New Ferry Link: Cyprus to Greece


Cyprus’ Government opts for the opportunity to create a ferry line that will link Cyprus and Greece and pushes towards this direction. “We are examining every possibility and evaluating our economic resources,” said the Minister of Communications, Tasos Mitsopoulos, confirming the Government’s intentions.

He also added that “a ferry to Greece would boost Cyprus’ tourism sector and build a strong commercial relation between Greece and Cyprus. This relation will increase our opportunity of exporting products to both the Greek and European markets.”

In addition the creation of a new ferry line that will link the two countries would offer Cypriots and foreign tourists, an alternative way to travel from and to the island.

It has been almost a decade since the ferry service that linked Greece and Cyprus has halted. The regular Salamis Lines ferry stopped their scheduled trips in 2002. The ferry line was linking Rhodes, Limassol, and Haifa. The other ferry line — Louise Cruise Lines — that previously sailed weekly from Piraeus and Limassol during summers, halted as well some years ago.


  1. As ferry service was halted years ago before the economy entered recession where is the financial rational for commencing it once again. Why would anyone want to endure the often rough passage when flights are available that are more attractive to time/cost sensitive travelers..