Man Killed in Athens Sunday Evening

exarchiaA man was shot dead yesterday evening in Exarchia, in Athens Greece, shortly before 8 pm,. The man was shot seven times with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and then stabbed once with a knife. The incident occurred on the corner of Koletti and Themistokleous.

According to witnesses, there were two persons involved; one was carrying the Kalashnikov and the other the knife. The two assailants ambushed the victim, with one shooting and the other using the knife to stab him. As soon as they attacked him, they vanished into thin air on a motorcycle. The unfortunate man was taken to “Elpis” hospital, but it was already late for him and he succumbed to his fatal wounds.

While the police investigation is underway trying to locate the two assailants, a Kalashnikov and a pistol were found on the crime scene. The owner of the two weapons appears to be the victim of the deadly attack. The authorities suspect that the attack was to settle a score between gangs.


  1. Apparently this was the result of a feud between two vicious ethnic Albanian gangs. Another example of multiCULTural brutality being played out on the streets of Greek cities. This is the result of the TOTAL FAILURE of the utterly corrupt New Democracy and PASOK political parties that have taken turns governing Greece since 1974 and left Greece’s borders wide open to millions of illegal 3rd World immigrants. It’s worth noting that in order to delay their inevitable visit before a state prosecutor the sociopathic MP’s in these two parties finally joined together in a sleazy coalition that Golden Dawn has appropriately nicknamed “Nea Pasokratia”.


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