They are like the Skopian frauds that hide in fear from discussing past.

    Our name is Greek in the context of “we see ourselves related to ancient Greeks”. Don’t go to the opposite extreme of far leftists (that foolishly believe we are unrelated to ancient Greeks) and fantasize we are racially pure Greeks from the time of the dinosaurs. Truth be told even ancient Greeks themselves mixed with other groups (especially during the Hellenistic period when assimilation into Greek identity seems to have been in fashion)

    Because of the imprecise nature of ethnic groups and nations some modern anthropologists frame them as “imagined communities” and speak of “constructed identities” but this is flawed language amounting to post-modernist destructive gibberish. The same sorts would claim a river does not exist. Their wording is an attempt to negate nations as fantasies of a deluded mind. However, our senses can observe that not only do ethnic groups exist but they have properties that legitimately link them to past generations. Almost like a religion but with some biological links thrown in.

    I personally don’t feel even an iota non-Greek because i ask myself why is it those that try to analogize us out of ethnic existence (by claiming we allegedly have very little we have in common with ancient Greeks) never bother to notice… who in Hades has more in common with anyone from two thousand years than Greeks!

    Did the ancient inhabitants of the former Roman Province of Britannia study philosophy (Greek etymology), mathematics (Greek etymology), and physics(Greek etymology) or even speak English like they modern ones today do? Heck, The ancient anglo-saxons weren’t originally British so how did the modern ones arrive to the conclusion they are?

    Compare anyone of the groups that claim to have an ancient past, and none come even close to Greeks when it comes to similarities. Do not fear our history, Embrace it. The truth is our best weapon not fascism.

  2. Our last line of defense is Greeks pursuing the ideals of Hellensim that we purport to support (rather than sitting around like beggars waiting for handouts). Part of that that involves a focus on mathematics, physics and other sciences.

    If a nation has scientists that can produce 10 megaton nuclear weapons and stealth ICBM that can deliver them anywhere on the planet watch how fast people get more sensitive to respecting borders and names. If a nation is producing primarily fruits and vegetables then boosting how glorious they are, watch how fast they are ridiculed into obscurity.

  3. Golden Dawn recently announced that they will be organizing massive demonstrations against the construction of a mosque in Athens.
    The go ahead to build this Greek taxpayer funded mosque was given by the utterly corrupt New Democracy-Pasok governing coalition which Golden Dawn has very appropriately nicknamed Nea-Pasokratia. What’s even more shocking is that this Greek taxpayer funded mosque will cater overwhelmingly to ILLEGAL muslim immigrants which were allowed to pour into Greece by alternating New Democracy and Pasok governments.

  4. Get this through your head.


    The land wasn’t vacant. It was called Palestine and it was inhabited by millions of muslim & CHRISTIAN Palestinians who were forcibly expelled by Jewish supremacists nearly all of whom had flooded in from Europe and America.

  5. The Greek constitution doesn’t allow for the banning of a political party, let alone the banning of the nations 3rd most popular political party. As I stated above.

    NO WEAPONS ARSENAL has been found.

    NO SECRET BILLIONAIRE SHIPOWNERS have been uncovered as funding Golden Dawn despite a thorough review of Golden Dawns finances by Greek police.

    NO INCRIMINATING PHONE CONVERSATIONS linking GD MP’s to violence have been found, if they had then they would have been released to the media in an instant.

    The case is a sham and the boomerang effect against New Democracy is already starting to be felt. In 6 months you will witness New Democracy get thrashed at both the municipal elections and the EU parliamentary elections. Then you will have a choice. Support the dying New Democracy party or put your vote to good use and support the new force in Hellenic politics – Golden Dawn.

  6. Syrians, Iraqis and Kurds are white. Turks are Chinese, if you walk in Konstantinopoli you will see that they all look Chinese.

  7. @MSMlies:disqus, you seem to be a spokesperson here on the greek reporter for the golden dawns party, so let me ask you this. Since I’ve heard you guys complain about Muslim hordes and also Jews, which is worse to you guys, just curious. Is there a priority of nationalities you like and don’t like? Can you rank people around the globe as ones you guys like and ones you don’t like. Thank you, have a nice day.

  8. > Except Germans are not racially pure people.
    > For much of the middle ages Germany was not
    > Germany. It was the Holy Roman empire. Its emperor
    > was originally called the ROMAN emperor not German
    > emperor (which came later). The christians of that Holy
    > Roman Empire mixed with one another. Modern

    wow, this is so wrong in so many ways:

    1> The name was merely a decoration, the full name was even “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” read wikipedia. The name has no relation to people mixing in country

    2> Even if there was intense german+roman mix, which is actually only true for the regions in south-western germany, what difference does it matter? white+white=white there is no difference.

    on the other hand:
    white+black=half-monkey thief
    black+black=agressive assassin monkey

    3> Both germans and romans and greeks are indo-europeans, so we were all together 1 ethnic group 4000 BC. Another proof that roman+german makes no difference.

    > The same is true of Jews.

    whatever, I’s a problem for the jews to sort out, not my problem. What does it have to do with anything anyway?

  9. Most of Golden Dawn followers are actually neo-Nazi sympathizers outside of Greece. It is much the same story with Syriza. They are beloved by foreign leftists.

    I for one don’t understand what treasonously idolizing Hitler and Stalin (that were responsible for many Greeks being massacred) has to do with supporting Hellenism.

  10. 1, “The name was Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” Wrong. That only came much latter.

    2.Claiming over 6 foot high average Germans are nearly idential to average 5.7 Greek… purely on the basis of skin color is plan wrong too. (even our white color is of a different complexion)

    I’m not hostile towards Germans but if some Greek chief interest is fighting for Germany or “whiteness”… by all means move to Germany, call themselves Germans, and find a neo-Nazi group to hand out with. My primary interest is Hellenism and Greece.

  11. The greek constitution is against thugs that go around beating up illegals and calling for a dictatorship.

    You talk about “dying ND” but ND is likely to grow from this point because moderates within GD party won’t have GD to vote for next election because you former party is already dead. Whom are you going to vote for? Communists just to spite Samaras? That would only further demonstrate your motives wasn’t protection of hellenism but a devotion to GD party.

    Furthermore, those that continue to associate and support GD will be treated like extremists, terrorists and criminals. The majority of Greeks supported this so you can not claim to speak for the Greek people.

  12. If you want to help Greece…

    1. Go back to school and learn science (mathematics, physics, etc.. you know Hellenic ideas you claim to support)

    2. Use the above knowledge to produce something of value and market it to the world.

    3. use some of your own money to pump money back into Greece.

    Wasting your time here in support of dead party while complaining how the government isn’t doing enough to save Greece only demonstrates weakness not straighten. Ask yourself what you are doing to help Greece beyond empty words not just what the government is doing.

  13. And how was this different than us kicking out Turks from terrritories they took from us a few centuries prior? How are the Arab “Palestinian” name games any different that the Slavs “Macedonian” ones? Couldn’t both have chosen different names or nationally identified with other nearby groups (who they are closely ethnically related to) than their choice of names imply?

    Don’t you want a Greek primarily for Greeks?Jews want their own homeland too. Even putting aside consistent application of ethics and looking at things from a purely strategic sense, it makes far more sense to have a powerful country like Israel more aligned with us than the Turkish and Skopian extremists trying to exterminate us.

  14. Actually only part of what you are saying is correct. See here:

    Arminius (18/17 BC – AD 21), also known as Armin or Hermann (Arminius being a Latinization, similar to Brennus), was a chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci who defeated a Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Arminius’s victory against the Roman legions in the Teutoburg forest had a far-reaching effect on the subsequent history of both the ancient Germanic peoples and on the Roman Empire. The Romans were to make no more concerted attempts to conquer and permanently hold Germania beyond the river Rhine.

  15. You are missing context. The vast majority that lived in the region the Romans called a blanket “Germanic” did not actually have a German identity. In fact many regions couldn’t even communicate with one another because their language was too different. Germany identity didn’t really appear until late middle ages (the slow collapse of Holy Roman empire) and even then Germany was still linguistically and politically divided until the 18th century. (sort of like saying Slavs)

    To understand how big the differences, the modern English claim to be descended from angles and saxons of what was to eventually become germany. Are they Germans rather than British? How about the similar situation Dutch? Sweden? Finns?

    History unfortunately tends to be written by those that have the most accounts at wikipedia or the most money to produce history books.

  16. Really? Wasn’t that two months ago all the “experts” declared that Golden Dawn was dead? Amazing how it comes back from the grave bigger, better… and badder. You cut the head and the body grows!

  17. I agree Greek Reporter is hopelessly biased to the left but the murder of that rapper is basically confirmed by GD member (and it was in a political context murder not over a fight over a girl).

    As for the murders of those GD supporters that were murdered (also wrong) it might have been a leftist group but it could just as well be foreign agents trying to get greeks to fight one another.

    GD is a dead party. Some of followers just don’t know it yet. Whether it is destroyed by other Greeks or destroyed by foreigners because we couldn’t get the job down it will be outlawed. A small government nationalist party I would have strongly supported but a party that uses Nazi-paraphernalia and is lead by a Hitler lover is anti hellenic. A Greek patriot’s loyalties are to hellenism not foreign fascists.

  18. but the murder of that rapper is basically confirmed by GD member

    “Basically confirmed”? What does that mean?

    Can you provide objective proof, please. The main culprits that were beating that narrative were Leftists like Greek Reporter. I’ve seen no proof but one-sided speculation and brash hearsay.

    GD is a dead party

    People keep saying this; but never provide evidence. Do you have any? Golden Dawn is stronger than ever — their recent rallies are proof of this.

  19. The perp responsible for that rapper’s murder is in jail. In the case of whomever murdered those GD supporters we don’t simply know. I’m not saying it might not have a Greek leftist group but non-Greek false flags are an equally real possibility.

    As for GD being dead… there is plenty of evidence. Leader in jail. Legal proceedings in motion to ban the party.Both internal and external pressure to ban the party. Don’t mistake the right to protest with the right for GD to continue to participate in elections. Its almost a certainty it will eventually be banned.

    What it will boil down is how many of GD supporter’s that aren’t facists will come to their senses and how many will continue idolizing a Hitler lover underground (in which case they will be handled much like neo-Nazi groups in Germany. Under constant surveillance by the police as terrorist type organization)

  20. You mean German tribes, from Germania? God guess they aren’t german then lol. FYI ignoring nomadic people, and migratory waves people did not move much back then, its hard to travel when you are subsistenence farmer working your landlords land, and you have to walk everywhere…


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