Mantelis Siemens Scandal Appeal Delayed Again

mantelis_390_1304 Former Greek Transport Minister Tassos Mantelis’ appeal against his sentence for failing to declare cash he received from German electronics and engineering giant Siemens was adjourned for a second time this month on Nov. 25 when defense lawyers didn’t show up, a common occurrence in Greek courts. They were not compelled to show up and the court just pushed back the date to Dec. 12 in the case. Mantelis, who admitted taking money from Siemens but said it was a campaign contribution – although he held an appointed position – was given a three-year suspended sentence in 2011 for submitting a false source-of-wealth declaration and omitting he had been paid by the company, which was embroiled in a giant scandal in Greece involving payoffs. He said he took 200,000 euros from the German company which acknowledged it had been caught up in bribery scandals. The court will issue its verdict after studying deputy Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas’ recommended assessment of the original decision. She said his rights were not violated. Mantelis is the only politician so far to be convicted in connection to payments made by Siemens to Greek decision-makers and public officials to secure state contracts.


  1. There is no excuse for defense attorney’s not appearing other than a delay tactic while behind the scenes negotiations are underway. Besides prosecution-conviction the judicial system should be compelled to investigate the money trail to determine if political appointees kick backed funds to their benefactor/appointer.

  2. Another cover up by the government…Why this delay in establishing the truth??? Where is justice???

  3. Another failure in the so called judicial system of Greece. What a joke. The Greek government is a body of mobsters running the show. One wrong word from anyone higher up and it can get you killed. This is a disgrace ! Mantelis should be in jail or publicly executed! NO EXCUSE!

  4. TIME TO RISE UP GREEKS & TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK from the PASOK and ND Criminals destroying Greece!

  5. “one word from anyone higher up and it can get you killed”

    Thats not true. Our government uses a court system to put accused criminals on trial… unlike the brutal fascist and communist thugs who resort to street violence because they are upset the Greek people didn’t vote them into power.


  7. Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars! Gov’t of Thieves & Liars!

  8. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I lived in Greece decades ago when things were “in the Golden era” of Greece. Today, you have no idea my friend whose who in Greece. Your next door neighbor or the family down the street from your apartment is not black and white. The crook and so called not honest are not transparent. In other words, you don’t know who is who next to you. With this in mind, the Greek government can have anyone killed without them being even considered as a suspect. You have no clue that they put criminals on trial. They put those who they want to trial but not who they don’t want. In Greece, you have to be very careful what you say and to whom you say it.
    I lived there and while back then it wasn’t that bad, your Greek government are a “mafia.” Wake up!

  9. Parties require money to fund their campaigns. Unfortunately many nations also face this same issue of alleged “campaign contributions” — that essentially amounted to bribes. It follows that to to reduce the problem requires better rules regulating campaign contributions.

    One way to do this is making all contributions public(whether by companies or individuals). Another is capping the amount any one individual can give. Another is eliminating perks like free trips and personal gifts, Perhaps even a rule explicitly forbidding any direct contributions by a company engaged in some government project to a particular politician. (e.g. they could contribute to political party but not to a specific campaign)

    This could be monitored by both opposing political parties and the public through a transparent publicly available government website (where politicians must enter all contributions into, whom give it to them, and the dates it the contribution was given) Thus anyone would be able to correlate if the amount was given after some choice was made that favored the company or individual or before. It’s not foolproof but making the process transparent would certainly make politicians much more careful about trying to pawn off bribes as “campaign contributions”.

  10. You did not provide a shred of evidence that one word from “higher up and it can get you killed”. Not one.

    I think it is certainly people that complain without thinking what they are saying need to “wake up” that words have meanings. They are not just meant as a tool to practice demagoguery against others. That’s a corruption of justice.

  11. Its not a cover up. He’s convicted. His lawyers are just stalling the inevitable imprisonment by resorting to legal loopholes.

    Given the current witch hunt mentality, any actual corrupt politicians caught (which I believe Mantelis is) are destined to do hard time.

  12. “publicly executed”

    The guy seems to be a crook and should (and will) go to jail but arguing “executions” for bribes? Doesn’t sound like you interest is in justice. It sounds like you just want to murder Greeks.

  13. You are right it sounds something like Sharia Law. If corruption was a capital offense in Islamic countries they would be de-populated overnight.

  14. re dumb are you that naïve to believe your own Greek government is not connected? How dumb are you? I don’t need to list examples or evidence use your head re. Between your ears are brains which you cannot think. Ever heard of Triantafyllos -treli zougla? If any journalist or reporter ever uncovered names of corrupt politicnas or anyone in Greece they will be killed. By whom? KKE? SYRIZA? GD? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO By the mafia Greek Parliament who is covering up all these LAMOGIA. Re -are you that stupid or just acting dumb? You don’t live in Greece. Where do you live re?

  15. I agree with your answer of execution,because his actions are that of a traitor to the country.If you have stronger laws on corruption then maybe they think twice before committing wrongful actions against the country and its people.