Athens: Caravan of Solidarity Against Gold Mining

    chalkidikiThe “Caravan of solidarity and information against the gold mining in the region of Chalkidiki” is now in the Syntagma Square. The residents of Chalkidiki passed from different Greek towns such as  Katerini, Larissa, Volos and Lamia.

    The aim of the “caravan” is to inform people in other towns of the “destructive consequences of gold mining in the area of Halkidiki.” In the cities that they visited, they met with different institutions, informing people and organizing demonstrations.

    The last stop of the “Caravan of solidarity and information” is Athens, where they are now demonstrating.

    Earlier this evening, they had a press conference and they also sent a letter to the central offices of the company “Greek Gold S.A.” In their letter, they say that they will continue their battle for the protection of nature. “Greece is not well-informed for what will be done in Halkidiki. That’s why we create the “caravan,” said their representative Mr. Giorgos Zoubas.

    He noted that the huge mining activity which will take place in Chalkidiki, means the destruction of the environment. He also mentioned that “the government wants to uphold legality with all costs, however the company doesn’t respect the rules and has already made some illegal actions.”


    1. “Caravan of solidarity and information against the gold mining in the region of Chalkidiki”

      aka…. LEFTIST EXTREMISTS. (also see antifa and a zillion other groups that are anti-something that are just smokescreens to push far leftist ideology)

      I could understand if some group just wanted stricter environment cleanup guarantees. Companies should clean up if they leave a mess. However most of these people are crazies don’t want us to mine gold for the sake of the local wildlife.(meanwhile most of them own gold in some form of another)

      They are literally taking jobs away from Greeks while complaining they have no jobs. Nearly a half our country thinks like these people then we wonder why our government is a mess of bureaucracy and our economy produces so very little. How can we move our economy forward if at every corner leftists are ranting and rioting against the very businesses that put food on our table?

    2. Only with discipline and firm resolve until people understand. Communicating that such actions by protesters and polluters alike are unacceptable practices. It appears both are grossly lacking in this instance.

    3. Given the repeated leftist terrorists attacks over this project I no longer trust a word the “protesters” have to say on the matter. An environmental assessment was made.Eldarado has good reputation. I don’t see the problem. Unless someone can delivery some crushing piece of solid evidence against it (rather than vague assurances it would completely destroy the region), I would still push ahead.

      Is there going to be some damage? Yes but 1.15 billion cash injection and 140,000 ounce of gold per year provides a lot of potential cleanup funds. Its not like the mining occurs in feel swoop. Its done over a long period of time. If Eldarado for some reason doesn’t clean up after each of its messes, we make sure we get a bigger cut and threaten to shut them down . (ala Barrick and Chile)

      It’s almost like our leftists enjoy undermining Greece. Has watching too many Disney movies personifying wildlife screwed with their brains? Is it stupidity? Why do they behave this way? More importantly, how do we break this leftist mindset?

    4. There are two types of protesters at work here. The radicals that do not want anything to despoil the environment including mankind. The other which is the majority are unemployed dis-informed socialists that want no one but their special interests to reap the windfall. If there is gold someone will mine it, the question is only who. The best means is to wait them out while allowing the operation to proceed. When ignored and their charges continuously countered with fact their ranks will steadily. Given the recent bad weather and a long hard winter ahead the kiddies will stay close to home and mommy and not bother the Chalkidiki operation.

    5. crazy left wants money to pay for their welfare and entitlements but nobody should do any actual work to earn it

    6. They have been allowed to get away with that for decades and only now beginning to feel the effects. They will not react well to having to work for a living.